Another new story, cause I'm just pumping these out like crazy.

I'm really old.

I know I probably shouldn't say that, 'cause you'll think I'm a geezer, but seriously, I am old. Like, ridiculous, insane, crazy old. Older than everything on this planet actually.

That includes, but is not limited to, Gaea, Ouranos, The Titans, the Olympian Gods, and pretty much everything else.

Since the Olympians have done a champion job of screwing everything up, I'm going to interfere in the Titan's plan, and probably save the world for the umpteenth time.

Of course, since I'm going to tell you my story soon, I'll leave the details out of how this world came to be, and my part in it.

My name is Naruto.

Percy scowled up at the Titan in Luke's body. He was in the throne room again. He'd been here before to send a message to his father, Poseidon.

Kronos had disarmed him, knocked him down, and was holding the point of his sword, Backbiter, at his throat.

They were both staring at the viewing screen that showed Typhon, the Bane of Olympus, approaching, the gods trying vainly to stop it.

Please, it has to happen now, Percy thought. As the giant's foot sunk into the Hudson River, the sound of conch horn rang out.

All around Typhon, the Hudson exploded, churning with forty-foot waves. A new chariot, a blue one, flew out of the river and around the giant's legs. A dozen Cyclops, leading them Tyson, stood up and threw enormous chains around Typhon, slowly pulling him down.

"NOW, MY BRETHREN! STRIKE FOR OLYMPUS!" came the enormous voice of Poseidon, the Sea God, and the young half-blood saw that he looked young and strong, nothing like the old man Percy had seen at the bottom of the ocean.

However, Kronos merely grinned and walked outside the throne room, before throwing his sword towards the Cyclops.

Percy saw on the image that the sword sliced through half of the Cyclops holding the chains, making them crumble into dust.

"No. NO!"

The gods all cursed as they saw the Cyclops cut down. The remaining ones were pulled free as Typhon roared and grabbed them all, before throwing them at the sea chariot.

Poseidon gritted his teeth as he saw half of his children vaporize, while he was forced to dodge the second half.

"Some rescue, Poseidon!" Zeus shouted at him

"At least I tried, Zeus!" he yelled back.

"Enough! Now is not the time for this!" Athena said to both of them. "We have to finish him now! Once he joins up with Kronos, they'll both be too strong for us to beat!"

"IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT!" came a voice they all knew and hated. "MY POWER GROWS! SOON I SHALL BE STRONGER THAN ALL OF YOU!"

"Curses!" Zeus said. "Kronos is getting ready to assume his true form. We have to stop Typhon now!"

They all turned to the giant, getting their weapons ready, when another voice spoke out.

"You know, you could always ask for help."

They spun around, pointing their weapons, to see a figure floating in the air behind them. His arms were crossed and he wore a black hooded cloak that covered his body and shadowed his face.

"Who are you?" Zeus growled.

"Someone can see how bad this battle is going. If Typhon and Kronos join up, both of them will be more powerful for it. But, if you want me to help, just say please."

"We don't need help!" Poseidon said. The figure's head cocked to the side.

"Cause you've done such a fantastic job of keeping everything together so far, right?" he said, causing the gods to grit their collective teeth. "Just ask. Two little words. That's all it is. Otherwise, you will watch as your civilization falls."

"What could you possibly do?" Athena shouted. "We are the gods! There is no power greater than us!"

"Really? Seems to me like your getting your asses handed to you by this giant mo-fo. And as a matter of fact, I'm stronger than all of you combined."

"You lie!"

"No I don't. And I can prove it." He drifted forward, before rolling up his sleeve to reveal his hand, which he pointed at the giant's chest.

"Shinra Tensei," he said.

For a second, nothing happened. Then the gods saw something they thought was impossible.

Typhon was lifted off his feet.

The enormous monster roared in pain as a ridiculously powerful force hit him in the chest, knocking him backwards. He flew for several miles, which may have seemed inconsequential for his bulk, but was still huge for most everything else.

The Olympians stared. Then slowly, they turned back towards the mysterious figure. He crossed his arms and snorted.

"Believe me now?"

They all nodded mutely.

"Good," he said. "Because now, I'm going to go take care of Kronos. Try not to let Typhon past, will you?"

And he blurred from their sight.

Kronos and Percy both stared at the image in fury and amazement, respectively. To see Typhon pushed back, even a little bit, was an amazing achievement, even for the gods.

"What happened?" Kronos raged. "The gods couldn't have done that, they're not strong enough!"

"They're not, but I am," said a voice from behind them, and they turned to see a hooded and cloaked figure standing behind them, arms crossed. Then he shook his head.

"Honestly, why do all the Titans and gods overestimate themselves so much?"

"Who are you, stranger?" Kronos said calmly. "Do you have business with me?" The figure raised a hand and picked his nose.

"Yeah, I'm kinda gonna have to stop you from destroying the mortal world. That's where I put all my stuff." Kronos dropped the calm act and let his fury shine through.

"You dare-" he began, but was cut off when the person blurred from his sight and socked him in the jaw.

Percy blinked in surprise as Kronos was thrown backwards from the force of the punch, something even gods had trouble with.

Kronos stood up and called for his sword, which he promptly turned back into a scythe and then swung at the approaching figure with all his might.

Imagine his shock when the figure simply put up a hand and caught it between his fingers with little effort. The person snorted, then Sparta-kicked the Titan in the chest, knocking him back again.

"You can't defeat me!" Kronos shouted. "Soon I shall reveal my true form and burn you to ashes!"

"Good, I was hoping for a bit of a challenge before I go," the mysterious person said, his arms crossed. Then he held up a hand. "But, before you do..."

He walked over to Percy, who was staring at the man in shock, and seized his collar, holding it high and walking out of the room. The half-blood immediately began struggling.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting you out of here. Sorry kid, but just in case this fight turns ugly, I don't want you caught up in it."

"What are you gonna do?"

"Throw you out."



"Let me go, asshole!" Percy shouted, struggling wildly, but stopped when the man shook him hard.

"I could throw you out or drop-kick you out, brat. Stop complaining."

With that, he reared back his arm, and threw the yelling demi-god out of Olympus.

Then he turned back to Kronos, whose form was flicking with golden light.

He was about to assume his true godly form when the man seized both his arms.

Kronos struggled wildly, but couldn't dislodge the person. Then he realized something else.

His energy was being drained.

All of his power, his energy, was being siphoned off from his body like dust into a vacuum.

He looked up at the grinning figure, who he finally caught sight of his face.

Three whisker like marks adorned his cheeks, giving him a somewhat feral appearance, while his eyes glowed purple and had a ripple like pattern. His hair was golden blond, while his longer-than-average canines pointed from his teeth as he gave a carefree grin.

"Yield, Kronos. Even if I couldn't drain your energy and you were at ten times your full power, I could still beat you, so just give up."

"Never!" Kronos yelled, even as his power dropped, his form no longer flickering.

"Ok, fine. Then I guess you don't need any of your power then."

The drain increased hugely, until Kronos felt as weak as any regular human.

"That should keep you down for a few thousand years," the man said lightly, before head-butting the Titan lord hard, knocking him out, and pulling Kronos' scythe out of his grasp, giving it a twirl.

"There. Now let's make sure that the gods haven't screwed things up again," he said.

The gods cursed as Typhon began to rise.

They'd tried everything. They'd all attacked him at the same time. They'd all thrown their weapons at the giant's already hurt chest. But nothing seemed to work.

"Having trouble?" said a voice from behind them, and they all turned to see the man from before floating behind their chariots, holding Kronos' scythe in his hand.

"You! What happened? Where's Kronos?" Poseidon asked urgently.

"Down and out for the count. Asshole almost got to his full-on rage-mode form, but I knocked him out."

The gods decided not to argue this, seeing as how Typhon was standing up.

"YOU DARE DEFY ME!" the giant roared, and brought a fist up to throw at the collection of chariots. Kronos' scythe turned into a sword, which the man promptly put onto his belt, then raised both his hands and made a strange hand-sign.

"Ranton: Doshaburi! (Storm Release: Skyfall!)" the man said.

The gods stared as a storm cloud seemed to gather over Typhon, crackling with energy, before a dozens of bolts of lightning began to rain down on the giant, forcing him to raise both his arms to defend himself.

"How are you using lightning?" Zeus shouted. "Lightning is my weapon! You can't possibly wield it!"

"Less questioning, more helping," the man said back. "I'm gonna try something, so all of you have to keep him occupied."

"For how long?" Athena asked.

"Thirty seconds. That's how long it'll take me to recharge my batteries."

The gods didn't ask what he meant, but instead turned to the giant who was recovering from the dozens of blasts. He only looked angrier than ever.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! NONE SHALL DENY ME MY VENGEANCE!" Typhon roared. The roar turned into a strangled gulp when Artemis shot a dozen arrows down his throat. Glaring down, Typhon raised a massive hand and swatted downwards towards her chariot.

"Artemis!" Athena shouted, trying to get to her sister, but their was no time, as the giant's hand impacted on the chariot, sending it to the ground.

"Sister!" Apollo yelled, glaring at Typhon with hatred.

"Oi, instead of acting all pissy, could you actually do something to stop him next time?" the man said from behind them, and they turned to see Artemis, unconscious. She had reverted to her preferred form of a young girl and was held bridal style in the man's arms.

He threw her upwards a little, but before any of them could complain, the man made another hand-sign.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu." he said, and another figure appeared next to him and promptly caught the goddess, before flying away with her.

"What are you doing? If you're going to hurt her-" Apollo threatened, but was cut off.

"If I was going to hurt her, I wouldn't have saved her, idiot," he said. "And since you guys are doing such a fantastic job, I'll take over from here. I'll only need one technique for this."

He raised his hands.

"Kage Bushin," he said, and six clones clones appeared behind him. "You ready boys?" he asked, and they all nodded affirmative.

He held up a hand, and they all gathered around it.

For a second, none of the gods could see what they were doing, until they all puffed into smoke, except the original.

A small, glowing ball of energy was in his hand, different colors running through it.

"5 Genso hōshutsu: Rasengan. (Five Element Release: Rasengan.)" he said.

The ball began to expand, until it was nearly the size of a house, still spinning rapidly.

"Eat this," the man said calmly, and threw it at Typhon's chest.

As it impacted, the ball expanded again, and the giant roared as it was hit by balls of fire, streaks of lightning, bits of earth, bullets of air and waves of water, all centered around the spinning ball.

The gods all stared, dumbstruck, as Typhon, the Bane of Olympus, began to dissolve.

"NOOO! I CAN'T BE BEATEN! YOU SHALL ALL DIE FOR THIS!" the giant roared, even as his body was disappearing.

"Aw, shut up, you big baby!" the man shouted up at him. "Honestly, you can get so annoying after a while!"

Typhon continued to roar, until finally, he was nothing, gone.

"Phew, I haven't had this much excitement in millennia!" the man said, a happy tone in his voice.

"Who are you?" Apollo said with some awe. The figure turned his head to the sun god.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki," he said, pulling off his hood to reveal his face. "And we need to have a talk."

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