Ch. 5: Search for Stacey

The J-Teens arrive in the Tenderloins to meet up with Rose, Sara, and Maria. They are about to search the mean streets together, despite a very reluctant Drago and Ice. Cody is already feeling bad about his dare.

"We came as soon as we got your call," Rose said, "What were you three thinking when you sent Stacey to spend the night in the most dangerous part of San Fran, Ice?"

"We were's just stickin' up for Maria, Rosebud," Ice said to his defense.

"I never asked you guys to send her to the Tenderloins!" Maria yelled, "She may be a pain, but she doesn't deserve to become a target!"

"Let's just focus on getting her out," Cody said, "I'm starting to regret sending her here."

"Well Hsi Wu says he knows of a place to get information," Colleen informed the team.

"There's a place where a lot of Avalon's "Downtowners" hang out," Hsi Wu explained, "but you guys need to stay close to me. These guys can get rough."

They arrive at the bar Stacey and the Werejackals were in. Hsi Wu opens the door as the JTeens, Maria, and the twins walk in. All of the creatures are staring at the heroes. Maria is just talking to Colleen.

"So all of the magical creatures in stories are real?" Maria asks.

"As real as the twins are portal masters," Colleen replies.

"Colleen, I do not like the way these guys are staring at us," Chrissie says nervously.

The Magical Patron are staring at the girls with dreamy eyes, making all the girls uncomfortable and Drago mad.

"Back off, Fellas!" he screamed, "The girls are with us! Would you rather talk to my grandfather Xua Wing?"

The Patrons turn away in fear. Then, Hsi Wu spotted the same gargoyle that tried to kiss Stacey and recognizes him as a friend.

"Hey, Bludd!" he calls in glee, "Long time no see!"

"Well look who dropped from the sky?!" Bludd said, "What brings Hsi Wu, the Prince of the Sky, to our humble abode."

"We're looking for someone we have hoped comes in here. A blonde human girl in a red skirt and black jacket; nasty attitude."

"I've seen her. That girl thought we were role-playing."

"Where is she now?"

"In trouble. That girl went riding with Kaine and his gang of Were-jackals an hour ago."


"Who's Kaine?" Colleen asks.

"The most notorious outlaw on Avalon," Hsi Wu replies, "He's a wanted man for illegal trades of all kinds! What's worse is that he use to bully me and take my lunch money from me."

"I'm in trouble if my mom finds out she's hangin' with a gang!" Ice says in worry, "Gargo-dude, do you know where they are now?!"

"He said he got settled in an abandoned office building two blocks south of here," Bludd replies.

"Thanks! We appreciate it!" Colleen thanks him as they run out of the bar to where Kaine is.

"Where's your mom tonight anyway?" Drago asks as they run.

"Said she was going out with a friend tonight," Ice tells.