Prologue – The legend Begins

The sun is shining and the wind is blowing as the sea cast their great waves. And also the sky, as the great clouds shows their symbols when the time, a boy with his other friends had save Minecraftia, and now this time the story will start again.

60 years ago

The war with the Mob Army has started a great war and bloodshedding against the Sky Army, Dead Army and Star Army. Then the Chrystal Orb Of Future said the there will be a boy and two of his other friends that will take place as a leader in each of the Army and save Minecraftia from the evil. The Sorcerer told Ant About it And CaptainSparklez, the Leader of all army. And Antvenom wanted to ask CaptainSparklez to go on the War meeting with the other Generals and try to keep the Mob Army decrease and save more time if the Chrystal Orb is right. And he accepted. The next day, they have started the meeting.

"Welcome my fellow generals, each of the great army. You may speak in this meeting and tell a suitable plan that would stop the Mob army and Herobrine" said CaptainSpaklez. Antvenom raised his hand and spoke. "I will try to stop the Mob army and drive them out from the other villages that is unguarded while you, CaptainSparklez will tell all the soldiers to retreat and hold defenses, and you CaveMan, you will try to send army to me if Star army told you. Cause I know that Seto is a good finder and locater." "but what if the Mob army has their own possibility to try stop me from locating as a barrier, many of them can do that. That is why I wasn't able to notice that they had come in." said Seto. "so what will we do? Are we going to just wait for this punies to come out from another world and try to stop them? What if it is a year or a month? Maybe when they come here they'll see us all burned to ashes and being like a zombie.." worried Caveman. And CaptainSparklez Spoke, "Do not worry cause they cannot underestimate our people as they have won the against the war, now it's the time for us to regain our honor as fighters and warriors as we done it already. And I will agree with you Ant and try to drive my people out of there and send them to the nearest fortress as possible." "you have my word White Leader" Said Antvenom.

I wish I could meet this guy from another world, he might be the chosen one for Sky army. Well, it's time to hit on the helmet and roll out, as Ant think he started wearing his Sky Helmet and brought 60 knights and 40 archers. "stay alive, Ant. You are always the one who impress me with your plans. Caveman go to the fortress and start up your soldiers. And you Seto go to your fortress and bring as many sorcerer as you can to locate and scan the area as Antvenom goes in the battlefield! Now… GO!" Caveman and Seto Disappear and started going to their horses preparing going back to their fortress.

As in the Other world, a world named Earth, that had many people and city as the walk around peacefully, eating and playing. Then there was a boy named Adam, who is 19 years old and studied in college. And he has always been with his two friends named Jason and Ty and they were always classmates and together ever since kindergarten. But then their time has come an end and their time for adventure has come.

As the school bell ring, Adam ran as fast as he can to his classroom and he was always late. As Adam sat on his chair, he asked Jason what's the topic today on science. "Ok… What is the topic again?" "The Topic today is about mining and umm.. resources like that where we get from necklaces, rings and other things like those." Jason replied. As Adam and Jason opened their science book, the science teacher came in, and Ty asked, "hey Jason, is that the new science teacher that they were mentioning?" "I think so" as Jason replied, Adam butt in, "Hey! There's BUDDER here!" Then someone on Adam's mind spoke, Sky, you must come to Minecraftia.. go to the upper left roof of your school.. and your two friends. It is your destiny! Adam jerked his head at the upper left roof and thought who was it that just spoke? He took it out from his mind and read his book.

After the school the sound came back, come to Minecraftia.. we need you, we need you. We need you. The voice just sound like a girl and trying to tell him to go to the upper left and Adam can't just ignore it, he told it about to Jason and Ty, "Well, we do not know what is that but didn't the school president told us that the upper left roof is forbidden?" said Jason as Ty drank his beer, "Well, we need to know why it is forbidden and the school president is nice right? I mean he always treats me to Macdonalds!" "Why Ty? Is it because your showing off your intelligence so you could be treated to Macdonald everytime?" replied Adam. Then Dawn beat Adam at his head and Adam told her, " Why did you do that for?" "Arr hem, I told you that you would be going with me to Koko lake. Have you forgotten it again?!" Dawn said furiously. "Sorry cause I've been heari-" As Jason covered Adam's mouth, Jason said to Dawn that he will be going there.

"why did you do that?!" Said Adam. Because we are the only ones who can keep it and no one else except for the president" answered Jason. "Yeah Jason is right, Adam. If you go tell everyone in the school, something might go wrong and Minecraftia? What the heck is that?" Ty asked, "I don't know. That's what the voice said. And she called me Sky?" As Adam was speaking, Jason spoke up, "I don't know but we gotta do something about it"