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Chapter 1:The Ghost Portal Accident

Naruto Uzumaki a fourteen year old teen with spiky blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes had tears sliding down his face as he remembered when he faced Danzo in front of the Civilian Council after failing to brink Sasuke Uchiha back to the village two years ago.

The Hokage (Leader) of the village, Lady Tsunade was busy giving treatment to the other members of the team that was sent out to bring the traitor back so Danzo was doing this without her knowing… Not that Naruto knew that.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Danzo began with a cold, hard voice. "You are charged with Treason for aiding Orochimaru in kidnapping the young Uchiha Heir. Do you deny these claims?"


"Stop lying!" One of the council members hissed at Naruto. "Why should we believe you?!"

Naruto gave that council member a deadpanned look. "Why don't you ask the others who tried to get Sasuke back?"

"Unfortunately they are too injured to give any testimonies so we're going to have to do this ourselves." Danzo smirked. "We should execute you, however that would release you from your prison isn't that right?"

Now Naruto rolled his eyes. "News flash I'm not the damn fox!"

"Stop Lying!" It was the same council member and he was really getting on Naruto's nerves.

"So we'll do the next best thing… Exile." Naruto's eyes widened. "From this moment forward you are hereby banished from The Village hidden in the Leaves and if you return for whatever reason you will be killed on sight."

"B-But." Naruto tried to reason but the man wouldn't be swayed.

"Get out of my sight."

~Present Time~

It was because of that day that he left the Elemental Countries to find a whole other world beyond it. Naruto was amazed at the world being more advanced than Konoha and he has currently been living in a continent called America for two years.

He left before Tsunade found out what happened… And that was all that he knew.

Now he was a Freshman in Amity Park High School after using his Shadow Clones to start up a business after learning of their info collecting ability he used them to learn the laws, language and used a Shadow Clone along with a Henge to start up Uzumaki Industries which dealt with medicine so in two years he became pretty rich.

Naruto's overall appearance changed as well and he discarded the orange jumpsuit especially with people giving him crazy looks with it on so now he wore a black muscle shirt with an orange hoody that was unzipped and black skinny jeans.

He even stopped eating Ramen all the time, which took a lot of time to get over, and he grew a few feet as well as gained some muscles so he had a runner`s physique. His hair also grew a bit too where it reached his shoulders but it still remained spiky on the front.

He also had his Shadow Clones meditate and he was a lot calmer than he was back then, no longer acting like a hyperactive knucklehead or shouting about being the greatest Shinobi in the world. If anyone from the Leaf Village ever saw him they would most likely ask what he's done with the real Naruto and his answer would be that he grew up.

No one knew of his abilities because he wanted a fresh start as he walked to his locker to start the day off when he heard a familiar voice. "Naruto!"

Turning around Naruto smiled as he saw his two best friends Tucker Foley and Dani Fenton. Tucker Foley considered him as a ladies man even though Ero-Sanin was luckier than him in that department but anyways Tucker was an African American fourteen year old who always wore a red beret as well as taped glasses and he always wore a yellow turtleneck and green cargo pants.

He was even carrying his PDA as usual.

Then there was Dani Fenton the fourteen year old Caucasian who had blue eyes and black hair that reached her shoulders. She was wearing her usual white shirt with a red circle on the front and her blue jeans.

"Hey guys!" Naruto greeted with a wave. "How's it going?"

He remembers how he became friends with them. On his first day of Middle School last year Naruto was just minding his business when he noticed a blonde haired jock in a red letterman jacket was threatening Tucker so being the guy he was Naruto kicked his ass literally with a chakra enhanced kick knocking him face first into the ceiling.

Since then Tucker worshipped him for doing something that he has only dreamed of and the next day his best friend Dani who was out because of a cold was introduced to Naruto and since then they have been great friends with Dash Baxter the poor jock who picked on Tucker leaving the geek alone but he's been trying to get even with Naruto ever since.

Dani stopped smiling when she saw that Naruto's eyes were wet. "Are you okay?" She asked in concern.

Naruto forced a smile. "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He lied before changing the subject. "So what's the plan for today?"

Tucker checked his PDA while Dani gave him a disbelieving glare. "Well we actually don't have anything planned." Naruto blinked in shock because as long as he knew him Tucker always had a schedule.

"So we just make something up as we go along today?" Naruto asked with a sigh because that was always boring and because no matter what he tried he couldn't get these two to do any pranks that he has.

Dani coughed nervously. "I can think of one thing."

"What?" Tucker asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well my parents finished building a ghost portal last night." She said that last part quickly but Naruto caught on.

"They built a Ghost Portal?" Naruto asked interested because he met her parents a few times and he has to say they would've fit into the Leaf Village easily.

Jack and Maddie Fenton were Ghost Hunters that were very obsessed with ghosts, heck they thought that Naruto was one when he met them because of the whisker birthmarks on his face and covered him in green goop to Dani's embarrassment but Naruto laughed it off saying that it was pretty amusing.

The reason that Dani doesn't try to bring friends to her house was because usually her parents scare them away with their personalities and so far only Tucker and Naruto could stand being around them.

"Yeah but it doesn't work." Dani told them with her arms crossed. "They tried to plug it in this morning but nothing worked at all."

Tucker thought for a bit. "But it would still be pretty interesting to see." He pointed out with his eyes shining. "So can we see it?"

"…" Dani sighed at Tucker's attempt to try not to Geek out while Naruto chuckled. "My parents will be in town today so we will have a few minutes to look."

"I'll be there!" Naruto promised with a smile. "Even if it doesn't work I think that it still looks impressive."

Dani smiled a bit. "Thanks Naruto."

The bell rang gathering their attention so they headed off to Mr. Lancer's class… Naruto didn't ask why but he figured that the school budget was low since for all of their classes they only had Mr. Lancer teaching them.

While Lancer was teaching Math, Dash had a football in his hand, which Naruto sensed due to his Shinobi training, so with a smile he purposely dropped his pencil and bent down to pick it up right as Dash threw the football. Resulting in it hitting Mr. Lancer who glared at a sweating Dash.

"Mr. Baxter I would like to talk with you after class."

Dash nodded before glaring at Naruto who feigned innocence while Tucker was smothering his laughter and Dani rolled her eyes at their immature behavior, but she smiled a bit at seeing Dash getting into trouble.

"How did you know that the football was heading for you?" Tucker asked as they headed for Lunch. "You didn't turn around at all."

Naruto scratched the side of his face in a bored manner. "When you learn Martial Arts you can sense quite a few things." He admitted using the term Martial Arts rather than Taijutsu. "But instead of kicking his butt I figured I could let the school deal with him when he gets caught."

"And prank the living crap out of him." Dani added knowingly.

"Not my fault he makes it easy for me to put water balloons filled with pink paint in his locker." Naruto defended himself remembering the prank last week. "Thanks for letting me borrow the video camera for that Tuck."

"No problem Naruto."

Dash didn't try anything because surprisingly he learned not to do anything… But he was 'trying' to plan some payback.

After lunch they had no classes so they started to walk to Dani's house. "So anything we should know this time before we enter Fentonworks?"

Dani shook her head. "Not unless Dad has a new invention to show-off."

Upon getting there they saw that the Fenton Assault Vehicle, their RV, was not there so they walked in and headed for the Kitchen where the door to the Basement was at.

"You guys want to get something to drink before we head down?" Dani offered.

"Not really." Naruto said but Tucker was already at the Fridge. "Uh… Okay maybe I'll get a Soda."

Tucker somehow had one of those helmets where the sides hold a soda each and he was sucking on both straws while Naruto was drinking a regular Coke wondering where Tucker got the helmet when Dani had them walk down into the basement to see the inactive Ghost Portal and Naruto has to say it looked extremely impressive.

'Whoa.' Naruto realized as he put his hand on it before Dani pulled him back.

"No touching." She said sternly remembering what happened last time.

Long story short he touched the Fenton Microwave and Naruto went wild with an army of mutant hotdogs.

Naruto had anime tears when he walked back to Tucker who was patting his shoulder. "One mistake and no one lets you forget it."

But he stopped when Dani took out one of the white hazmat suits with black gloves, boots and a belt on it so he pulled the camera that Tucker gave him out of his backpack.

"Say cheese." Dani looked over as Naruto took the picture.

"Okay I showed you two the Ghost Portal now can we go?" She asked looking around. "My parents could be back any minute."

"What could be bad about that?" Naruto asked as he lowered the camera.

Tucker raised an eyebrow. "You're asking what's bad about the parents of a fourteen year old girl finding out that she's in the basement with two teenage boys alone?"

"Well yeah." Naruto answered with a shrug causing the two to do a face palm at his cluelessness. "But come on Dani a Ghost Portal this is pretty awesome!"

Dani thought about it for a bit. "You know you're right." She smirked. "It wouldn't hurt to look at it." With that she pulled the Hazmat Suit on over her clothes and zipped it up only to look confused as Tucker covered his mouth to stop from laughing while Naruto just fell to the floor clutching his sides. "What?"

"You might want to take your Dad's face off of it." Tucker advised as he finally started to laugh.

Looking down Dani's face went red from embarrassment as she saw the smiling face of her Dad's on the front of her Hazmat Suit so she took it off. "That was just wrong." She shuddered.

"It could be worse." Naruto told her with a smile.

Rolling her eyes wondering how it could be worse Dani entered the inactive Ghost Portal as she looked around while Tucker looked at the blueprints. "Huh."

Naruto looked at his friend. "What is it?" He asked seeing the calculating look in his eyes.

"Well these blueprints are amazing." Tucker explained as he drew a line with his finger. "State of the art tech, genius design… It should've worked."

No sooner did he say that did the machine shudder to life and Tucker's eyes widened as he saw something on the blueprint. "The On Button is on the inside!" Causing Naruto to pale at what he meant.

"DANI!" They both shouted as they ran to the Ghost Portal as it went off and they heard Dani's scream of pain from inside the machine as it sounded like she was being ripped apart.

Naruto went to run about to summon a shadow clone so he could shut it off not caring about his friends finding out about his abilities when it stopped with the portal turned on and Dani fell out… Only she wasn't Dani.

First off the Hazmat Suit colors were reversed. The suit itself was pure black while the gloves, belt and boots were pure white. Her hair was snowy white as well and her eyes were bright neon green as she fell over in pain. She was also a bit paler than usual.

"Dani!" Naruto ran over to help her up only for her to somehow turn see through and slip through his hands. "What the hell?"

"Oh man this is bad." Tucker muttered as he came up and when Dani turned back from being see through they dragged her away from the now active Ghost Portal which was swirling green before the blast doors sealed shut on it.

"Ya think?!" Naruto asked angrily. "We should've looked at the blueprints first… I should have never convinced her to go in."

'Once again someone close to me got hurt.' Naruto thought his eyes flashing red but Tucker didn't see them because he was more worried about Dani when she moaned and opened her eyes in pain.

"Ow my head." She muttered and her voice was the same but with an echo. "Guys what are you looking at me for?"

"Uh Dani… You might want to look in a mirror." Tucker advised making Naruto do a face palm at his bluntness.

Eyes widening Dani spun around and saw her reflection and she screamed in horror at what she saw. "Oh God what happened?!"

"Okay we just need to calm down." Naruto advised with his hands in the air.


"Panicking won't do anyone any good." Naruto told her.

"He's got a point Dani." Tucker intervened. "But how are we going to hide this from your parents?"

That question made Dani go a bit paler. "Oh man why can't I just be human again?"

As she said that a ring of light surrounded her torso making everyone jump as it separated and went up as well as down turning her back to normal.

"You're back to normal?" Tucker asked in shock.

"… I'm not complaining." Dani muttered as they went back up to discuss what just happened. "Oh man this is bad."

Naruto watched as Dani paced. "How did you change back to normal anyway?"

That stopped Dani from pacing as she thought about that. "I have no idea." She admitted. "I just thought about it."

"… Think about going back."

"What?" Dani looked at Naruto as if he grew a second head.

"Just try it."

Following his instructions she did and the same ring of light appeared turning her back into a ghost.

"Whoa." Tucker looked amazed.

"So you can change with a thought." Naruto observed with a nod. "At least we know how to do that so you won't accidently change in front of anyone."

Dani nodded as she changed back. "But how?" She asked in confusion. "How is this possible and why am I still alive?" After a few more seconds she asked another question. "Am I still alive?"

Naruto walked forward and put a finger to her neck.

"Uh what are you doing?" Dani asked.

After a few seconds Naruto nodded. "You still have a pulse so you're still alive."

"So what do we do now?" Tucker asked as Dani sighed in relief before looking determined.

"We keep this between us and we never tell anyone got it?"

Naruto chuckled. "Like anyone would believe us?"

"True." Dani admitted.

But as Dani and Tucker were talking about what happened Naruto was deep in thought.

'Why do I get the feeling that this is only the beginning of something bigger?'

To Be Continued…

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