Do not own Rise of the Guardians...It's late and this probably has a ton of errors but here she blows! A story with older Jamie but just friends with Jack! This is rated T for swearing! I didn't know Jamie's or Sophie's ages from the movie so I made them up. If they do have set ages I hope this doesn't bother anyone!

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It had been 17 years since the guardians had risen to defeat Pitch. And 17 years later Jamie still believed. He had been 8 at the time of the unforgettable battle, his little sister, Sophie, 2. It was safe to say that both of them had grown into adulthood, but neither of them had lost their child like spark. It wasn't too often that one stumbled upon a 19 and 25 year old who still believed in myths like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause.

Sophie was off at a University only an hour from Burgess studying marine biology, and Jamie, being a full grown man at this point, had flown from the nest. After graduating top of his class with a bachelors degree in nursing, he scored a sweet job in the Burgess Hospital in the ICU. Soon after this, his parents had encouraged him to get his own place. He found one, albeit not very far. The Bennett child now occupied a small one story house, which he rented for himself, just on the outskirts of town. It was not too far from the Burgess lake, in fact.

Other than these unavoidable changes of growing up, mostly everything had remained as it was. The seven kids of Burgess still found time in their separate lives to gather and reminisce on their childhood adventures. Jamie still wore puffy down vests and Sophie was still a klutz.

Jamie also had not changed too much in appearance from his 8 year old self. His hair was cut into the same messy style. His boyish features remained intact for the most part other than his more pronounced chin and less rounded face.

The largest difference in his appearance was caused by the uncanny growth spurt he had experienced just around the 10th grade. He towered over many at 6'4'', excluding some of the basket ball players at his alma mater. He had officially become the tallest person in his family, however. Sophie was tall also, reaching her final height at 5'8'', but she had nothing on him, as it should be.

Other things in his life had stayed the same as well. For example, he still had an unnatural obsession with, well, the unnatural. He still loved tracking big foot sightings, and would sit outside on clear nights looking for UFO's in the sky. He would swear on his life that he had spotted one once too. His favorite color was still blue, his favorite food was still soup, and his favorite season would always and forever be winter.

Not just because he loved the snow, but more importantly this was the season he would get to see his best friend and accomplice in crime and trouble making. Jack Frost.

He and Sophie still anticipated the first snow fall, as it usually meant Jack was in town, or at least on his way soon. When it was winter time in Burgess, Jack usually favored the area. Not only because it was kind of his home base, but because he would get to hang out with his human friends. Namely, two certain Bennett siblings.

Each year Jamie looked forward to that day when Jack would arrive. Even though he had made many friends in college, Jack would always be his number one bestie.

Jamie was riding home from a short shift at the hospital. He had been called in to cover for his coworker who had run into a family emergency. It was supposed to be the start of his four day vacation, but he didn't so much mind the extra shift and the extra cash that came with it. It had only been six hours after all. It was 11:30 a.m. and he still had the whole day ahead of him.

Jamie absentmindedly navigated his way out of the busy side of town and towards his humble home. The Burgess hospital was located about 20 minutes from where he lived, and most of his drive consisted of long backroads with suggested speed limits of 45. However, 65 was also acceptable on the roads ungoverned by police cars. Today, was a bit different though. He actually was driving the speed limit for once, as the town had gotten a small snow storm the night before. Plows never really did a great job on the bumpy back streets either.

It wasn't the first storm of the year, but it still gave Jamie hope that Jack was possibly in the area. It was nearly half way though January and he had seen hide nor hair of Jack yet, given it did usually take the winter boy a little while to stop by. Ever since his promotion to guardianship the frosty teen had become busier each year, granting snow days around the world.

He had a plethora of believers at this point. Jamie took pride in the fact that he had been the first. He was also pretty sure he was Jack's favorite, though the teen hesitated to admit it and tried to keep it on the down low.

Jamie was still about 15 minutes from his house and was driving through the mundane country side of Burgess. Either edge of the road was surrounded by large fields bordered by thick forests. Side roads cut through the fields randomly leading to who knows where. He had driven this same route for nearly a year now. It was no matter to Jamie though. Ever since he had installed an auxiliary cord and could hook his ipod up, the drive wasn't so bad.

"And I'm feeling liiiiiiiiike a suspect, but while I'm sick to my stomach without a gut check. My money's super tall, they call it success. Would you like to climb into my wallet? She said "Fuck yes!"" Jamie had his radio cranked up all the way. He bobbed his head goofily while pounding on his steering wheel to the beat.

Jamie always got into his music, singing and dancing like a nerd by himself while driving. He had earned himself more than a few odd looks at stop lights, but it was worth it.

"Cause I'm thirsty, and I drink slow, I hate Spider Man 2, James Franco," Jamie was not much of a rapper but he still liked to pretend. His music helped calm his road rage as well, which he shamefully suffered from. For example, because of his music, he wasn't going to pass the person driving 30 mph in front of him with his middle finger extended and horn blaring.

The road rage was not something anyone would expect to see in Jamie. Overall, he was the sweetest guy, known for holding doors and carrying grocery bags for old ladies going to their cars. Jamie couldn't place why he had such a thing against other drivers. He was certainly not proud of his unnecessary crassness behind the wheel.

Despite his musical distraction the person in front of him really was quite annoying. Every tiny pot hole caused their break lights to flare over cautiously.

Trying to ignore the car, and how it was slowly pissing him off, Jamie looked up into the clear sky.

It was then that Jamie spotted a small flying projectile in the left upper quadrant of his windshield. Jamie hunched forward in his seat to get a better look at the airborne objet. A huge smile spread across his face as he recognized the blue clad, white haired boy soaring over the fields.

"Jack!" Jamie said, as if the guardian could hear him. He laughed excitedly knowing his friend was in town. Slowly, however, Jamie began to notice something was a little off. Jack seemed to be flying particularly slow, which was unusual. Also, the winter spirit seemed to be losing height and jerking closer to the ground in random increments. Jamie let a small frown slip onto his face as he watched Jack. He turned his music down in concentration, barely keeping his eyes on the road.

Suddenly, out of no where, the winter guardian just dropped. Right out of the sky, he plummeted to the ground and into the snow covered field. Jamie gasped sharply at the action and then let out a yell as he realized the car in front of him had once again slowed. He slammed on his breaks, tires screeching as he barely missed the back bumper of the other car.

Taking no notice of his close call, he threw his car into reverse and hit the gas until he reached one of the small off shoot roads running perpendicular through the field. He cranked his car back into drive and swerved left without so much as a blinker.

He tried to trace in his mind where Jack had fallen and stopped when he thought he was close, sliding on the poorly plowed road as he decelerated too quickly.

"Shit!" Jamie cursed under his breath as he stepped out of his car and into a foot of snow. He was still wearing his pair of white sneakers and loose fitting hospital pants. The snow was easily finding its way into his socks.

Despite this, Jamie pushed aside the worry for his soon to be soggy shoes to focus on the concern he had for his friend. He had never seen Jack pull a stunt like this before. Especially when he thought no one was watching. There must be something seriously wrong.

The brown haired man, who was still in hospital scrubs, waded through the untouched snow. He swore again when he looked around and realized Jack must be buried somewhere in the mile wide field. This was just great. He changed his course slowly, thinking he had seen Jack fall closer to the tree line.

Only a moment later, to Jamie's relief, he spotted the teen propping himself up not too far from his current position. Jamie took it into a jog, panting as the snow provided sufficient resistance.

"Jack!" Jamie yelled to the white haired boy still seated in the snow. Finally he made it to Jack's side, breathing heavily.

"Hey!" Jack smiled up at Jamie as if nothing had happened. He did look a little more weathered than usual, but other than that it was as if he hadn't just fallen about ten stories.

"What the shit just happened? I saw you fall!" Jamie offered Jack a hand and pulled him up. Now that Jamie had grown to his full height, he was much taller than Jack and looked down on the small stature of the winter spirit. He was used to it though. Jack hadn't been taller than him since eighth grade.

Brushing himself off, again acting nonchalant, the white haired teen looked into Jamie's face with a scolding finger and said sternly, "Language," Jack proceeded to squat down sifting through the snow until his hand found the wooded staff he had dropped upon landing.

"Jack, seriously?" Jamie couldn't believe Jack's reaction. Clearly there was no covering up what had already been witnessed.

"It's nice to see you too, Jamie," Jack laughed shaking the remaining bits of snow out of his hoodie. Jamie did not take the bait however, and stayed in interrogator mode.

Jack rolled his eyes at this, "I just lost my balance and the wind dropped me. It happens once in a while, jeesh" Jack admitted. Jamie squinted down skeptically at Jack, a little suspicious of his answer. It seemed a little fishy to him.

"What? No hug?" Jack looked up at the taller male with bright eyes, again attempting to change the subject. He opened his arms in invitation. Jamie did realize this was their first meeting in almost a year. He had missed the little trouble maker.

"Aw, what the heck," Jamie said, losing his rough demeanor easily. He bent forward to give Jack a huge bear hug. It was a little weird how he had so easily surpassed Jack in size, but it wasn't so bad. He always won in wrestling matches now. As long as Jack didn't cheat with his winter hocus pocus.

"So I see you've been working," Jack gestured to Jamie's outfit after he had been released from the hug. Jamie wore a blue scrub top with white pants to match.

"Yeah, you caught me driving home from a shift," Jamie become excited suddenly, realizing that Jack had arrived exactly for his days off, "You actually have good timing for once! I don't work again until Tuesday, so I'm all yours till then!" Jamie clapped Jack on the back jovially.

"Hey! My timing is always good," Jack joked. The two always found it easy to sink into perfect roles as best friends as if no time had passed at all. Even though a year could be a long time, it never put a rift between Jack and Jamie.

"Meet me over at my place, It'll take me about ten minutes to get back if you want to come. I've got a lot to tell you about my year,"

"Alright, as long as these updates aren't any of your graphic hospital stories. I don't want to hear any more about projectile whatever," Jack waved his hand, not even wanting to mention what kind of bodily fluid Jamie had described on previous visits. Apparently there was a lot to see in the hospital. Jamie laughed at this and promised not to get too detailed if any stories did come up.

Shivering lightly, Jamie finally remembered the seeping liquid that was steadily saturating his socks. "Okay Jack I'll meet you over there" Jamie was about to turn to the car, when Jack suddenly lurched, nearly collapsing. Jamie's quick reflexes were the only thing that kept Jack from being face down in the snow for the second time that day.

"Jack?" Jamie asked, his concern that he had easily forgotten coming back with a vengeance. Said winter spirit had wriggled out of Jamie's catch and slowly stood himself up, relying on his staff heavily.

Jack was panting harshly. Jamie wondered why he had not noticed the deep circles under his friends eyes and pallor of his face moments before. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Jack lied poorly. Jamie now placed a gentle hand on Jack's shoulder

"No. There's definitely something up. I'm a medical professional Jack, and you think you're gonna get out of this?" Jack laughed weakly at Jamie. Still panting, Jack tried to make another excuse, always feeling uncomfortable when Jamie decided to play care taker. Jack felt he was supposed to be the care taker. He was a fair share older than Jamie, give or take 300 years.

"I really am fine, Jamie. I'm just tired. Spreading winter joy, you know?" Jack shrugged and looked into Jamie's face to see if it had worked. Unfortunately Jamie gave Jack an unimpressed look.

"Not buying it, Jack. You're coming with me," Jamie gestured to his little navy Corolla parked half in the snow bank.

"What? In that thing? There's no way. If you think I'm getting in there," Jack trailed off at Jamie's set expression.

"I will use force, Jack." Jamie stated in finality.

"Ohhhhh no, I don't think so," Jack backed away shaking his head, stumbling slightly on weakened legs. Before he could get far, Jamie easily caught Jack by the wrist. It was a gentle grasp, however. Just because Jamie was threatening force didn't mean he would be rough with Jack. He didn't want to exacerbate whatever was plaguing the immortal teen.

"Come on Jamie, you know I don't like closed spaces," Jack gulped as he stared at the car, a metal trap of death.

"We can roll the windows down, now lets go before my feet fall off,"

"I'm not going to come quietly," Jack stood up a little straighter and pried his wrist away from Jamie. He folded his arms in defiance. This motion clearly did not agree with him though, as he instantly winced from some shock of pain. He hunched slightly in on himself, breathing in a shaky manner, as if the task hurt.

Annoyed at how childish Jack was being and the mounting concern that was overwhelming him, Jamie let out a sigh of exasperation.

"Okay Jack, if you can walk to the car by yourself I won't make you ride in it" Jamie had no intention of following through on this deal, but then again he didn't expect Jack would make it. His condition seemed to be worsening by the moment. It appeared that just standing needed some large amount of effort from the winter spirit.

Jamie knew he had won when Jack looked at him with furrowed eye brows. He quickly covered up his laps of defiance and nodded curtly, taking the deal.

Jamie watched closely as Jack used his staff as a crutch. After about the first two steps, Jamie was surprised that Jack was still on his feet. It didn't take much longer for Jamie's suspicions to come true though.

With only five feet of progress, Jack sunk down to one knee, his breathing harsh again. Jamie knelt to join him, placing a comforting hand on Jack's upper back.

"I'm just tired," Jack closed his eyes weakly. Jamie wasn't sure if Jack was trying to convince him, or himself. "Fine, you win." Jack glared at Jamie. He was clearly not happy, but he seemed too weak to protest anymore. Jamie was relieved he had seen the light, but worried about his easy defeat. That was not the Jack he knew.

"The ride won't be bad I promise," Jamie effortlessly draped one of Jack's arms over his shoulder and helped the winter guardian stand as they made their way out of the field.

"I ever tell you you're way too tall?" Jack said. Jamie had to hunch excessively to accommodate for Jack's height in order to fit under his arm.

"And you're much too short," Jamie replied, chuckling slightly.

This certainly was not the visit Jamie had been expecting but he was glad the winter guardian had chosen to have his weak spell in his presence rather than all alone in the middle of Antarctica or Greenland.

This type of stuff was what friends were for.

My only hope is that at least one reader walks away from this first chapter saying "Wow, that Hoodie Allen is a swell rapper. I'm glad I discovered him"