Chapter 19: Life is a Game

"That's the trouble with online Video Games." Tucker said as he played a game on his computer while Dani was on the computer in the Ghost Lab. "Too many unqualified random players."

"I know what you mean." Dani typed back. "Nobody but us has a clue, except for that Chaos Guy."

"Chaos?" Naruto asked as he looked over her shoulder at the screen. "I still don't get video games."

"You never tried them." Dani retorted as she looked back at the screen to see Tucker shooting at Chaos only for him to dodge. "Oh crap."

"What?" Naruto asked. "What happened?"

"Dani… I just want you to know… I accidently killed your gerbil in the sixth grade." Tucker said when a grenade landed next to them.

"WHAT?!" Dani shouted as their characters died before she took the helmet off to show her hair down. "Damn it, I thought that using the Fenton Helmet as my game controller would give me an edge in the game, not hat hair." With that she threw it behind her accidently hitting the button to the Ghost Portal.

As it turned on Naruto looked at Dani. "You would think that you would've learned not to throw anything down here by now." But Technus came out. "Oh for the love of Kami, not this guy again!"

"Once again, I Technus, master of all technology is free once again to conquer this world!" Technus boasted before he saw the D.O.O.M game. "Although, that world looks more entertaining and the fashion sense is far superior… Perhaps it is there that I shall be king-!" He was interrupted by Dani pushing him away from the computer.

"Oh no you don't!" Dani told him as she changed before she saw her hair. "Well, at least that's back to normal."

Naruto pulled out some Kunai. "Just another ghost fight right?"

Dani nodded as she flew right at Technus who put up an electric shield but Naruto came up behind him as Dani got electrocuted to punch him but the discharge from the shield destroyed the computer.

"Oh that stinks." Technus muttered. "Oh well, I SHALL RETURN GHOST GIRL AND JINCHURIKI!" With that Technus went through the ceiling.

"Great, getting zapped in D.O.O.M is bad enough but now I have to go deal with that loser?" Dani asked as she got up. "I'll deal with it tomorrow."

"Uh Dani…" Naruto was looking at the clock. "It is tomorrow."

"We were up all night?!" Dani freaked before she calmed down with a yawn. "Oh well, one sleepy day at school and one ghost free… What's the worst that can happen?"

"Never say those words." Naruto shook his head before he yawned. "I can't believe you kept me here all night to try to get me to play D.O.O.M!"

"It's a fun game." Dani protested as she turned back to normal. "You never tried it."

"Because it gives people an excuse to be lazy." Naruto said as he smiled. "So I guess I should go before your parents wake up?"

Dani smiled and pecked Naruto on the cheek. "See you later today Fishcake."

It's been a week since the incident with Ember and right now Dani and Naruto were trying to find the right way to let the others know that they were dating.

As Naruto headed home to get his school stuff after sneaking out of Dani's house he paused as he felt something coming right at him so he turned to see a Tiger made from Ink. "What?" Naruto did a backflip to avoid the Tiger. 'Dani told me about something like this but it's been a while since this thing showed up… Who is responsible for it and why?'

Throwing a Kunai, Naruto was shocked to discover traces of Chakra on the creature. 'A Shinobi tactic?'

The Tiger lunged again but Naruto smirked as he prepared the Rasengan without a clone and obliterated it. "That was easy."

'Thank you Chakra Control Exercises for helping me learn this easily!'

Sai was nearby taking notes while Naruto was trying to find out who sent that after him but then he remembered the time so he took off towards home to get his stuff because there was a test in Mr. Lancer's class that day.

"Pencils down!" Mr. Lancer ordered as Naruto just finished before he looked over to see Dani passed out over her test. "All tests in!" Then he saw Dani asleep. "Ah, teaching. Always rewarding." He muttered sarcastically.

That night they were looking for Technus. "Last time Technus fused a monster from the junk in the waterpark." Dani muttered. "Keep an eye out for runaway appliances."

"Got it." Tucker said through the ecto ear phones. "Just defeat the boss and power him down to Level Zero."

Naruto blinked in confusion as he paused from where he was patrolling. "Level Zero?"

"Oh, Level Zero is a no-man's land Naruto." Dani explained with a chuckle. "It's a glitch in the D.O.O.M game and if you're knocked into it then you're stuck."

"I can't begin to express how interesting that sounds." Naruto said sarcastically.

"If you were Game Savvy you would know that." Tucker joked.

Naruto would've made a retort but he stopped. "I got something! Fast moving appliances to the park!"

"Gotcha! Wait for us-."

"Er sorry- you're- breaking- up." Naruto said as he made hissing noises into the ear pieces.

"Naruto stop hissing into the ear buds." Dani told him as he went into the park.

"Come to me great technology and together we shall build a new body worthy of my greatness!" Technus declared before he looked like the Chaos guy from D.O.O.M. "Something sleek, stylish and totally modern."

"You look like an idiot." Naruto said as he came in kicking Technus in the back.

"So Jinchuriki you have found me?" Technus snarled as Naruto smirked.

"Fūton Jūha Sho!" He sent his hand forward sending out two blasts of wind cutting into the armor. 'Looks like my training is paying off!'

"So you have learned new tricks Jinchuriki? Well so have I!" Technus declared as he blasted an insane amount of ecto energy at Naruto who used a Kawarimi to dodge.

As Naruto got ready he stumbled when he saw Tucker driving around Technus's foot on a Moped. "I got him distracted! Hit him Dani!"

Dani shot in hitting Technus in the face causing him to land on his back. "You okay Fishcake?"

"Yup I had him where I wanted him." Naruto said with a smile.

"Sure you did."

Dani and Naruto were interrupted by Technus backhanding them into a tree. "That's going to hurt." Naruto muttered.

"That does it." Dani got up. "Time for an advanced mode with an intangibility bonus."

"Er… What?" Naruto asked in confusion as Dani shot off grabbing Tucker and turning the two of them intangible right as Technus shot at them.

"Yeah! This is way better than a goblin on D.O.O.M on level 9!" Tucker boasted.

"I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!" Naruto screamed in frustration as Technus blasted the back wheel of the Moped before shooting at them again but Dani put up a shield that sent the blast right back at him.

"Cool! How did I do that?" Dani looked at her glowing hands.

"Looks like more training soon." Naruto said in a teasing voice making Dani glare at him.


"Don't leave the Ghost Zone and we won't beat you." Naruto muttered under his breath.

"Yeah but you, Technus will have to learn some new Video Game Moves if you want to beat us." Dani boasted with her arms crossed.

"You're right. I have all the style but none of the substance." Technus mused with an evil smirk. "I must acquire these new skills and I know exactly where to do that." With that he pressed a button on his chest and exploded.

"… Did he just commit suicide?" Naruto asked in confusion as robotic parts fell.

"I think so." Dani changed back to normal. "I guess I can count this as a win."

"Great, so what do you want to do?" Naruto asked hoping to do something when he saw Dani and Tucker grinning. "For the love of Kami." He muttered as they ran off to play more D.O.O.M.

'Mortals and their toys.' Kyubi said shaking his head.

'You're not helping.' Naruto sighed as he walked back to his apartment only to see Lee on the computer with disheveled hair. "Ur… Bushy Brows?"

"Hello Naruto." Lee said tiredly before Naruto saw what game he was playing and his character.

"You're Chaos?!" Naruto asked in shock as he saw Dani and Tucker trying to repeat what happened in the park when Lee beat them.

"You know my D.O.O.M Character?" Lee asked with a tired smile.

"How the hell do you even know about D.O.O.M?!" Naruto asked the Guy clone.

"I saw a few people playing it weeks ago and I swore to win this game as a mental challenge!" Lee declared as he kept playing.

"… Exactly how long have you been playing?" Naruto asked when he saw Lee's eye twitch from staring at the screen too long.

"Two weeks with little sleep and little food but I stopped to train in Taijutsu!" Lee said as he drank a soda. "Must beat game!"

Feeling a little creeped out Naruto just left Lee to play and went to sleep.

School went by pretty fast for Naruto as he finished his work in time to hear Mr. Lancer say. "By large I am pleased with the test results and while I'm sure that the poetry of the 19th Century is enough to put one to sleep." He held up Dani's paper which had a big fat F on it. "This however borders on sarcasm." He said as Dani yawned tiredly.

'She needs to stop playing that game.' Naruto thought knowing how tired she was.

'Take her on a date.' Kyubi suggested. 'That'll get her to stop playing it.'

'She needs rest though.'

As the bell rang Naruto was about to approach Dani to say something when. "A word Dani?" Mr. Lancer had his arms crossed.

"Tucker and I'll be waiting for you outside." Naruto said as they left.

"Dani, when a teacher looks at a student he hopes to see a reflection of his own abilities." Mr. Lancer said with a sigh. "When I look at you, I see my own F, I don't like to fail! Do you?"

Dani's eyes widened as she realized what he was getting at. "Mr. Lancer I can explain-!"

"I don't want an explanation." Mr. Lancer said angrily. "I want action so you know what I'm going to do?"

"I don't know." Dani said quietly.

"I'm going to give you another chance. In three days I want you to retake the test." Mr. Lancer left the room as Dani got her stuff and she went out to see Naruto and Tucker.

"Well, you're alive so it can't be that bad." Tucker joked.

"I have to retake the test." Dani said as she sighed. "If I don't I'm going to fail this class."

"Then forget Training, Patrolling and D.O.O.M!" Naruto said as he stretched. "We're going to get you an A!"

"But I can't forget patrolling or training!" Dani protested in worry. "Technus is still out there somewhere-."

"Dani I can handle Technus." Naruto said with a smile. "You however need to study so you can pass, the test is easy."

"Says the kid who can get information with Shadow Clones." Dani muttered.

"When you put it that way you make it sound like I'm cheating." Naruto said.

"Well it kind of is." Tucker pointed out.

"No, the Shadow Clone is a part of the mind, I use it to get info and memorize it before the test!" Naruto explained. "I don't use it during a test."

"Let's get back on track here." Dani said interrupting them. "I need help to focus and stay off of D.O.O.M-… Tucker?"

Tucker was already gone.

'He's going to play D.O.O.M isn't he?' Naruto thought shaking his head.

'You guessed it Kit.'

"I guess I better help you study then." Naruto sighed as he turned to see Dani gone, most likely after Tucker. "WHAT IS WITH EVERYONE PULLING DISAPPEARING ACTS ON ME?!"

Naruto found them in the gaming store a few blocks away on a computer.

"Really?" Naruto asked as Dani was playing.


"You have a problem."

"I don't have a problem." Dani denied.

Naruto gestured to the screen. "You're playing a game when you need to be studying and you've been playing it throughout the other nights to the point of exhaustion!"

"You need to give it a try Fishcake."

"Tucker, help me out here."

"I'm staying out of this." Tucker said as he collected ammo.

"For the love of Kami!" Naruto grabbed Dani's arm and dragged her out of the place. "You're going to study one way or another!"

"Come on I'm almost done!" Dani protested.

"Is this how I used to be when I liked Ramen?" Naruto muttered before he saw Mr. Lancer glaring at the two of them. "Uh Mr. Lancer, what are you doing here?"

"Ensuring that Ms. Fenton doesn't fool around." Mr. Lancer said because he saw them come out of that store.

"Welcome to my world." Naruto muttered. "Any chance you have a Cramtastic around so I can get her to study tied up in a chair?"

"I have a better solution." Mr. Lancer grabbed Dani's arm. "I'm getting her parents."

"What?!" Dani asked in shock as she was dragged off and she couldn't use her ghost powers to get free.

"Wow… Wouldn't want to be her right now." Naruto muttered as he left but he got a phone call. "Hello?"

"Naruto, I found Technus." Tucker said through the phone.

'Already?' Naruto thought before he shrugged. "Okay where is he?"

"… Inside of D.O.O.M."

Naruto paused as he thought about that. "Say what?" He asked in disbelief.

"He's in the game and he can use his Ghost Powers!"

"Why the hell would Technus be in D.O.O.M?" Naruto asked scratching his head.

"If he beats the game then he'll be able to access the World Wide Web!"

"WHAT KIND OF PRIZE IS THAT?!" Naruto shouted in the phone getting weird looks. "Oh Kami! We need to stop him!"

"I'll call Dani-."

"Don't she's getting a lecture from her parents."

"But we need to stop Technus."

"… You guys wanted me to play D.O.O.M?" Naruto asked as he clenched his fists. "Well then, here I come."

"… So the fate of the world relies on a newbie that hasn't played a Video Game before?" Tucker asked in disbelief. "We're screwed!"

"Hey! At least have some faith in me." Naruto protested as he got to his room where he had a Laptop for researching things. "Okay time to play-… Signing up? This will take a while."

After a bit Naruto was on Level One in Orange ANBU Armor with a scarf covering his face. "Okay I'm in, what level are you on?"

"Technus and I are on Level Four!" Tucker typed back.

"All right, so I need to go through three levels? Should be easy-?" Naruto stopped typing when he was killed. "This will be harder than I thought."


Dani had her head down when Mr. Lancer was talking to her parents. "Lazy, unfocused, ill-prepared, lethargic, most likely to be playing a game if I didn't see Mr. Uzumaki drag her out of there to get her to study-." He was practically reading off of a notebook that he brought with him.

'Maybe Naruto's right… I do have a problem with D.O.O.M.'

"Should I go on?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"Dad I-."

"That's enough of your Sass talk young lady." Jack said as he had his arms crossed.

"What do you suggest Mr. Lancer?" Maddie asked.

"Dani will pass, I believe that she is capable and until I administer the make-up exam she will stay after school in my office until she does pass." Mr. Lancer said with a nod. "Know this Dani, if you fail again you will be held back a year and if my class is boring the first time, imagine taking it again."

On hearing that Dani went pale when Maddie spoke up. "Get this through your head Dani, you're a Fenton and Fenton's get A's, or in your father's cases B minuses."

"Solid B minuses." Jack declared.

"Until you retake this test and pass it with flying colors we're forbidding you from access with all electronic devices." Maddie declared holding out her hand and with a sigh Dani handed Maddie her phone since it was password protected so she couldn't get in.


"WHAT?!" Dani shouted in Gym as Tucker and Naruto were explaining where Technus was. "He's in the game?"

"Yeah and with Newbie here who can't get past level one I'm all alone out there!" Tucker said jerking a thumb at Naruto.

"Well excuse me from not knowing that we have to save the world from inside of a freaking video game." Naruto dryly said. "The point is we need your help Dani."

"I can't." Dani shook her head. "I'm grounded from all electronic devices until I pass the test. It's my fault that Technus is out there while I'm stuck studying the world's dullest subject."

Naruto said nothing for a minute before he gave Dani a one armed hug. "Don't let it get to you Dani! Tucker and I can handle Technus… But I'm going to need to ask Lee for help as well."

"Lee? Why?" Tucker asked in confusion.

"… Bushy Brows is Chaos."

"WHAT?!" Dani and Tucker shouted in shock.

"Lee was the one dusting us the entire time?" Dani asked in surprise.

"Yup." Naruto cracked his knuckles. "Since I suck at D.O.O.M and Tucker can't beat Technus by himself it's time to recruit Lee into it-." Then Naruto went quiet.

"What?" Tucker asked sensing that Naruto had an idea.

"Of course! Technus got into the game!" Naruto realized as he thought about it making Dani and Tucker look at each other in confusion.

"Uh yeah we know that." Tucker said trying to see what Naruto was getting at.

"Don't you see? If he can get into it then so can I!" Naruto grinned. "I knew that Cujo would be helpful with some things."

"That's brilliant." Dani told him but the gym door opened.

"Dani Fenton!" Mr. Lancer said glaring at the three of them. "My office now."

"Go, we'll stop Technus."


Naruto sighed as he packed his Shinobi Gear and whistled as Cujo got there. "Okay Lee, you know what to do?"

"Yes." Lee had his computer set up. "Let us defeat this Technus with the power of youth!"

"You said it Bushy Brows!" Naruto grabbed onto Cujo's collar. "In!"

Cujo barked and brought Naruto into the game as he got used to his cybernetic body while Cujo was next to him.

"All right Cujo let's go!" Naruto took off running through the first level while he heard that Tucker and Lee were after Technus. "I'll catch up to you guys eventually!" He called before he was surrounded by computer enemies. "Technus can use his powers so… KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!" In a flash there were ten Naruto's. "All right! Now this is a game I can play!"


Lee was blasting at Technus who looked like a mechanical spider now with one of his characters powers while Tucker was going for a sneak attack but Technus turned intangible before blasting back at them.

"His power of youth is severely lacking." Lee noted as his character was knocked back. "Tucker any ideas?"

"Keep him busy until Naruto gets here." Tucker said as his Character got back up to fight only to be knocked into the wall. "Man this sucks."

"Don't give up yet." Lee typed a few keys and managed to scratch Technus.

"Dude, how are you playing so good?" Tucker asked as he tried to hit Technus.

"Nothing is impossible if one tries hard enough." Lee answered with a smirk.


"Well it's now or never." Dani muttered as she closed her book. "It better be now because I have less than an hour before Technus gets to the final level."

With that Mr. Lancer gave her the test and Dani found that she could remember the answers easily because she was finished in a bit before she turned it in and he was checking it.


"Ninety-One? I-I aced it?" Dani asked in shock.

"Hm, barely but, yes!" Mr. Lancer smiled. "You aced it."

"YES!" Dani cheered. "Thanks."

"Don't think this means that I won't be keeping an eye on you Ms. Fenton." Mr. Lancer warned her.

"Gotcha!" With that Dani took off as Mr. Lancer chuckled.

"She's going to go far once she graduates." He said as he continued to grade some papers.


Naruto made it to Level 6 easily with Cujo as he threw some Kunai's at enemies. "All right this is starting to get annoying." He muttered knowing that he needs to get to the final level soon when a new voice reached his Com set.

"Hey guys I'm here and I aced the test!" Dani's voice came out of it.

"Dude that's great!" Tucker said as Naruto kept running. "You got a hundred?"

"Nah I got a Ninety-One." Dani admitted. "A solid Ninety-One."

"Lee and I are in Level 13 and Technus has five of the seven silver keys needed to beat the game." Tucker explained. "Where are you Naruto?"

"Level Six and I'm a little busy here- CUJO!" Naruto screamed as the dog was kicked out of the game. "Kuso I'm pinned down."

"I'll be there in a sec." Dani said and a few seconds later she laughed. "Awesome! My powers are the ultimate cheat code!"

Naruto was knocked down and about to be killed before Dani came in blasting the enemies back.

"You all right Fishcake?"

Naruto smiled. "Yeah, man this D.O.O.M business is harder than it looks."

"Told you so." With that Dani grabbed Naruto's arms and took off towards the next level. "Nice look by the way."

"Thanks I wanted something mysterious."

"But why Orange?"

"What's wrong with Orange?" Naruto asked a little insulted. "It's the best color."

"If you say so."


Technus laughed as he put the five keys in the door. "Yes! Two more keys then I, the new and improved Technus, shall be the hip, modern ruler of the world!" He laughed a bit more before Tucker blasted him away from the door, but Technus shook his head before seeing the last two silver keys, so he took off towards it killing the two guards.

"Oh no." Tucker shot his gun at Technus.

"Yes, this is very bad." Lee agreed as he tried to blast the ghost but Technus dodged with ease before.

"HA! I TECHNUS, AM TOTALLY FRYING YOUR BACON!" Technus declared making Lee and Tucker sweat drop.

"Well, that's one thing he hasn't upgraded." Tucker joked. "His catchphrases."

"You cannot defeat me for I am Technus, master of-!"

"Long-Winded Introductions!" Dani voiced as she threw Naruto who kicked him back before grabbing the seventh Key while Technus had the sixth.

"You really need to learn when to shut up Techno." Naruto joked before dodging a blast from Technus.

"Congrats on the A." Lee said as Dani prepared an ecto blast.

"Thanks." Dani shot it when Technus brought up a shield while Naruto prepared a Rasengan and dove in throwing the key to Lee but Technus grabbed Naruto's arm throwing him away a few feet.

"Get that key out of here!" Naruto ordered as Lee took off.

Technus was about to go after him when Tucker threw a grenade knocking him off balance. "Keep hammering him!" Dani ordered.

"On it!" Tucker said shooting at Technus.

"No! I can't lose." Technus muttered as Naruto threw a few Kunai's and clapped his hands.

"Fūton: Reppūshō!" The force of the wind empowered the Kunai's making them go through Technus's armor and causing him to stumble. "You can't win Technus! You're outmatched and outclassed!"

Technus snarled and blasted towards Naruto but he dove out of the way at the last second only getting a scratch.

"Ouch, that hurt-!" Naruto's eyes widened. "Wait! That hurt?"

"Interesting, so if you die in here Jinchuriki you die in real life?" Technus asked with a smirk making Naruto back up a bit.

"Naruto get out of there!" Dani shouted but Technus turned intangible and overshadowed him.


Naruto woke up in the seal to see Kyubi. "DAMN IT! NOT AGAIN!"

"What? Don't like the company Kit?" Kyubi asked with a snarl.


"Hahaha!" Technus laughed from inside of Naruto's body. "Now if you try to defeat me you'll kill the Jinchuriki!"

"Let him go now!" Dani ordered angrily.

"What can you do Ghost Child?" Technus mocked with a laugh. "I control him-!"

Dani turned intangible and went in there.

"Oh come on!" Technus complained as he was shot out before Dani got out while Naruto fell to the ground.

"I hate being overshadowed." Naruto muttered as Tucker's character was killed as was Lee's causing the last Key to drop which Technus went for but Naruto made a Shadow Clone to grab it and throw it to him.

"Hey!" Technus came at them but Dani focused preparing a Ghost Rasengan while Naruto prepared his own.

"Double Rasengan!" They both shouted knocking Technus back into a rock causing him to groan in pain.

"Grab him." Dani ordered as she opened some kind of hole in the air.

"W-What is this?" Technus asked as Naruto threw him in. "Where am I?"

"Level Zero." Dani smirked. "It's a glitch in the program. One way in, no way out."

"NOOOO!" Technus tried to come out but Dani closed Level Zero up right as Tucker and Lee showed back up.

"Sorry, it took a while for our avatars to load up." Tucker apologized.

"What did we miss?" Lee asked not seeing Technus.

"Just the most awesome display of gamesmanship ever." Dani said as she smiled.

"Hey guys." Tucker picked up the last key. "We got the last key, all we have to do is open the door and we win the game."

Dani and Naruto smiled as they held hands without the others seeing while Lee looked excited at winning the game finally as Tucker went to put the key in only for them all to be blasted and knocked out of the game.

Thankfully since Naruto was holding Dani's hand he was kicked out with her due to her ghost powers rather than killed as they landed on the lab floor on with Dani on top of him.

"This seems familiar." Naruto joked referring the first time they fought Technus causing Dani to smile a bit. "But seriously, what hit us?"

They got up and got to the screen surprised to see an Avatar of Mr. Lancer picking up the key. "Mr. Lancer plays this game?!"

"Huh, right when you think you know someone." Naruto observed before he smiled. "But hey we saved the world, although no one would know it."

"We would." Dani said as she hugged him. "And that's good enough for me."

"Yeah I guess it is." Naruto chuckled as they were about to kiss when they heard footsteps so Dani turned them invisible right as Jack came down.

"Huh? I could've sworn that I heard someone down here." He muttered as he headed back up.

"Phew, close one." Naruto chuckled before looking at Dani. "Good thinking."

The only response he got was a kiss.


Naruto was panting as he made it to Level Four with Cujo. "Okay boy we need a distraction." Naruto said to the Ghost Dog when he saw a group of enemies nearby. 'If I could just rest a little then I could beat these guys no problem-.'

"LEEEEEROOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEENNNNNNKIIIIIINNNNSSSSS!" A random voice shouted as an avatar shot through the monster.

"What the hell?" Naruto asked wide eyed at the carnage that this player was making.

To Be Continued…

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