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*3rd Person P Of V*
"Good Morning, Lady Hinata" Neji smiled at the Heiress. He set the small breakfast he had for her beside her bed. He had made for her ramen. She was having breakfast in bed. This was very overwhelming especially in the Hyuuga Household. They seldom do this. Especially for her. Though it was Neji who cared about her the most, he didn't do this for her often or at all. What was the occasion?

"T-Thank you, Neji-nii-san" She said "What's the occasion?" She asked while yawning. She has lessen her stuttering and has gained self-confidence. Neji was quite proud of her big improvement though he never said it aloud.

"Is there a need for an occasion when I do something for my cousin?" He said laughing while sitting down beside Hinata.

"I-It's j-just t-that, y-you s-seldom d-do t-this." She said bashfully. She stutters when she's embarrassed or when she's shy. Neji laughed at Hinata's reaction.

"Then I shall do it more often if it amuses you." Neji smiled before her.

"No need, Neji-nii-san." She said while putting a spoonful of soup in her mouth. It was delicious.

"Were you really serious when you asked me 'what was the occasion'?" Neji asked her after a few minutes of silence.

Hinata nodded. She was left dumbfounded. She didn't know what was going on.

"Well, Lady Hinata, you have to figure this out by yourself." Neji said with a smirk.

"Neji-nii-san just tell me." She said while playfully slapping his arm. Neji then smiled and tickled her. After a few seconds, Neji stopped and looked at the almost-out-of-breathe Hyuuga.

He thought to himself 'Does she not care about herself anymore? She does not know the occasion today. Only a person that didn't care for himself at all, would forget this occasion. Maybe Lady Hinata was never really acknowledged by anyone in the family for her to be remembered even by herself. I must make it up to her.'

"Is everything okay, Neji-nii-san?" She asked him concerned. Neji was in his own world.

"Yes, of course, Lady Hinata." He smiled.

"You can call me Hinata-chan. I think Father is giving Hanabi the title of being heiress." She told him looking very upset. Neji was sad to see Hinata so forlorn.

"Okay, Hinata-chan. I don't think your father will ever give up your title as the heiress. You have proven your worth."

"Thank you, Neji-nii-san." Hinata was relieved that at least one person in the Hyuuga clan appreciates her worth.

"You can call me Neji-kun, if you want to." Neji said. Hinata nodded.

"Neji-kun! Are you there?" They heard a familiar voice coming from outside. It was Tenten. The two Hyuugas went near the window. As soon as Neji saw her face, he was filled with joy. Hinata noticed this and giggled to herself. She knew Neji's feelings for her isn't a crush. Anymore.

"Hello Tenten-chan." Neji said. Hinata, on the other hand, only waved and smiled.

"Oh, Hinata, hap-" Tenten was about to say but then cut off when Neji spoke.

"Tenten, can you help me with an errand? It is quite urgent. I need all the help I can get."

"Sure, Neji-kun." Tenten approached the door to the Hyuuga house and went upstairs to Hinata and Neji. Before Tenten could even speak, Neji whispered something in her ear that made her perk up.

"Hai! Sure thing, Neji-kun" She said. "Hinata, me and Neji-kun are going to do an errand. You stay here and rest, okay?"

"Y-Yes. Good-bye, Neji-kun and Tenten-chan." She said as they left. Hinata slept again. She slept for another hour or so. When she woke up, she did her daily routine. Took a bath, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and dressed. She went for a walk in Konoha. Just another normal day. She then bumped into someone. She fell to the ground and found something licking her hand.

"Akamaru!" Hinata said while rubbing his fur.

"Hinata-chan!" Kiba said.

"Hello, Kiba-kun."

"Hinata-chan, how are you? What are you doing?"

"I'm fine, Kiba-kun, how about you? I'm just taking a walk in Konoha. Like I do, everyday." She shrugged.

"May I take a walk with you?"

"Sure. I would love that." Hinata was overwhelmed that she finally had a companion. Konoha was quite silent the whole day. Only few people were walking around the streets of Konoha. Another occasion that wasn't seen everyday. Konoha usually has busy streets. People from all directions were seen. But today, after walking for an hour and a half, she only saw around 8 people. And they were all busy. "Hey, Kiba-kun, can I ask you a question?"


"What's the occasion today?"

"Um-ahh- Hinata-chan? What occasion? It's a perfectly normal day in Konoha." He said obviously lying.

"Really? But Neji-kun told me tha-"

"Hey Hinata! I have an errand to do. See you later!" Kiba said as he run off. Hinata walked along the roads of Konoha alone, once more. She went to the park and sat on the swing. She felt someone push it.

"Hello Hinata-chan." She turned around to see Shino.

"Hello Shino-kun. How are you?" She asked, still feeling quite sad.

"Why are you lonely?"

"I am not. There is just something going on in my head."

"We've been team mates for a long time now. You're practically my sister. So, tell me, what is bothering you?"

"N-nothing." She said and smiled at Shino, who just raised an eye brow. After a few moments of silence, Hinata gave in. "I think people are hiding things from me."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know. But whenever I ask them a question about it, they either run or make excuses." she pouted.

"Ask me this question. Maybe I can answer you."

"What is the occasion for today?"

"Hinata-chan, I do not know. It is a just a normal day in Konoha but, as matter of fact, it is quiet strange that many people aren't out."

"Shino! I need your help!" They heard someone shout. It was Kiba.

"Good bye, Hinata-chan." Shino went with Kiba. She was left to travel the busy streets of Konoha alone. She went to her favorite bakery. Oddly enough, no one was there. There was just a paper bag with Hinata's name. She took it as a sign that it was for her and got it. She opened the bag and saw a cupcake. It had chocolate frosting and chocolate fillings! Yummy!

"Hinata-chan! There you are!" She heard someone yell. She looked at her back to see a hyperventilating Ino.

"Hello Ino-chan."

"Hinata. Come with me." Ino pulled her and dragged Hinata to her house. Sakura and Tenten was waiting for her, as well.

"Hello Hinata." Sakura said while Tenten smiled at her.

"Hello Sakura-chan, Hello Tenten-chan."

"Why don't you take a sit in that chair." Sakura said while pointing at her. She sat down obediently. They started going near her and before you know it, she was having a make-over. Ino picked out and outfit to loan to her, Tenten was thinking of what hair style to use, and Sakura was fussing about what color to use for her skin. As they were beautifying her, they were talking about gossip and such. Hinata sometimes awed and sometimes smiled, and at times laughed. Ino, Sakura and Tenten loved to see the other side of Hinata. Not the shy and timid but the fun and lovable. They enjoyed talking to her.

Ino has picked out a dress for her. It was a white tube slim dress. It looked plain but on Hinata it looked beautiful. She wore matching high heels. Even with the simplest things, Hinata can look gorgeous.

Now, It was time for her hair. Tenten, though having hard time on deciding on which style to use, has figured out a perfect hair style for Hinata. It was simple. It was only a french-braid. She looked lovely. And, for good measure, Tenten added some decorations like small fake flowers. She looked absolutely stunning!

It was Sakura's time to shine! Sakura, very focused on Hinata's face, thought about the colors she was going to use. Then she finally thought of the perfect shade to put on her face: light pink. She, slowly but surely, put some lipstick on Hinata and saw that it looked perfect on her. She dubbed make-up on Hinata's cheeks and it made her glow. She put some eye shadow and glanced at her work. She was more than satisfied. She never thought that with only a few dubs of make-up could make anyone get this beautiful.

They spent the time talking about boys. And a certain shinobi Hinata doesn't want to talk about.

"Hey Hinata, what do you like about Naruto, anyway?" Ino asked her. Hinata blushed a deep red.

"Um, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Please. It's obvious, Hinata. The way you blush around him." Sakura agreed.

"The way you defend him from insults. It's written all over your face." Tenten agreed. 'There's no point in hiding it anymore.' Hinata thought. She swallowed her ego. And explained why.

"Naruto-kun maybe annoying and loud, he can be stupid, too. But when we were children, he defended me. He was the first to do it. And maybe the last. He cheered me on in my fight and vowed to win for me. He always made me laugh and smile. He always found ways to accept his defeat and move on. He doesn't give up. He changed me, he inspired me to do good."

"How did you know you loved him?" Tenten asked.

"I don't know. I guess that's not important, is it? I love him, that's all I need to know." Hinata said in bliss.

"Doesn't it hurt you to know that he doesn't even know about your feelings?" Sakura asked. Wow. Hinata was like a model with all the attention and questions about her personal life. But she liked it. She can finally tell people what she really feels.

"Yes. It hurts me. It hurts a lot. There are moments when I have to cry myself to sleep but when you love, you endure. If he seems happy, that's good enough for me." She said with a soft smile. She really loves him, doesn't she?

Sakura looked at the clock and saw the time. It was 5:30. They're going to be late.

"Hey guys! Let's go! We have to go somewhere."

"Where?" Hinata asked very confused.

"Somewhere. Now let's go." They got a taxi. After about 30 minutes, they stopped.

"Hinata, we have to blindfold you." They all said. Before Hinata could react, they already blindfolded her.

"What's going on?" She had no idea. It was just a normal day in Konoha, right?

They led her to place. They removed her blind fold.

"Happy Birthday, Hinata!" All her friends and villagers were here. That's what she forgot. It was the 27th day of December! It was her birthday!

She soon realized the area. It was the Hyuuga Mansion.

Everyone enjoyed her party. Neji, apparently, set this up.

A few minutes at the party, the 5th Hokage went near her and gestured for her to follow. She did. She was in her father's study. She wasn't allowed to get in unless it was important business. There was another shinobi at the study. He had blond spiky hair, sapphire eyes, a tan-skin and I winning smile. Naruto.

"Hinata, why don't you sit down?" The Hokage gestured.


"Hinata, Naruto, you have a mission. An A-Class Mission." Hokage said.

"Yes! Finally!" Naruto said while fist-pumping in the air.

"That's great H-Hokage-sama!" Hinata said proudly. Naruto was quite amazed at the confidence Hinata had now. She wasn't like the old Hinata. He really liked the new one. But there are somethings that even he himself has to admit that he didn't want to change about Hinata.

"You two will be going to Hoshigakure or known as the Hidden Village of Stars. There has been a missing number of newly-weds there, all brides. Your mission is to find out who, why, and where. Take the brides back to where they belong. Know who kidnapped them and where he brings them and, hopefully, he has not yet murdered them and why he did this." Me and Naruto exchanged glances. "Both of you are not supposed to be recognized as ninja." She said flatly.

"Then how are we supposed to investigate, baa-chan?" Naruto asked clearly confused.

"Simple. Both of you pretend to be newly weds." The Hokage said with a grin.

"What! Why?" Naruto asked.

"Our plan is, you and Hinata will get married in Hoshigakure where the abductions usually happen. We hope that Hinata will get kidnapped. She wi-" The Hokage was cut off before finishing her sentence.

"But, baa-chan, isn't that dangerous for Hinata? I mean she could get hurt and we're not certain that he just kidnaps them... What if something more terrifying happened to Hinata-chan?" Naruto spoke out of pure concern for her. As just a shinobi, of course. Or can it be more? Naruto felt something hold his wrist and rub it gently. It was Hinata.

"Don't worry about me, Naruto-kun. I'll be fine." She smiled at him and reassured him. Naruto calmed down at the touch.

"That is why I chose Hinata, Naruto" The Hokage started. "She is strong and she has this wife-like look. She CAN handle a job like this." She stared at the both of them. "We will be discussing it more tomorrow. 7:00 am sharp. My office. Don't be late. You are dismissed." Naruto and Hinata got up and slowly went to the door. "Oh and Hinata, Happy Birthday." They both bowed down and exited.

"Naruto-kun.." Hinata began "If you don't want me to be your partner in this mission, I can ask the Hoka-"

"No, Hinata-chan, it's just that the mission will be dangerous. I don't want you to be in danger especially since it's just your birthday."

"It's fine, really. I didn't even know it was my birthday." She said with a soft giggle.

"Really?" Naruto was shocked.

"Yes. No one really acknowledged me. So no one payed attention. At first, it hurt me. But after a while, I got used to being ignored and unacknowledged It has been my daily living."

"Wow." Is all Naruto could say. He never thought the Heiress of the Hyuuga Clan could ever treated like that.

They came back to the party.

"There's the birthday girl!" Ino shouted.

"It's time for the dedications!" Tenten said. They brought her in front of the people. She couldn't wait to hear the messages of her friends to her.

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