A Lord Defeated

Rowena felt that she could lose herself completely, and float away on the sensations that were overtaking her. Her head was fuzzy, and she wanted to give in to that feeling as if it were a pool of warm clear water, floating, sinking, letting herself drift away with him. But then Bronn pulled his mouth away from hers suddenly, and let his head drop back as he groaned as if in agony.

One of the nearby men laughed, Don't get carried away now, he chided. And then leaning on Bronn's shoulder, turned his attention to Rowena, wagging a finger at her.

"No women before battle, love, you don't want to send a man into battle in a weakened stated, now do you?

Ha! Laughed another extremely drunk boy behind him, who looked much younger than Rowena. He likes to leave the f***ing til after the fighting! Thinks it makes him harder in the battle, all that lust built up in him." More laughter.

Perhaps you should leave the drinking until after the fighting, Rowena thought to herself, bristling at his coarseness. But then she tried to put her reactions in check, remembering where she was.

Bronn only showed his amusement in his eyes, enjoying watching her reactions, digging his fingers idly into the soft flesh around her hips. "But they're right," he said, "I can't have you now. Otherwise, I'd take you right here on this table."

She felt the heat rising in her cheeks at the thought of that, frightened and also ashamed that the idea excited her. She wondered if he was going to send her away now.

"You do know what men are like AFTER battle?" He said, all traces of a smile vanishing from his face. She knew what he meant, she'd heard stories of how men behaved when they'd won a battle, how the invaders would behave even worse should the city fall. She shuddered at the thought and closed her eyes, not wanting to think about that possibility.

He didn't say anymore, he could tell by her reaction that she knew well enough how it would be if he came to her afterwards. He cocked his head towards the man sitting next to him, but his eyes were locked on hers.

"What shall I do with this one?" He asked the man, as if she wasn't there.

The man shook his head and looked serious, as if this were indeed a puzzle. "She is very beautiful, so young and pure looking", he mused. "I don't know that I could resist if I were you. Where did you find her? And how is it that we've never seen her?"

"Oh, she's been hidden away for safe keeping." Bronn replied, laughing now.

The man laughed. "Well someone's not doing their job very well at all if she's here with the likes of you!"

Bronn laughed. "Oh but that's the beauty of it, you see, I'm the one's supposed to be keeping her safe."

The man howled with laughter now. "Well that was their first mistake, wasn't it?!" He bellowed, eyeing Rowena even more curiously now.

"So just how did you manage it?" The man asked, genuinely curious.

"Right place, right time, I guess." He said, flashing a rarely seen boyish smile that she loved. "Found out someone even more unsavory than myself was pursuing her - and her virtue. And decided I should get myself charged with the task of being her protector."

He turned and picked up his mug of wine and now looked directly at Rowena as he spoke.

"She was worry enough to my mind from the first moment I laid eyes on her, might as well get paid for my troubles."

The man looked like he was having to think too hard, and possibly too drunk, to laugh now, and he just shook his head. He was obviously impressed with the cunning of this plan but gave Bronn an accusing look. The sellsword only laughed again. "I have never claimed to be a man of honor," he said, shaking his own head in defense. Then a thought came to the drunken man, and he asked who could possibly be more unsavory than a lowborn sellsword working for an imp…

When he got his answer, he bellowed with laughter again, and slapped Bronn hard on the back. "Well done. Very well done." He gave Rowena one last look. Lucky bastard", he said, shaking his head and still laughing to himself, as he got up and wandered off in search of more wine or a girl for himself.

"So are you saying you tricked them?" Rowena asked him, when the man was gone.

"Oh no, I made it very clear from the beginning that I wanted you for myself." He spoke candidly. "They said I had nothing to offer you, and that you'd never have me."

"So I made them a deal. If you came to me willingly, of your own accord, they would have to accept it." He smiled now, taking a sip of wine, and laughing to himself. "They agreed, because they never thought I could win you over."

"From the very first time I saw you in the market…" He mused. "And then when you weren't afraid of me...or afraid to speak your mind," he added with a laugh. "You never judged me or looked down upon me, not any more than I deserved anyway," he smiled at her. "Oh, I was determined to have you. No matter what."

Rowena sighed and realized she felt quite relaxed and at ease, as much as she could in this moment. She idly ran her hand across the rough fabric of his tunic, feeling the hard muscles beneath it. Her other hand caressed his cheek and scratched the whiskers on this face.

"Oh if only I could have you right here and now." He mused, not sounding as frustrated as he had a moment ago. Rowena was still confused, and another man next to them, who she now realized must've been observing them, chimed in. "He don't go with women before battle, love, wants to make sure his blood's up for killin'" he said with a laugh. "But you'll find plenty of other takers, as beautiful as you are."

Rowena looked at Bronn then, muscles tensing in his jaw, but he surprised her by ignoring the comment and she could see he was thinking. She wasn't sure whether to be nervous or not…

"No, I don't," he confirmed to the man stiffly, "But maybe there is a way I could have a taste of you before I go." He said, returned his wicked grin back to Rowena, making her shiver with that now familiar feeling of anticipation and fear. But she was committed to this now, and knew she would follow him wherever he chose to take her on this journey.

Something behind them caught his attention and he nodded and smiled, raising his cup to whoever it was. She turned to see Alia, who was peeking from behind a curtain and subtly waving them over.

"Let's see what we can do with you," he said, looking more serious now, his mind still working. He stood up, lifting her with him, both of his hands spread on her ass to hold her up, so that she was still wrapped around his waist, and kissed her roughly again before setting her down lightly on her feet. He took her by the hand and led her to the curtain where Alia had now disappeared from sight.

When they passed behind the curtain, the squire trailing a respectable distance behind, Alia was waiting for them. She gestured down a long hallway, where curtains hung all the way down both sides, and spoke to Bronn. "All the way at the end."

He nodded as if he understood, and Rowena saw that Alia discreetly handed him a piece of white cloth, which he took in his other hand, as he led a still confused Rowena towards the end of the hall. As they passed the curtains, she realized that each one covered an alcove of sorts, some with curtains completely closed, some open, and in each one there was all sorts of activity going on. Some of which Rowena had never even imagined, but involved naked bodies, men and women, and not just couples. She turned her eyes away, blushing, and then peeked up to see that Bronn was watching her, observing how she reacted. He only smiled knowingly, and she could tell he was somewhat enjoying her embarrassment, but he squeezed her hand reassuringly and she felt safe and secure with him.

When they reached the end of the hallway, the last alcove was at the end and in the middle, making it much larger than the rest. He led her inside and instructed her to close the curtains, which she did as well as she could, trying to make sure no openings were left in the fabric. These curtains were much heavier, not sheer like all the others thru the hallway, and she realized that this was a much more private area, which Alia had sent them to purposely.

Inside, there were several steps up to reach the inside of the chamber. The walls were lined on all three sides with stone benches, a bit higher than a normal chair. The raised center of the room was covered with fabrics and furs, and Bronn guided her up the steps and turned her to face him.

"Sit" he commanded softly. She did as she was told, trying to sit as lady-like as possible, but then she saw him laugh and knew that was not what he had in mind. He grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her quickly forward, so that she was sitting on the edge of the top step, and now he knelt before her, placing his hands on her knees and moving between them before she could object. They were face to face now and she was more nervous than ever, and he stroked and soothed her with his rough but firm hands as she trembled violently from head to toe.

He began to kiss her again as his hands slipped inside her dress, finding her breasts and she heard herself moan out loud at his touch. Then his lips began to trail down her neck and shoulder, as he pushed aside her gown and kissed her breast softly before finally placing his lips on her nipple, and she gasped loudly at the unexpected and intense sensation. He growled and she realized he was responding to her reaction, closing her eyes and reveling in the feeling. He repeated the process on her other breast, first teasing around her nipple before actually taking it in his mouth, and this time she found herself instinctively trying to move her nipple towards his lips. He stopped and looked at her and smiled, approving of her response.

"Lie back" he said, as he place one hand on her back and the other in the center of her chest and pushed her gently backwards until she was lying on her back, and he was standing between her knees. She felt his hands near her ankles, gathering the material of her dress as he slowly slid it up and over her legs to expose her nakedness. She instinctively tried to press her knees together, but only managed to squeeze them tightly against his hips.

He laughed at her vain attempt, leaning over her and taking her chin in his hand to look into her eyes. "No, love," he said gently but sternly, "You cannot refuse me anything now. You will do as I say, do you understand?"

She looked at him, still frightened but excited and nodded. He didn't move, but gave her that same expectant look, cocking an eyebrow, waiting for her to respond.

"Yes," she whispered quickly, "I will."

He touched her cheek and kissed her softly and then moved back to his spot between her knees, as he pushed them further apart, lifting her legs into the air, exposing herself to him in such a way as she had never even imagined. Her face was red and flushed, and as he bent his head to place soft kisses on her inner thighs, she realized his intentions, and tried not to panc, tho she wanted to resist, to stop him. But another part of her did not, and this was the part she realized she had just agreed to. She was his, and this is what he'd meant. She tried her best to relax and closed her eyes, but when he finally bent his head between her legs she was completely unprepared for it. But he held her legs firmly in place, and she knew she would not be able to escape if she wanted to.

Gradually, the strangest feelings started growing in her, something was building and it was the most amazing feeling, but also frightened her, because she didn't know what was happening. She grabbed his shoulder, digging into his flesh with her fingers…."Bronn?" she gasped, fear and confusion clear in her voice.

He pulled her hand away and pushed it back. "Just lie back and let it happen, love." He spoke reassuringly, and that was all she needed. She dropped her head onto the furs behind her and tried to let herself go, and in moments, she had no choice. Her whole body began to tremble, building to a crescendo, she didn't know where it was leading and she didn't care. And then her whole body erupted into a feeling of ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure like she had never known flooded her entire being and she felt her legs jerk and convulse as her whole body let go, and melted under his mouth, his tongue. She realized, too late, that she had cried out VERY loudly at that moment, but she was no longer self-conscious, only lost in what he doing to her, and making her body do.

After several long minutes, he pulled himself up to her chest, trailing kisses along the way, stopping to suckle each breast, before kissing her again passionately. Then he just looked into her eyes, smiling, watching her face, as she gasped and trembled and tried to catch her breath.

She had never felt so relaxed and spent in her life and wanted this to go on forever, but after a few moments, he spoke, bringing her back down to earth.

"There is one more thing," he said, suddenly very serious. She was still high on endorphins and felt like she was floating, so she was not as concerned as she might've been when he finally spoke to her, now very serious.

"There is one more thing. If for some reason I don't return…"

She sat up and grabbed his face in both of her hands, suddenly panicked at the thought.

"Please don't say that!" she cried.

He took her hands and pulled them gently away from his face, holding them both in his, and continued to speak.

"The one thing that makes you so valuable to Lord Baelish is not something I can personally take care of right now, but I can make it so that he thinks I did."

She looked at him, still confused, but willing to listen, as he reached behind his back, where she knew he kept a dagger.

"He will be very angry," Bronn continued, "but you will be safely confined to my rooms until I return. Do you want me to go through with it?" He asked, eyeing her with some concern now, realizing she wasn't quite sure what he was talking about.

But she decided he would know best, and she nodded quickly. Again, he gave her that look, and she quickly spoke. "Yes, please."

He nodded, somewhat solemnly, and told her to lie back again.

"When I return, I will have you properly," he said, as he pulled the dagger from his waist band behind him, which made her even more nervous as it came into view. "But for now, this will assure that Baelish does not seek you out for your precious and very valuable virginity…"

Rowena was growing more nervous by the minute, but part of her was starting to understand what he was saying. She DID know something about that part of it, and that once there had been blood, she would no longer be considered a virgin…or pure.

She said nothing, but tried her best to relax and closed her eyes. Bronn placed a hand on her thigh. She could feel the leather covered handle of his dagger against her soft skin there. With his other hand, he began to run his fingers between her legs, where she was still incredibly sensitive and, she now realized, dripping wet. He slid a finger inside her and she gasped, then another and moved them in and out slowly. She sighed loudly at the feeling of it, now knowing that she wanted him to have her here and now, but knowing he wouldn't. But still not knowing what was to come….

Then she felt the handle of the dagger there, between her legs, moving up and down against the wetness, the feeling was amazing and she was too lost in it to be frightened anymore.

Then the handle was there, pressed against her, and she felt it pushing into her, inside her, deeper and deeper, it was strange and slightly uncomfortable, but not at all unpleasant. Involuntarily, she called out his name, knowing that she wanted this to be him, his manhood, here, now, no matter where they were…

And then she felt a stab of pain and cried out, but he had a hand on her chest, holding her down firmly. It was only a brief pain and then she began to adjust to the feeling of it, as he slid the leather handle in and out, a little deeper each time. His hand moved up to her breasts, kneading and then twisting and tugging at her nipples. At the same time she felt his mouth on her again, and that same feeling, one of an impending explosion, began to build.

Afterwards, as she lay floating in the feelings of overwhelming pleasure, she saw him remove the dagger and wipe it off with the cloth that Alia had provided. She now realized the purpose, as she saw the faint traces of blood left on the white cloth. He leaned over to kiss her gently on the lips and the forehead, and suddenly the bells began to toll and the whole place erupted into a rush of activity and loud panicked voices.

Bronn remained calm, as he helped her sit up and straightened her dress, and then helped her to her feet. As they headed into the hallway back to the front of the building, they heard loud voices arguing, including Alia's, and then she recognized the angry voice of Petyr Baelish.

Before they reached the end of the hallway, the Lord had burst thru the curtains, with several guards in tow, striding down the hall towards them. Bronn stopped midway, stepping protectively in front of Rowena, with his arm tightly around her waist.

"Step aside, sellsword", the lord spoke venomously. "I know who she is, and you know that she is my property."

"I'm afraid she belongs to me, now," Bronn spoke calmly. "And as I was told it, you threw her mother into the streets like so much garbage, so I'd say you abandoned any claim on her child then."

Bronn was standing his ground calmly, while the Lord seethed with anger.

"And what claim would you have on this girl?" he asked Bronn once he was composed enough to speak. "What would her guardians think if they knew she was here with you?"

"Ask them yourselves", Bronn replied arrogantly, with a smug and insolent smile on his face. "They are in full agreement with the arrangement. As is Tyrion."

Now the Lord turned to Rowena, who took a step forward, with Bronn's hand still firmly and reassuringly at her back.

"Tell me what this is about, Rowena?" he said, eyeing her suspiciously and growing more and more impatient. "Are you here of your own volition?"

"Yes." She responded confidently, watching the anger flare in his eyes, his face growing redder by the moment.

"And you belong to this man?" He asked this thru gritted teeth.

"Yes." She answered, standing more confidently, knowing that her sellsword was both amused and impressed.

Lord Baelish thought for a moment, turned to one of his guards, and told them to send for the aunt and uncle, before turning his attention back to Rowena for a glowering once over.

"And I suppose Tyrion played a role in this arrangement?" he spoke to Bronn now, who remained completely calm.

"Of course, " replied Bronn, "along with her guardians. It was all done with the utmost propriety." He smiled broadly at the lord, knowing it would only fuel his anger.

"Well it can still be prevented if I can prove that she belongs to me."

"Oh, I don't think so," replied a smiling Bronn. "It's too late now." And he pulled the piece of white cloth from his breast pocket, neatly folded, and handed it to Lord Baelish.

Lord Baelish did not unfold the cloth, just held it in his hand, now seemingly speechless.

"We shall be taking our leave now," said Bronn, and he took Rowena by the hand, his other arm still protectively around her waist, and headed down the hall. Baelish did not move or speak, but the guards, fully armed, stepped warily out of Bronn's path to let them pass.

Rowena held tightly to his hand, relieved and still in disbelief that they might be able to escape this situation so easily…