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Chapter 2

President Snow was brought a bowl containing slips of paper. Adrenaline started rushing through my body from nervousness. This really would decide my fate. Life or death. I could get a person who could help me, or I could get a weakling leaving me screwed. Snow drew out the first slip, then another, and cleared his throat. "Team 1 is Katniss from District 12 and Rue from District 11." Poor Katniss, stuck with a little girl following her around. I hoped I wouldn't have a similar fate. Katniss and Rue stood up, walked up the steps, and stood together on the stage.

As more names were drawn, I became more anxious to hear my name. It turns out Clove was paired with Glimmer from one. I wondered if they would be a threat. Probably not. Then I finally heard my name called. "Team 10 is Cato from District 2 and Peeta from District 12."

Who could that be? Any person from district 12 is not a good sign. Then my heart skipped a beat when I saw the blonde boy I noticed at the beginning of the announcement stand up. He looked at me, flashed a smile, and we walked onto the stage together. He held out his hand, and I smiled and shook it. I didn't really pay attention to the rest of the other drawings after it was announced who my partner was.

As we stood on the stage, I thought about Peeta and if he would be a good partner. He had an impressive body; he was strong enough to lift probably a good 150 pounds. It could be much worse. But one thing could be bad. His extreme attractiveness. I hoped it wouldn't distract me too much. I wondered if he was gay as well. No. I can't wonder these things, but I can't help it. He his my partner, so he can't be my lover, can he?

After President Snow was done announcing the teams, he made one more final announcement. "Each team will have their own floor in the tribute building. This year only, the floors will be by teams and not districts. Also, partners will train together starting tomorrow. That is all. Thank you. This announcement is adjourned." President Snow stepped off the podium signaling us to exit the stage. We did so.

Before we made it out the door, a smiling lady dressed in obnoxious pink from hair to feet confronted us. "Hello, I am Effie Trinket, your new team advisor," she squealed. "I look forward to working with you! I originally worked with district 12, but now since this new rule is in effect, I have been reassigned to team 10." She smiled at me and Peeta rolled his eyes. I laughed inside. "Where is Haymitch? I swear he will catch on fire from all this alcohol." "I'm right here, now can you please shut up? You will kill them with just your voice." Haymitch remarked right behind her. Effie rolled her eyes. "I'm Haymitch, your new mentor. I also worked with district 12. You look... promising." I smiled. "Well that is enough socializing," Effie interrupted. "We need to get you to your floor to prepare for tomorrow."

We began to walk down the long hall. "Is she always this...um.." I hesitated. "Annoying?" Peeta finished my sentence. I laughed and nodded. He smiled. "Yeah she is a little stuck up. But you get used to her." We finally reached an elevator and walked into it. On the wall, was 14 buttons. A button for each team, a button for the training center underground, and a button for the roof. I wondered what the view was from up there. I make note to check it out before the games begin. Effie clicks the '10' button corresponding to our team number and we are shooted to that floor.

When the doors slid open, I was amazed at the sight. Everything in the entire room had to cost more than anything at district 2. Velvet carpets covered the floors and the whole back wall of the room was glass, exposing what was outside and the view of the capitol was amazing. I could see everything. I turned and looked at Peeta. He was even more amazed than I was. "I know," Effie stated, "It's great isn't it?" We both nodded. "Let me give you a tour." The place was incredible. It was too bad I would only get to enjoy it for a few days.

After the tour, Effie left for the night and Haymitch went as well to probably go drinking. I went and sat on the couch and Peeta joined me. "It really is amazing," he said. I nodded. "Do you think we have a chance?" he asked. "No idea," I replied. "I'm not the person you or anyone else expects me to be. I'm not a ruthless killer. I'm not a career. I'm just...Cato. I'm sorry I'm not the person you or anyone else expects me to be. I might be strong out here," I gestured towards my body. "But I'm the weakest here," as I pointed to my heart. I hung my head. I wanted to let him know now before he could get his hopes up. "Don't be sorry," he replied. I looked back up at him. "What?" I asked. Nobody had said anything like that to me before. His beautiful blue eyes looked into my own. "You are who you are. If you die in the games, die as you." He was right. He held out his arms and hugged me, bringing his warmth to my coldness. I immediately felt better. After staying in that position for a second or two, I pulled away to prevent it from getting awkward. "We should probably get to bed. Tomorrow, we start training," he stated as he got up. "Yeah, well, night." I said. "Night," he replied. We went to our respective rooms. I decided to get a shower before I went to bed. I went into the bathroom, took all my clothes off, and hit a bunch of buttons to make water come out. I stepped in. The water felt great after a long day.

While I was in the shower, I decided to relieve myself. I stroked my member until it was hard. Thoughts of Peeta filled my mind. Those big biceps. Those big, kissable lips. That impressive bulge in his pants. I thought of all these things as I furiously jacked of my cock. After doing it for awhile, I finally reached my climax. It felt amazing. My seed squirted all over the shower wall in front of me. I let go of my cock and it flopped down and went back to its flaccid state. I finished cleaning up, got out of the shower, dried off, and got in bed. I didn't bother to put any clothes on.

I lie there, looking at the ceiling, imagining Peeta lying there with me. I could almost feel his warmth. Finally after a lot of thinking about the days to come, I dozed off to sleep.