Aomine Daiki believes Kise Ryouta is a sunflower

Whisky eyes, sunny hair, even Kuroko can understand why Aomine would compare Kise to a sunflower visually, but only Aomine knows the whole reason.

Kise asks him about it, laying with exhaustion on the ground after another one-on-one match.

Aomine glances at him, considers not telling him, but speaks anyway, "When we first met you immediately turned towards me. It was cute."

"That was because you hit me with a basketball!"

"I didn't hit you every time after that but you still looked at me." Aomine's reasoning slowly sinks into Kise's mind and the blond rolls onto his side with a wide grin. "Then there's your hair and eye colour. You're definitely a sunflower."

"Then are you my sun?"

"Who else would be your sun? The only one who can do it is me, don't even think of asking Tetsu for this."

Kise laughs and sticks his tongue out in response.

Aomine throws the basketball at him and tells him to get his lazy ass up. Kise is tempted to remain on the ground, but he runs to him, looking at him with honest excited eyes, "One more match, right?"

Aomine grins and begins dribbling the ball, running around Kise who immediately turns to face him.

Just like a sunflower.