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1 week later... (After Wedding, Naruto and Hinata live in a two story building, stated Chapter 14)

Hinata was making ramen for their breakfast, Naruto's favorite food, since it was his first day on duty at his office. She set up the table and added the final touches to her ramen. She was cleaning the extra dishes she used to hold and chop the ingredients when she heard Naruto mutter; "Good Morning."

She smiled softly, went hear him and responded with a light kiss. "Good Morning."

"Ramen for breakfast?" Naruto asked. "Any special occasion?"

"Is there a need for an occasion when I do something for my husband?" She asked, mimicking Neji. (Chapter 1, guys!)

"Well, no. It's just that you usually make pastries for breakfast, not that I'm complaining or anything." He told her as she laughed.

"Well, yes, there is an occasion." She told him as she poured Naruto some ramen.

"Really?" He asked as he began eating.



"You honestly don't remember?"

"No, not a clue, actually."

"It's your first day on your job." She finished when he started choking. Normally, Hinata would've panicked but today it was different... Instead of panicking, Hinata... laughed, loudly at that.

Hinata got water from their fridge and gave it to Naruto, who drank it almost immediately. He was panting heavily after gulping all the water.

"Haha, very funny Kuneia." Naruto told her.

"Oh, please. It was funny." Hinata interjected, smiling still slightly. "Now, why don't you take a bath? You know, to get prepared for your first day, huh?"

"Oh, okay. I'll just get my towel, then."

"It's already there."

"I'll heat up some water."

"I already did."

"What would I do without you?"

"Yes, well. You don't have an answer to that nor will you ever have. Now, faster, you really don't want to be late."

"Okay, okay." Naruto giggled softly, Hinata can be controlling at times, when needed.

"Kuneia! Minato!" They heard Shizune shout from outside the door, knocking on their door slightly. Naruto had just finished wearing the clothes Hinata had given him, it was casual attire. Just a simple white polo with matching black pants.

"I'll get it." Hinata told Naruto as she opened the door. Shizune went in and hugged Hinata slightly.

"I have to tell you something." Shizune mentioned and she sat done, she had a habit of making herself home at their house. Naruto and Hinata sat directly in front of her, waiting for her news, she seemed rather excited.

After awhile of not saying anything, Naruto grew slightly impatient and said, "Well?" as calm as he could, which wasn't exactly very calm.

"Umm... How should I say this?" Shizune said, she was suddenly very unsure of herself and how the couple would react to this.

"Spit it out, Nala." Naruto mentioned.

"Okay, okay... Er... Someone is going to a... um... parent."

"WHAT?" Naruto and Hinata said at the same time, Hinata slightly quieter. Naruto gulped and paled; "Nala, you're pregnant?" Naruto accused.

"No!" Shizune shouted back.

Naruto faced Hinata slowly, "Are you pregnant?"

"What?" Hinata asked in disbelief. "Of course not!"

All the color drained out of his face when he said the his third question, "A-am I pregnant?"

That earned him a hit in the head from Nala.

"KUNEIA! MINATO! Listen to me first." Shizune shouted, shutting Naruto up. "No one in this room is pregnant. Understand?"

The two nodded.

"There's an adoption center, a few meters from the market, they went to me personally and looked for the both of you. They didn't know that you lived here. And they wanted to ask if it would be okay that you take care of 2 kids for the time being."

Hinata and Naruto looked very unsure.

"Look, Kuneia, Minato. Please accept their plea. They would really appreciate it and it would train you... You'll be parents for just awhile. Please accept this."

"Nala, I'm not so sure." Naruto told her honestly.

"Their parents were killed when they were younger." Shizune mentioned, and immediately Naruto and Hinata's eyes were fiercely on her. "Someone went to rob them and killed their parents. After that, well, no one wanted anything to do with the kids. You see, their parents died while trying to protect them. Their parents were loved by the village... And, now, they blame the two kids for the death of them."

Shizune knew Naruto would second-think his first decision. Hinata looked at Naruto and saw something in him. Although before she could say anything, Naruto spoke.

"I want to meet them."

Naruto and Hinata were walking through the village hand-in-hand, the thought of Naruto's first day discarded. Shizune was a little ahead of them, leading the way. They stopped in front of a 3-story building, it seemed well-kept and new. It was the color of flesh and white. It had a garden where there seemed to be children playing. They entered the building and were met with curious glares. They stopped in the front desk where there was an old lady reading a book.

"Excuse me." Shizune said. No response. "Excuse me." No response again. "EXCUSE ME." She said rather loudly and impatiently.

"Oh, hello, dearie." The old lady said.

"Uh, hello. I'm here with Minato and Kuneia Minazeka." Shizune said.

"Oh!" The old lady suddenly stood up immediately and rather excitedly. "Hello. I am Monita. You must be looking for Mei and Ranu." She said as she shook hands with Hinata and Naruto.

"Uh. Yes. We are." Shizune said.

"Come and follow me." And so they did.

"Ranu! Mei! You have visitors!" Monita shouted when they arrived in a small room with one bed and a small crib. A little boy seemed to be playing with a toddler.

The boy stood up and got the toddler's hand and approached Monita.

"Yes, Ms. Monita?" The boy asked. "Who're they?"

"Your visitors." Shizune answered him.

"Oh. Well, I'm Ranu and this is," He gestured to the toddler, a girl, beside him. "Mei." Hinata kneeled in front of them so that they were in level height.

"Hello. I'm Kuneia and that," She gestured to Naruto, "is Minato."

"Why don't you guys play at the playground?" Monita asked them kindly and they all nodded. Naruto was, to admit. quite unsure of what to do. Hinata carried Mei while Ranu simply followed behind.

By the afternoon, the two kids and the two adults were playing happily from the park a few meters away from the adoption center, the kids had wanted to go out and Naruto and Hinata noticed the stares that were given by the others.

Naruto looked at Hinata, Ranu and Mei carefully. He had always wanted a family like this, a happy one. A complete one. Before he noticed, Mei was tugging on his pants. He looked down and smiled. Mei had her arms raised, gesturing for him to pick her up. He did and Mei cuddled in the ark of his neck.

"Dwaddy." She murmured and Naruto brought Mei to his face. And, if you only looked closely enough, you would see a single tear fall before he uttered the words;

"I'm your daddy."

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