"Bunny, hurry in before you catch a cold out there!"

"We're inside a building, Kotetsu."

Kotetsu only laughed and motioned his partner in crime fighting inside his apartment. Barnaby made his way in, careful not to slip on any of the wine bottles or beer cans on the floor. Honestly, has no one told this man that you're supposed to clean up your home before inviting guests over? Before Barnaby could open his mouth to criticize on the usual mess, Kotetsu shoved a video tape in the young man's face. The young blonde took a couple of steps back before readjusting his glasses and read the title out loud.

"Mr. Legend and Dr. Justice adventure time hour?" He looked over at the big goofy grin on the older man's face as he nodded. Barnaby sighed, "Don't tell me you called me over here just to watch cartoons." He said very annoyed as he crossed his arms. Kotetsu frowned and held the tape close to his chest as if it was his second child; "It's not just a cartoon!" he defended, "It teaches values in teamwork and trust! This tape shows how close Mr. Legend was with his partner!"

"Made up partner, idiot."

"Shut up! You could learn a lot from this tape!"

Barnaby only groan as he pushed past Kotetsu to get to the couch. He should have known this was just another one of Kotetsu's lame brain ideas to just hang out with him. Everyone around them already thought their teamwork had improved greatly over a couple of years, yet Kotetsu still push them to be a little closer and to crush down the brick walls Barnaby had built around himself. Barnaby, on his side, thought they could be closer too; but on a different level.

When Kotetsu had called him earlier on the phone, he was pleading for Barnaby to come over to his place quickly because he needed him, badly. After the phone call, Barnaby had rushed over to his bedroom, pull out a stack of condoms and a travel size bottle of lube and stuffed them into his jean pockets. Then, literally ran out of his condo, all the way down to his car and gunned it down the street. Running through every red light just to get here, at Kotetsu's apartment, so they can FINALLY give into the sexual tension Barnaby thought they had, and fuck all night long.

Yet, this was not the case, or ever will be the case Barnaby concluded as he watched Kotetsu fiddle with an old VCR he brought out(Seriously, he had to be the only person in Sternberg that still had a VCR) and popped the tape in. He turned back to Barnaby, still grinning, "You're in for a treat, Bunny. I haven't watched this tape in ten years and I just founded it in a box I keep in the back of my closet! This is your lucky night, Bunny!"

"I thought it was going to be." Barnaby grumbled as he sulked a little on Kotetsu's couch. The older man paid no mind to Barnaby's bad mood and went into the small kitchen, "I'm going to pop us some popcorn while the tape is running through some commercials. You got here so fast you didn't give me enough time to wipe up some snacks!" Barnaby kept quiet, secretly admiring Kotetsu's ass and mentally sulk how he'll probably never get a chance to see it bare.

The tape played through a couple of old commercials Barnaby never heard of before and was surprised on how good it played after all these years. The blonde took back what he thought as soon as the tape started to static, but came back on to a bedroom with a couple sitting on a bed. Barnaby quickly recognize the man as a younger looking Kotetsu staring at the camera very nervously and embarrassed. Next to him was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and olive smooth skin, smiling as she got up and readjusted the camera again before hopping next to Kotetsu again and locking arms with him. They were both in their underwear.

"I'm starting to change my mind about this, Tomoe." Younger Kotetsu said looking very self conscious compared to his eager late wife. Tomoe giggled, "Aw, come on. It's kinky and you were all on board about it earlier."

"That was the wine talking! I mean, what if someone finds it and sees it? Like my mom or my brother!" he whined. Tomoe let go of him and rubbed his back to try and calm him down, "Please Kotetsu. It's our first anniversary as a married couple and I want it to be special." She pleaded as her other hand rubbed his inner thigh, making Kotetsu blush and nodded. As he leaned back he said, "You have to promise to erase this tape afterwards, deal?" Tomoe giggled and crawled on top of him, "Of course. I just want to see what we look like having sex. Now loose the boxers so I can-"


The present Kotetsu ran in front of the screen and VCR and pushed the eject button several times, with no results. To which, Kotetsu had no choice but to rip the VCR out of the wall and shutting off his TV screen. A long awkward silence filled between the two grown men. Kotetsu, clutching the VCR shaking in his hands and face redder than Fire Emblem's hero suit, and avoided looking Barnaby in the eyes. Barnaby was still sitting on the couch, mouth gapping a little and blushing too, sinking in what he just seen.

After several minutes, Barnaby cleared his throat making Kotetsu flinch. "Well, that was the most interesting episode of Mr. Legend you ever showed me, Kotetsu." Barnaby couldn't hide his grin even if he tried. Kotetsu shot him a glare, "Forget what you saw." Barnaby laughed, "That would be impossible, old man."

"Then don't tell anyone about this!"

"Oh, you mean making me rush out here to watch an old porno you made?"

"I did not! I…I didn't know she taped it over one of my Mr. Legend's tapes! I thought she'd destroy it like she promised!"

"Serves you right, you dirty old man." Barnaby winked before getting up and making his way back out the door. Kotetsu ran in front of him and blocked the only exist out of his apartment. His face was still red as he yelled, "I'm not a dirty old man and please don't tell anyone! Antonio will never let me live it down and Nathan would want to SEE it! Please don't tell!" Kotetsu would be on his hands and knees the way he was begging, but continued to block the door as if expecting Barnaby to jump over him and announce to the world that him and Tomoe had made a porno. Barnaby crossed his arms and frowned at the pathetic man before him, "Kotetsu, I find this very insulting that you don't trust me enough to keep this between us." His tone was stern but a bit disappointed.

Kotetsu winced, now feeling guilty about his actions. He rubbed the back of his neck, "Geez, I'm sorry Bunny. I guess I got so embarrassed and paranoid about you finding out that tape. It's one of my shameful secrets." Barnaby raised an eyebrow, "Really?" Kotetsu blushed even more and nodded, "Y-yeah. Look, can we…just open a bottle of wine and forget about this?" He motioned to the tape he held in his hand that he had somehow gotten out of the VCR unscratched. Barnaby smirked and walked up to Kotetsu, "You really think you can buy my silence with cheap wine?" Kotetsu backed up and fumed, "Hey, it's just as good as that old age wine you save! And you said this would just be between us!" he argued and felt more nervous as Barnaby cornered him against his door. Barnaby smirk grew wickeder, "Yes, Kotetsu. It can be just between us if…" he trailed off as he placed his hands on Kotetsu's shoulders. Kotetsu swallowed and repeated,


"If you're willing to make another porno."

A/N: This is just a little headcanon I had about Kotetsu's and Tomoe's sex life that I just felt a need to write about. Hope you enjoyed it~!