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Chapter 2

It looked that patience really had its benefits, as the months passed and August had come, the time to prepare for the start of the year. Eventually George accepted that Hogwarts wasn't coming to him any faster if he kept on thinking about it all the time. Sometimes he would be frustrated that he was still far away, and sometimes he would just forget about waiting and carry on with whatever he might have been doing. But there was no longer a need for that as he would officially be a first-year in less than a month now.

"Put on your shoes, George," His mother had tapped his shoulder while he was slacking off on the couch. "We're going to get your school supplies today, and Peter is coming as well for his fourth-year books."

"I'm getting hand-me-down robes, aren't I?" George rolled his eyes.

"George, you know we cannot blow too many Galleons. We only have enough to feed ourselves, and I grant you lucky you're not starving on the streets!"

His mother had a point, and George humbly slipped his feet in the warm leather that hugged his toes and fit his mold perfectly, as he had greatly worn out the pair.

"Good luck on the ride there, Squirt!" Peter patted the younger brother's back.

"The ride? What about it?" George had no idea what the soon-to-be fourth year was talking about.

"We're going with dad today!" Peter grabbed his coat and went outside. And as George knew what his father's profession was, he knew he wasn't going to enjoy it at all.

"Hurry up Geo!" His mother called from the outside of the house. George perked up to her voice and grabbed his hat. He had an array of hats he loved to wear. This one was black and had an opening at the top. Glimmering beads were scattered upon it.

He ran outside and hopped in the Knight Bus and realized he was nervously shaking when taking his seat.

"Hello George!" His father called from the driver's seat. "Aw, don't worry. It'll only be a couple of seconds of driving two hundred miles per hour-"

"Harold!" Louise cut his jokeful sentence short. "You're scaring him!"

George was clinging to his mother's arm, afraid he would fall off once the engine started.

"Alright, alright," Harold was chuckling. "Destination: Diagon Alley!"

George's heart stopped for a second as they were all pulled suddenly into the roads of Liverpool. All the buildings and people flashed by in a blur of images. George realized he couldn't hear anything too, and thought he had gone deaf. He couldn't even hear the bus' fiery roar as it zoomed past each corner, crevice and groove on the path.

How the muggles couldn't notice a double-decker bus pass through a string of traffic, he had no clue.

Then suddenly once again, the bus came to a stop, the only stop so far after they left the house. George was violently thrown forward and was caught by his mother just in time before his head hit the ground.

"Harold, what is wrong with you? This is George's first time on the bus, and this is the way you drive?!"

Her husband wasn't paying attention, as he was greeting some new passengers. Louise went to sit at the back to take a rest and Pete went to sit near their father.

A girl around the same age as Peter stepped on the bus and took a seat next to George. She was holding a cat in her arms, which licked its lips at the sight of George and he gulped. The bus started again, but now with a calmer jolt.

"Err, very nice kitty you have there!" George nervously laughed. He couldn't seem to avoid the uneasy glare of the girl's black tabby cat.

"Easy Paisley, easy! You're scaring the poor kid!" The girl stroked her cat. "My name's Tammy, Tammy Blackwell! I'm going to be a fourth-year Hufflepuff, I'm 5'4, I have light-brown hair and eyes and I'm-

"Okay, easy there!" George held his hands up. "You have any relatives? You're alone, after all."

"Oh, that's because I'm muggle-born!" Tammy smiled in pride. "When I got my letter on my eleventh birthday, I was like, 'Woah! What's this?' and then I opened it and I was like, 'Cool, I'm a witch!' for the rest of the week I kept on nagging my older sister and making her jealous, but we're friends, really."

"That's nice; I'm a pureblood, so looks like we were raised differently. Do you know my brother Peter Harrison?" George pointed his chin to the front of the bus.

"Oh yeah, that Gryffindor in my year? He is so cocky! Well, I'm cocky too but . . . at least I'm nicer than him! I also know your other two siblings, Harry and Louise."

George raised his eyebrows. "You do?"

"I remember both of them were prefects, and Louise became Head Girl. Both Gryffindors."

"Yeah, I'm really sure I'm gonna get in Gryffindor. Every Harrison-French wizard's been one." George laid back and his stomach growled. "Mm, I'm hungry. Good thing I brought a sand-AH!"

Paisley leaped onto George as soon as he pulled out the sandwich and clawed for it. Threatened, George dodged the cat's claws and tried to pry out of the mess.

"Paisley, no!' Tammy pulled out the ferocious little devil out from the little boy, whose hair was now a great mess and his hat slightly scratched.

"Sorry, about that, Paisley can get out of control sometimes," Tammy apologized.

George blankly nodded his head. "I can see that . . ."

The bus came to another stop but this time no one was alarmed. An auburn-haired boy barged in without even greeting anyone, and took his seat far from Tammy and George.

George leaned next to Tammy and whispered, "Who's he?"

Although as active as she was, the girl put on a serious face as she looked at the grumpy boy. "He doesn't have any friends, that Slytherin boy. For the past two years in Hogwarts, he would just shove away anyone who tried to be nice to him, including me."

Tammy sighed. "Nobody knows what his problem is. If only he would just realize that Hogwarts is welcome to him."

George dared to look at the boy, and thankfully he wasn't staring at them back. Or maybe he overheard them and got even grumpier . . .

"Well, do you know his name?"

Tammy got a lump in her throat before speaking, as if just saying it out loud brought chills to her spine. Probably every student did.

"His name . . . his n-name is J-j-john Lennon."