Ever since he could remember he could see the small girl with the raven hair and the tall blond haired boy. It seemed like they were always standing there, thief fingers intertwined, watching him.

Once he asked his grandmother who they were. She said it was his imagination, but he knew they weren't. They were too real, the boy who looked so much like him and the girl with his eyes.

It wasn't until he watched the 74th Hunger Games did he know who they were. He watched the raven haired girl crumple to the ground and the blond boy kneel next to her, begging her to stay alive. He watched the blond boy fight the mutts and get shot threw the head.

He turned towards the young couple across the room and held back his tears. "Mom? Dad?" And they both smiled.

He didn't know if they were ghosts or if they were part of his imagination. All he knew is that he didn't want them to leave.

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