It was time to visit Camp Half-Blood again. It was just me going this time. When I was there, Clarisse and I practiced fighting because she considered me a 'Worthy competitor' and Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and me talked by the beach. We talked about random things like purple monkeys. When it was night we went to the camp fire. We sang the Pokemon theme song for no reason and we sang happy birthday to Percy. It was just when we were into the second song I saw a girl sitting by the fire. I walked up to her and she said she was Hestia. We talked and she said I was a demigod too. I didn't believe her but right then a tyet and a trident appeared above my head. Everyone looked so shocked then Chiron knelt. The others followed his lead. Chiron said "Zoe Arthur, child of Isis, chosen by Poseidon. Poseidon is to give her sea powers and Isis Egyptian goddess is her mother. ALL HAIL! FIRST Egyptian DEMIGOD EVER!" Everyone just looked at me like they were jealous, but Percy yelled "Does that mean she is kinda related to me?" and Chiron answered "Yes, Percy, in all technicality she is you half cousin." I started to glow and float. Fire shot out of one of my hand and water shot out the other. I crashed into the ground. I realized this meant I am Egyptian and Greek, more powerful then Sadie, Carter and Percy. A portal appeared at my feet and I went into the ground.