"I know ya gotta be thirsty, buddy."

Jane's eyes darted from the floor to Dell, to the corner, back to Dell. He couldn't look at him but he knew the lack of eye contact would be considered a disrespect and there were repercussions for that. The great body flinched with a rattling clink of rusty chains as Dell took a step toward him.

"Well, ya haven't had any water since day before yesterday. Ya gotta wash down dinner. C'mon now."

There was a sound of brass overall clasps dangling and heavy material sloughing into a pile. Jane fearfully glanced to see Dell approaching him in his briefs with those dark smoky goggles still over his eyes. He knew it would only make Dell mad but his legs instinctively kicked and scuttled him into the nearest corner on his back. Dell rushed over to grab Jane by the hair and yank him up to his knees.

"C'mon, Solly. Gotta get something to drink. Good soldiers who look their superiors in the eye get water. Bad soldiers, well . . . you know." He clutched Jane's face roughly and dug his thumb and index finger into his cheeks. He could feel space between the molars and jawbone. It was easy to pry open most animals' mouths this way. A human was just another animal anyway.

"C'mon, Solly. Look at me, Solly. LOOK AT ME!" Dell bellowed uncharacteristically. Jane would have never suspected the soft-spoken engineer to be capable of such brutality. The sudden outburst seemed better suited to this man's mannerism than his comrade back at RED base.

Jane's eyes flickered upwards as his mouth was forced open. The image of Dell's deranged visage and his own panic undid him. He was sweating profusely and his face contorted under Dell's hand as he broke out in pathetic tears.

"Now, don't cry, Solly. You juss hafta learn to abide by the rules." the voice had returned to its slow mellow drawl and a hand stroked through his hair. But Jane had experienced this false comfort before. It just meant that retribution was close at hand. He would have been ashamed at himself for his cowardly blubbering were he not wildly aware of the world of pain that would soon be upon him in one way or another.

Dell patted Jane gently on the head, "Hoo-wee! That respawn gadget of Doc's sure was a doozie but, " he tapped his the side of his head with a finger, "didn't take too long to reverse engineer it. Now, it can fix all manner uh damage," he tapped the side of Jane's head, "but it don't take away the memory of the experience, which is good, because the only way humans learn is by their mistakes. It looks like it's time we had a little reinforcement on respectin' yer superiors. " At this, the engineer paused and then gave a soft chuckle as Jane whimpered through his sobs, "S'funny. I thought I'd never have a problem instill'n that in you, but . . . aw, well."

Then, the engineer snatched a handful of Jane's hair and gripped him tight as he proceeded to pluck out Jane's right eye. He jammed his fat, leaking erection into Jane's bloody orbit and burst into his sinus cavity. The pain would have been unbearable but Jane had passed out from the shock. He had the pleasure of waking up in pure agony lying on his side on the cold cement floor. His face lay in a pool of blood and cum as the putridity leaked down his face and ran down his sinus and throat. It was only after he went into physical shock and began to seize that Dell began to meander about leisurely setting up the respawn.