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"ZWEHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Blackbeard swung the blade down; the detective felt the blood drain out of his body. "ZWEHAHAHAHA!"

Conan bolted upright in a cold sweat. Breathing hard, he looked desperately at his surroundings; barren walls, normal futon, several books and paperwork scattered, and the room was dark. Sighing in relief, the boy realized he was in his room at Rachel's apartment.

"HAHAHAHA! That's killer! YES! That's good comedy!" Sweat-dropping, Conan quickly realized that laughing was coming from Rachel's father; the idiot had the TV on too loud and was laughing his ass off. Conan growled and threw himself back down against the futon, trying to get back to sleep. Ever since he had gotten back, he had very bad sleep deprivation; with night-terrors and flashbacks. He jumped at the slightest sound, and found himself more paranoid than ever before; in fact…he hadn't been out of his room in three days. The boy knew he was suffering from PTSD, but his questions was: how long was it going to last? Days? Weeks? Months? He had started having these sessions a few days after he got back.

Conan growled, he felt pathetic. Here he was, back in his world, safe and sound, and he was still worrying about devil fruits, and pirates coming to sneak up on him in the dead of night. He didn't understand it. He had close calls before, so why was this case so bad? He had plenty of brushes with death, and yet…he was still fearing something that had already passed. He hadn't solved a mystery since he got back; too distracted by mice squeaking and lights flickering. As much as the boy hated to admit it, he had to take a break from detective work, or he'd go insane.

Taking a breath, he rolled on to his side, trying to get back to sleep. Even though he was back, this sure as hell didn't feel like home.

The Next Morning

After Rachel had gone to school, Conan snuck out past the hung-over Detective Moore, and headed outside. He had been skipping elementary school for the past two weeks, and had been getting in trouble with Rachel, her dad, and even with Anita. He snorted, she was the last person he wanted to hear from right now. Going to his usual park bench, he hid behind it and waited for a security guard to walk by. He sighed and waited for his companion. This had become habit for the past week.

"Did I keep you waiting?" Conan turned to the familiar voice and sighed with relief. A man in a cheap blue business suit and a top hat approached him.

"No. Thank you for coming Sabo-san." Conan nodded in gratitude as the man sat down beside him. "How are you adapting to life in the big city?"

"It's not really adapting. Keep in mind, I did live in a big city like this before." He smiled.

"Ah." The boy nodded. "Thank you for coming here…I…didn't think it'd be this hard."

"When I got my memories back; handling the whole thing mentally was hell. I obviously don't know exactly what you're going through, but…I can guess. The questioning stares, second-guessing yourself, loss of confidence, and…the nightmares. It took me awhile to come to terms with what happened to me too." Sabo explained.

"…Does it ever get easier?" Conan asked quietly.

"Eventually. You probably won't stop questioning your sanity for awhile, but…for the fact that you and I are here, talking about the world you went to, I'd say we're not as crazy as we think. It was just four weeks ago we talked into a Den Den Mushi." Sabo laughed.

"Feels like a lifetime." Conan muttered.

"I know right?" Sabo laughed. "Still…Tokyo's expensive though; I'm gonna have to go back to the island soon if it's all right with you."

"…That's not a bad idea. I could use a change of scenery myself." Conan replied.

"Ah. Forgot to mention; little kids running away from their problems aren't invited." The blonde frowned. "Look, I came with you for moral support, and your parents and Serena-san's family have been kind enough to provide for my lodging, but the truth is I'm just mooching off them and I don't like it. It's been two months and three weeks Edogawa…or do you prefer Ku-"

"Don't!" Conan snapped. "Don't…mention my name out loud…please."

"Fine. But in all seriousness…what would you actually gain by running away? What would I gain from staying here? You've settled in, my job's done." Sabo said logically. "There's no reason for me to stay here."

"I can talk to Agasa!" Conan blurted. Sabo blinked down at the detective. "I can talk to Agasa about your world! Maybe…he could find a way to send you back!"

"Maybe. That might have been a possibly had you told the truth." Sabo replied.

"What was I supposed to say?! 'Hi Rachel, I just came back from a different world with no proof, with this random person I met up with just now!' Wake up! They would've accused you of kidnap and child endangerment; they' would've thought you brainwashed me!" Conan snapped up at him.

"You never take the chance to trust anyone but yourself, Edogawa, that's why you're in this mess now!" Sabo snapped back at him.

"What was I supposed to do?!" Conan yelled, tears streamed down his face and slowly fell into Sabo's shoulder. "What was I supposed to do…?"

"I don't know." Sabo rubbed the younger boy's head. "But the past is the past, and you can't change it. Now you need to decide what you're going to do from here. Hell, what we're both going to do from here."

"What are your plans, Sabo-san?" The detective sat back down and composed himself.

"Honestly…if Agasa-san ends up not being a help, buy a sailboat and travel the world. That's what I wanted to do as a pirate; I don't plan on giving up that dream." Sabo explained.

"You wouldn't miss your home world?" The detective rose a brow.

"No, I definitely would. But I wouldn't let that stop me from moving on." Sabo explained. "You need to move on too Conan, but the only way you can move on is if you face the present head-on. Tell someone the truth, at least a little bit of the truth."

"I guess that's not a bad idea. I just…don't know where to start." Conan sighed.

"With the story or the person?" Sabo clarified.

"Either really." The younger answered.

"I see. You're skipping school again aren't yah?" The blue man move on from the topic.

"Even in high school I wasn't mentally stimulated, how do you think I feel in a kindergarten class?" Conan muttered. "So you'll stay longer?"

"Only if you tell Agasa-san. Otherwise, I'm buying a sail boat and supplies, and I'm off." Sabo said firmly. "You have two days from now."

"Fair enough." Conan sighed. "Do I look as awful as I feel right now?"

"Let's see…dark circles under the eyes, messy hair, and smelly…no you look pristine!" The older laughed.

"Hardy, har, har….jeez…I can't believe it's only been three months since all that happened." Conan sighed.


Sighing in annoyance, Conan pulled out his cellphone and saw that it was Anita calling him. He raised a brow, normally she'd be in school. Answering, he spoke. "Yeah?"

"Edogawa! Get your butt down to Agasa's lab now! You've gotta see what's on TV!" The girl's voice screamed at him.

"I'm coming!" Snapping his phone shut. He turned to Sabo. "Sorry, there's an emergency down at Agasa's, I've gotta go!"

"Got it! See you again tomorrow Conan!" Sabo waved.

20min Later

Panting, Conan slammed the door to Agasa's lab open where he saw the good doctor and Anita, waiting for him impatiently. "So what's the big emergency?"

Tossing the boy the remote, Anita pointed to the muted screen. "Look for yourself."

Unmuting the volume, Conan turned it up, and his eyes practically bugged out through his glasses. He couldn't believe it!

"So House of council Akita Prefecture representative, Masaba Onogoa-sama…what are your plans for Japan if you become Prime Minister?" The TV host asked.

"Oh that's very simple…Shigaku-sama." A beautiful woman with dark brown-orange hair spoke; her figure was beautiful, her voice was sultry, and had the glasses that would make James Bond drop his pants. "My goal as Prime Minister would not only be to revolutionize Japan as a country, but to combine our country with more resources than ever before. The only way for us to reclaim economic dominance over the world is if new implantations are tried."

"I see." The TV host, Shigaku responded. "How do you feel about being the only female candidate in history to run for this position? What do you feel like your odds of winning are?"

Conan held his breath at the next answer the woman gave.

"Oh trust me…" The woman took off her glasses, revealing some of her face. "It's practically been decided already."

Anita cringed in anger at the woman on the screen; Vermouth had never looked uglier.

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