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Chapter Two: Wise Girl knows more than you!

Annabeth's Pov

Over the past few hours, I felt like an Aphrodite girl, I was sick with my newfound alien feelings of love and mush towards Percy which wasn't mine. But some how I was defeated, the real and logical Annabeth with snappy comebacks towards Percy instead of loving him so wonder Athena was a virgin goddess, she didn't succumb to feelings of love for lust or need because she was the ultimate logical being to the Greeks, she felt above the need for human companionship so she could focus on her work of knowledge.

But Athena's children like me were different, we were really human, we needed companionship, and whether it made me a girly girl I didn't really care for knowledge, Percy made me feel warm and nice about myself, and I loved that warm feeling.

Percy's lips were warm and soft, I smelled his breath that smelled of salt water, he had such cute eyes, green and deep that I never saw truly before. His black hair was curly and unkempt with cute cal licks here and there that made me smile, I then remembered what I wanted to tell him outside. But it would have to wait for later.

"Ok Thalia, it's your turn. Truth or Dare?" Asked Travis.

"Truth." She said.

"As a pine tree on half blood hill, has a dog or any other animal peed on you before?" He asked.

Everyone burst out laughing after he asked. Thalia gave him a death glare then spoke.

"Yes...once when Artimis' crew came with bloodhounds used for the hunt, one peed on me." She said.

Everyone snickered a little as the Stolls moved onwards to Juniper.

"Juniper, truth or dare?" Asked Connor.

"Dare." She said.

"We dare you to use your woodland magic to turn Percy into a dog." Said Travis.

Juniper smiled devilishly and looked at Percy with a evil little glare then snapped her fingers. Percy tried to get up and run but in a poof of Greene and brown before me sat a black, white and light brown Australian shepherd dog with unkempt fur and a blue collar with a dog bone on it that read

Percy Jackson

If Found return to Half Blood Hill

The dog coked its head and whimpered as the cabin shook with laughter, the dog (or Percy) scampered around the cabin and reached me and licked my cheek, it walked then over to the Stoll brothers and raised its leg.

"JUNIPER! TURN HIM BACK NOW!" They screamed in unison as the dog raced over to me and lay on my lap and rested its head on my stomach.

Juniper laughed and snapped her fingers and the next thing I knew Percy was on top of me as I toppled down form his new weight crushing me as we both blushed and people around us snickered.

Percy got up and sat in his chair as I sat up and the Stoll brothers had a good laugh as they took the stained carpets out to be washed.


Percy and I walked down the beach from the Hermes cabin as the Truth or Dare Session ended, finally I reached out my hand and he grabbed it. I blushed as he finally broke the silence.

"Hey Annabeth truth or dare?" He said.

I smiled.

"Truth." I said.

"There's going to be fireworks as big rand finale for the celebrations, do you wanna watch them with me?" He asked.

"Sure." I said, he smiled wider.

We layed down, side by side as we held hands and watched the fireworks.

"Truth or dare." I said.

"Dare." Percy answered.

"I dare you to kiss me." I said.

"Gladly." He said.

We kissed asunder the fireworks and I heard them explode above me, they illuminated the sky as I enjoyed Percy's warm and soft lips embrace mine and I smelled salt water, I was sure the kiss lasted more than five minutes, but I never could keep track of time, Seaweed brain made me melt as he held me after our lips parted.

"I want to tell you something Percy, I...I think I love you." I said.

The fireworks blasted above us, and I loved this feeling, so I suppose Athena knew everything, but I knew something worth all her knowledge, I Knew a great enough cost.