I should be trying to help them. I thought. I don't want to drive Sawyer off, but these are my Clan mates. Dashing forward, preparing to leap onto Saywer's back with my claws unsheathed, I launched myself forward, a powerful force knocked into me Spitting, I turned to face my father, whose pelt was bristling in anger as he glared at me with his piercing amber eyes.

"What are you doing?" I growled, quickly getting to my paws.

"Did I say that you were to join the fight?" Blackfeather spat, his amber eyes sparkling. "No. I told you to stay back and do nothing."

"Blackfeather, our Clan mates are getting wounded." Shaking my head at my father's ignorancy. "Step aside so I can help them. My brothers are there." I hissed, trying to get around him. I felt a pain on the left side of my face and felt blood begin to drip down. Though it was just a scratch, it felt like the most painful blow ever delivered. Blackfeather had never struck me before.

"Stoneshade and Shadeheart are not your brothers." Blackfeather snarled. "You aren't a WindClan cat. You are a disgrace." he spat. "Why do you think you are not allowed to come to gatherings, or even go on a border patrol?" Blackfeather snickered. "Because Jaystar is ashamed of having you in the Clan. He doesn't want the other Clans to know." he hissed when I didn't reply. "Stay here. I will not fight alongside you." he spat, joining the battle once more.

Should I listen to him? Or should I help my Clan mates? I thought miserably. I heard a cry that quickly snapped my attention. I saw a small, black and ginger tom on the ground in pain, Sawyer looming over him. Sawyer raised his claws to slash Shadeheart again but suddenly stopped, eyeing the tom carefully before lowering his paw. He shot me an apollogetic look before turning away and running, with Darksky and Fernclaw nipping at his heels.

"Leafstorm." Shadeheart sputted. there was a long, deep gash on his side. His fur was stained and matted in the blood that continued to pour out of the wound. Ignoring Blackfeather's order to stay put, I bolted to my brother's side, nuzzling his face once I got close.

"I'm right here." I told him. "Stoneshade, help me carry him back to camp." We started to get into position to lift him.

"No." Blackfeather growled, shoving me aside and shooting me another one of his hateful glares. "I'll carry him."

"Leafstorm can help me. You need to report to Jaystar. Go." Stoneshade told him.

"Fine." Blackfeather scoffed, clearly unhappy at having been told what to do by his son. Runningstream padded alongside him as the two of them disappeared over the small hill.

"You're going to be okay, Stoneshade." I purred as the rest of the patrol lifted him up carefully, moving slowly in unison to return to the camp. "You're too young to die." Please StarClan, I pleaded silently. Don't take my brother yet.

"We've got him from here!" Stormfoot and Streamfrost swarmed us immediatily once we arrived to the camp, all prepared to allow us rest and deliver my brother safely to the medicine den. After stepping aside, I continued to the medicine den with him.

"Leafstorm, there isn't anything you can do for him." Dawnfur mewed. "His wounds don't appear to be that fatal, so with time, Shadeheart will be fine. Right now he just needs peace and rest."

"Okay." I nodded, sighing before turning away. I'm no use here, so I may as well just go rest. After finding my nest, I curled up and fell asleep.

"Where do you think you are going?" Blackfeather barked at me as I padded towards the camp exit.

"I'm going hunting. The fresh-kill pile is getting low." I scoffed, lashing my tail. Ever since our patrol had chased Sawyer away, three sunrises ago, Blackfeather's hatred for me seemed to have increased.

"Fine. Go. You better not come back with nothing." he hissed. I rolled my eyes and sprang out of the camp. I had waited to approach the hills again so soon, keeping my hunting close to the river. I have to know if he's actually gone. I bounded over to the hills and smelled the ground for any traces of Sawyer.

"Looking for me?" I looked up to see Sawyer on top of the tallest hill, grinning.

"I see you got away from Fernclaw and Darksky." I told him, purring in amusement. He's pretty sly.

"I was being chased?" Raising an eyebrow, his amber eyes twinkling in amusement. "Awe, shoot. If I had known that then I would have had a little fun with them." he grinned. I couldn't help but laugh. Darksky and Fernclaw had come back to camp, I heard them telling Blackfeather that they had chased the fox as far as they could, and that he wouldn't be returning. They weren't even close to catching him.

"Thank you." I told him.

"What are you thanking me for?" Sawyer scoffed. "I feel awfully bad. I saw the wound I gave to your brother, even after I promised that I wouldn't hurt him."

"Shadeheart is going to be fine." I insisted.

"He may be fine, but I'm not." Sawyer shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"I may be a fox, but I always keep my word. I promised you that I wouldn't hurt your brother. I broke my promise to you." he mewed uneasily.

"Sawyer, it's fine. Shadeheart will be fine. You could have killed him, but you didn't."

"I almost did." Sawyer scoffed.

"But you didn't." I insisted.

"Are you sure you aren't angry with me?" Sawyer asked uneasily.

"Yes." I scoffed. "Now, you told me to meet you here so what is it you want?" I asked.

"You're three days late." He scoffed.

"Blackfeather was watching me." Shrugging before continuing, I tucked my tail around my paws. "So what do you want?" I repeated.

"I'm going to teach you how to be a fox." he said.

"But I'm not a fox." I hissed.

"You are." Sawyer insisted.

"I'm not." I took a step back from him.

"Leafstorm, look at my fur and then look at yours. We look exactly alike. Why can you understand and speak fox? Why are you way bigger than everyone else in your Clan? It all leads to one thing. You are a fox." Sawyer prompted. "Like me," he added.

"Sawyer, I am not a fox." I declared.

"Leafstorm, why won't you understand?" Sawyer shook his head in frustration.

"Why won't you just leave it?" I hissed. "I am not a fox." I spat, turning away from him. I padded back to the camp without another word to him. He didn't try to follow me. It wasn't until I had stormed through the camp entrance that I realized that I forgot something.

"Where is your prey?" Blackfeather spat, padding over to me angrily.

"I couldn't find any." I scoffed. "All the prey was all asleep."

"Excuses." he snarled.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high rock for a Clan meeting!" Jaystar called. I padded away from my father without another word and sat beside Stoneshade and Stormfoot.

"Shadeheart is still in the medicine cat den. He's sleeping." he told me. I nodded and turned my head toward Jaystar.

"Tonight is the night of the gathering." he started. I didn't pay attention to the names that he called. Like always, my name wasn't called.

"Who does Jaystar think he is?" Stoneshade spat under his breath.

"He can't continue to do this." Stormfoot snarled. "Something has to be done."

"Yeah, he can." I sighed. "He's Clan leader." I said before padding away from my littermates. I sat near the fresh-kill pile and lay my head on my paws.

"Jaystar!" Hazelmoss snarled. She was lashing her tail angrily. Streamfrost and Stormfoot were at her side as they stormed up to the Clan leader. Uh-oh, no. Please don't make a big deal out of this.

"Is something wrong, Hazelmoss?" Jaystar asked.

"How could you be so fox-hearted!" she spat.

"I don't know what you are talking about." he frowned.

"Jaystar, We've sat by and watched you treat my sister differently for moons. She hasn't been to a single gathering, and she is a warrior. You can't continue to treat Leafstorm like this." Stormfoot scoffed. Streamfrost nodded in agreement.

"Hazelmoss, I would like to speak to you about the matter in my den." Jaystar said, flicking his tail.

"Alright." my mother hissed, lashing her tail angrily. She turned to Stormfoot and Streamfrost. "I'll take it from here." she said to them before she padded after Jaystar. Streamfrost muttered something to Stormfoot and he scowled. I watched my littermates pad into the warrior's den.

"Leafstorm!" I turned to see Whitecloud padding over to me. I frowned. Its weird to see him without Skyfall at his side.

"Hi Whitecloud." I mewed.

"Umm, do you want to go hunting with me?" he asked nervously.

"Sure." I shrugged. "Is Skyfall coming with us too?" I asked him.

"No," he shook his head. "I-I was hoping it could just be you and me." he said awkwardly.

"Okay." I smiled. "I'd like that."

"Perfect." he beamed. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah," I said, getting to my paws. Whitecloud and me padded out of the camp.

"Where do you want to hunt?" Whitecloud asked. Our pelts were brushing. He noticed me noticing and moved over a bit. "Sorry." he muttered.

"How about by the old fox dens, the ones near the RiverClan border?" I asked.

"Sure." he shrugged.

"What do you smell?" I asked him.

"I'm not an apprentice you know." Whitecloud growled playfully. "I smell rabbits." he added.

"Then let's go catch it." I laughed.

"Okay." Whitecloud purred. Whitecloud stalked the rabbit while I waited just on the other side of the fox den. I waited until Whitecloud chased it to me and killed the rabbit quickly.

"Great catch!" Whitecloud nuzzled my cheek gently. He pulled back, embarrassed. "I-I'm sorry." he mumbled.


"Let's just get this rabbit back to camp." he sighed. I nodded and helped him carry it back to the camp in silence. We dropped it on the fresh-kill pile and he padded over to his sister without another word.