Chapter 10

The long awaited Chapter. Warning: The personality of Piccolo may change a bit.

Buruma gelled on the couch and watched her soap. Piccolo, meanwhile, was busy opening and closing the fridge. He got out some eggs and then some cheese. He really wasn't sure about any of the stuff he was grabbing. But in good spirit he tried his best to make something edible… at least to Buruma. He turned on the stove and placed a plate on the hot iron. He cracked the egg and put some cheese on it. It slowly cooked. After about 20 minutes Buruma decided that a green man should not be left alone in the kitchen for more than 15 minutes. She stepped cautiously into the bright kitchen and found piccolo staring intently at the sizzling egg on a plate. She went over to the big man and poked his arm.

"Uh… hey… why is that egg on a plate?" she stared curiously at the egg. There were a few pieces of egg shell in there and blocks of cheese littered it. She lifted up a lip in slight disgust.

"Hey, you're not supposed to see this." He gently lifted her and took her back to the couch where he dropped her. "Now stay there, ok?" Buruma shrugged and kept her eye on the kitchen. She really wasn't too sure he should be left alone, but among all things she trusted him. Minutes later the green man brought out the massacred egg and cheese. He placed it in front of her and pushed the plate in her direction. Buruma was really scared about eating it when all of a sudden Goku decides to show up! Oh! Her savior! She'll say sorry to Piccolo later. She sheepishly greeted Goku in. Piccolo emitted an inaudible growl at Goku for ruining his special treat for Buruma.

"Oh my! Is that food!?" Goku, with out so much as a hesitation had gulped down the entire thing. Buruma was quite relieved. Piccolo kind of sensed that buruma wasn't really going to eat it anyway and decided to let the matter drop for the time being.

"So why are you here Goku?" Piccolo asked bluntly.

"Oh, yea. You know that thing that was coming to destroy us?" Goku innocently asked.

"Yes…" Piccolo stared at him.

"Well it's coming sooner than we expected by Buruma's dad's calculation." He stated matter-of-factly. Buruma's eyes went wide. But she hadn't finished the gravity machine. In fact she hasn't even gotten the first part in!! What was she going to do…

Piccolo stared at Goku wanting to kill him for ruining such a good day. He resisted of course.

"When will the saiyans be here?" Piccolo gritted his teeth.

"Uhm I think he said in 6 months."

"6 Months?!" both Piccolo and Buruma sat up and yelled at Goku. Goku started and stepped back a little holding his hands up warding them away. So this meant that Piccolo knew he must not dawdle in matters with Buruma. He hated to think it, but in order to save her and the rest of this world he inhabits he must not see her again. He sent Goku away.

"Buruma…" he began. " You know I love you right?"

"Yes…what are you getting at Piccolo?" she placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head.

"Buruma, I must not see you again." He gently stroked her face. "I know we just had this amazing day. I loved being with you. I want to continue to be with you. I know it's complicated, but I must not have any more distractions…. I'm so sorry…" He trailed off as he saw tears streaming down his loves face. Buruma understood completely, but she wasn't ready to let him go just yet. She laid her head upon his chest and breathed in his familiar sent. It filled her nostrils and she felt at peace and nothing would tear them apart. Piccolo held her close and breathed in her soft shampoo scent. This moment would be in both their minds until they meet again.

"I love you, Piccolo…" Were the last words he heard as he flew out the door and into the world beyond.

Okay... well I hope that gave you some closure. I leave it up to you to continue the story if you wish.