"He doesn't mean it." Shadeheart mewed, nudging me gently. I was laying by the warriors den, thinking about what my father had said to me. I could still hear the hatred in his voice. A good warrior? You having a warrior name is a joke to WindClan. You don't deserve to have a warrior's name.

"He does." I told him. "He hates me."

"He doesn't hate you." he scoffed.

"He does hate me." I insisted. "Blackfeather has always hated me. Everyone has. All of the warriors. They all glare at me, like I'm a disgrace to the Clan. I don't even know why. The only warrior who has ever shown me kindness is Hazelmoss, but she doesn't count because she is our mother." I sighed.

"What about me? I'm a warrior, I'm kind." he frowned.

"You don't count either. You're my little brother." I laughed, shoving him over playfully.

"Hazelmoss said I was born before you!" he retorted, shaking the dust from his pelt.

"I'm still bigger than you." I teased.

"I know." he laughed. "Your the biggest cat that I've ever seen! What have you been eating?" he purred, prodding my belly playfully.

"I'm going to go for a walk. I'd like to think by myself." I told him, padding out of the camp. I could hear the border patrol coming back. I wish I had been on it. I thought sadly. I still had never been on a border patrol.

"-go tell Jaystar about the fox den." Blackfeather mewed.

"Tell Sandpaw and Blazepaw to stay away from the hills too. Don't want them to get attacked before we send a patrol over there to get rid of it." Darksky added. I watched the patrol disappear into the camp. I smiled, as an idea popped into my head. I'll take care of the fox on my own. Blackfeather and the rest of the Clan will be so impressed, they'll have to like me! I faintly remembered where the hills were. I hadn't been there since I was sent there to collect catmint for the medicine cat. I could scent a strange, familiar scent as I reached the hills. One of the warriors must have had the smell of fox on their pelt. I thought as I crept forward. I saw a large, rusty figure exiting the side of one of the hills. That must be where the fox built it's den. Without thinking, I sprung at the fox, catching it by surprise and knocking it over. I could tell by it's scent that it was a tom.

"This is my home!" he growled. I blinked in surprise. How can I understand him?

"This is WindClan territory!" I hissed, unsheathing my claws. He stopped, and tilted his head to the side.

"You speak cat?" the fox laughed.

"You aren't supposed to be here." I growled.

"I thought you were a threat, but I see now that aren't." he laughed, sitting down and wrapping his tail around his small paws.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I spat.

"You are very talented. I don't know any foxes that can speak cat. You're the first one." he winked.

"Fox?" I frowned. "I'm not a fox." I took a step away from him.

"If you aren't a fox, then why are you speaking fox?" he smirked. "Why do you look like a fox?"

"I speak and smell like a cat." I hissed.

"That you do." he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "But you are still a fox." he shrugged.

"I'm not a fox!" I spat. "I'm a WindClan warrior!" I leaped at him but he moved out of the way. I felt a heavy weight on my back and I collapsed, with the fox on top of me.

"A fox that doesn't know she's a fox." he laughed. "Well, these WindClan warriors, they definitely have you fooled. They even have you fighting like a small little cat!"

"That's because I am a cat!" I spat, shaking him off me. "And I happen to be the biggest cat in the Clan, so don't call me small!"

"You are the biggest because you aren't one of them. You are a fox." he said, the laughter in his voice seemed to have disappeared. He took a step forward and pressed his paw hard into the sand.

"What are you doing?" I scoffed.

"Place your paw beside where I just did." he instructed.

"Why?" I retorted.

"Just do it." he insisted. I scowled under my breath before doing as he had done. I blinked at the two paw prints. His was just a little bit larger, but it was no doubly the same.

"That's just a coincidence." I scoffed.

"No, it isn't. What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Leafstorm."

"My name is Sawyer." he smiled.

"What kind of name is Sawyer?" I frowned.

"What kind of name is Leafstorm?" he laughed.

"A warrior name." I hissed.

"Who gave you your name?"

"My warrior name? Jaystar." I scoffed.

"Is that your mothers name?" he frowned.

"No! Jaystar is a tom." I scoffed.

"Your father then?"

"No. My mother is Hazelmoss and my father is Blackfeather. Jaystar is my Clan leader." I explained.

"You mother didn't name you?" he narrowed his amber eyes.

"My mother named me Leafkit, but I'm a warrior now so Jaystar gave me the name Leafstorm." I told him.

"I kind of of understand that." he shrugged.

"What about you?" I asked curiously. He isn't so bad. I've heard plenty of nasty stories about foxes, but I've never actually talked to one before!

"What about me?" Sawyer shrugged.

"I mean, did your mother give you your name?" I scoffed.

"I think so. I mean, I didn't live in the forest until I was old enough to live without my mother. Humans had my mother, my sister and me in one of their dens until then. Then we were all separated, and I found my way here. I'm not sure whether my mother gave me my name, or the humans did." Sawyer shrugged.

"Humans?" I frowned.

"You don't know what humans are?" Sawyer laughed.

"No." I shook my head.

"They are furless animals who walked around on two paws,"

"Oh!" I laughed. "You mean twolegs!"

"My mother called them humans." he shrugged.

"Do you remember your mother?" I asked him.

"Not really. I remember my sister though." he smiled. "I don't really remember what her name was, or know where she went after we separated." he shrugged.

"That's awful." I told him. "I better get going, my Clan mates will wonder where I went if I do not show up soon." I told him.

"Wait! Why are you going back? You don't belong there. Your a fox, not a cat." Sawyer called to me.

"I'm a cat." I hissed.

"Come back tonight, please." he said, his amber eyes glowing.

"Fine." I sighed before dashing off over the hills. Sawyer is mouse-brained. I'm not a fox! I'm a cat! I stopped, almost tripping into a pile of leaves. It would explain why my Clan mates are afraid of me, why Blackfeather hates me. It would also explain why I could understand him. I shook the thought from my head and padded into the camp. I'm a cat. Not a fox.

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