Chapter 2 – The World Of Minecraft

Adam took his blanket and covered himself around his body and said, "Eeeek, PERVERT!" "geez I thought im going to have a man here saying "thx Man I owe you one" but all I get is pervert? Relax. I bandaged your wounds when you got here, it's not serious though." Explained Steve. "And what the hell are those clothes are you wearing? You must be a Foreigner" "Nahh, I'm from another world and a voice keep asking me to go to the upper left roof an-" "You're a earthling! It's been long I seen one though but he needs to go and set things right in earth." Said Steve. "Wait…. Who're you talking about?" asked Adam. "It's SSundee and he said he wanted to be a president though. You know him?" replied Steve. "nope and is he the first person to come here?" asked Adam again curiously. "Yepidoo and was said that he stopped the Skeleton Kings plan on respawning ummm.. I can't remember his name but it said Her-" Replied Steve. "Are you guys sure that you would keep on talking without us?" Steve and Adam turned their heads and saw Jason and Ty awake.

"Okay, first question, what's this world?" Jason asked

"Minecraftia" replied Steve.

"Second, who's the king of this world"

"No kings but a leader of all army"

"Third, who the heck is the leader?"


"Fourth, can you explain this world or a story?"

"I can't explain it all but you can read this book."

The book's title was The World Of Minecraftia, "Whoa… This looks well made and looks like someone made it for a thousands of years ago." Said Ty exciting. "Go on read earthlings." "umm you can call us Jason and the one with the headphone is Ty and the one you talk is-" "Adam, please go on so you could find the secrets of this world and go back." Jason read it

The World Of Minecraftia

Fellow Strangers, I know that you have come from my design called the Quartz porter and come to this world. I was once a miner and saw this brilliant things that holds villagers and soldiers walking peacefully. But then I saw mobs, trying to attack a woman and stopped him. The woman likes me and we were married. Not long I became a soldier and join the war against the Mob Army but they were strong enough to hold us back. And heard that something was wrong that lead me home to Agelinax, the village that had peace ever since the war has started.

Just when I got home all I saw is fire, being destroyed and put to my feelings that I had failed to save all the people and my love ones. If you are Reading this, Destroy the seven Trilop that they hold each Orb. Orb of Justice, Orb of Healing, Orb of Strength, Orb of Wise, Orb of Time, Orb of Teleporting, And last Orb of Immortality and make a wish that will end the war and make peace before a man with white eyes use them to make him powerful. Save Minecraftia as well as your world. This man knows how to enter your world! So Go! This is your first quest!


"This is your first quest! –Anonymous. Well I think that's it" Jason said. "I feel so sad for the wife of that man." Said Adam sadly. "which man? The guy who wrote or the guy who had white eyes?!" shout Steve. "Whoa! Steve cool down it's the guy who wrote, theres nothing about the man with white eyes that has a wife right? You're pretty emotional about this." Steve said down calming down and drank his water. "sorry many thing has happened so far like pigs flying out from the air with a man using a saddle." Ty said, "Wait so many thing has happened to you and the white man-" "The man with white eyes" Adam butt in. "yess the man with white eyes and also the man who wrote this was…. You?" Adam and Jason was shocked and turned to Steve. "Very good, also SSundee answered that question well too and I am the Anonymous who wrote that story as well the First quest." Adam starts on hearing some stuff Come we need to talk about your dream Adam opened his eyes and the voice mention about his dream. The dream was about the grassy stuff and the woman with hood. Adam started going to the forest and Jason shouted, "Adam! Where're you going?" "I'm going to explore some stuff, don't worry I won't go far." But still Jason, I need to know who is talking to me and what is the dream about.

After for several minutes of walking, Adam start sitting down and putting his head downward, "ohhh… what is this place?! Where is that guy or girl or whatever? Damn it this is such a long walk and.. wait is that, BUDDER?!" As Adam look at the front, it was a Golden Block on top of a fence and many budder ingots around it. "Damn it! This is not the time for looking for budder!" As Adam was walking towards it he kept on moving while his arms putting on the stick. "DAMN IT WHY THE HELL MY BODY MOVING BY ITSELF!" Then he heard a branch pricked, and he started to jerk around and shouted, "Who's there?!" As soon he waited, arrows goes shooting at him. "WAAHHHH!"


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