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She was failing. Something she hoped she'd never do, she was failing one of her favorite subjects, English. Sure she always needed a little extra help with old, previous exams but she cares and now when it comes to the big stuff, she needs all the help she can get. Mr Hudson was her English Language teacher and also of the heads of her year. He was only 23, tall, brown hair, gorgeous hazel eyes and he cares for all his students.

His lessons were always the best; they were never boring and the time always seems to fly by. She has English three times a week, she has Mr Hudson two of them: Monday and Friday but she has new teacher Miss Holiday on a Tuesday. The day she got her assessment grade back her heart sank. She loved learning about the gender theorists and loves the debates the class get to experience but she knew when it came to the exam papers she lost it. At parents evening Mr Hudson told Rachel and her parents that he would do anything and everything he could to make her pass the year and move up with her class. He offered her the chance to do more papers in her frees, come sit with him and he will go through them and anything she doesn't get in her lunchtimes, anything she needs to succeed. So that's what she does.

Today was Monday and she had study hall first thing. Rach and her friends, Brittany, Tina, Quinn and Mercedes all sat together cramming for either exams which were coming up or just gossiping about their weekend. They all had books out to look like they were walking if any teachers came in. Rachel, Quinn, Tina and Mercedes all took English but Rachel wasn't in her friends class. Mr Hudson, being head of year, came in to check on the year 12 and 13's while 'studying'. He saw Rachel with her friends, but looked more concentrated in her studies than the others. Rachel noticed from the reflection from the computer screen that Mr Hudson was coming over, she moved her bangs to one side and continued copying the notes in front of her.

"Hey Rach" he said when approached her, kneeling down to see what she was writing. "Are you ok, do you need any help?" he asked looking into her deep brown eyes. How can someone look so beautiful at 9 o clock on a Monday morning? he thought, but quickly shaking the thoughts out of his head. She's a student Finn! A student whose relying on you to help her pass the year. Don't screw it up for her! he thought.

"I'm good thanks, just re-copying the notes from Friday ready for our lesson next! she said smiling lightly. "Heather's been helping too"

"I'm glad, this is her second time" he joked lightheartedly, smiling at Heather who was pulling a face jokily at him. Heather was a year older than Rachel but had failed the year last year so now joined theirs. "Anyway I'll leave you too it. See you later, if you need me you know where i am" he smiled as he walked away. She watched him walk away in front of her. His tall, masculine figure in the beam of the sunlight did something to Rachel but she knew that anything she felt, how little she couldn't bring up or act on. He was HER teacher. Sure he was sweet and kind who cared about his students but that's it! Nothing more. Sure he wants to help her but that's his job so stop thinking about him, She thought.

Her friends didn't think anything of it, which she was glad. If they knew that she thought about Mr Hudson more than she should she'd be mocked constantly. They just saw it as a teacher giving extra help to a pupil who needed it, which it was in theory. So she was glad no looks were shared.

4th Period came around, which was of course English, and she was so happy. Strolling down the hallway she saw Heather and waited until she reached the stairs. "Rach! wait up" she shouted.

"Hey hun, you done the Holmes essay?" Rach questioned laughing at Hemo's face which fell when they entered the classroom.

Mr. Hudson's eyes fell quickly onto Rachel as soon as she arrived. Her table was the closest to his, right by the door. Her hair pulled over one shoulder and her bangs to the side, she looked beautiful, laughing and joking with Heather. They sat down and Rachel eyes locked to his, smiling slightly moving a strand of hair out of her face. Stop smiling like that at her Finn! And bloody hurry up and start the lesson! he thought to himself.

The class livened up pretty quickly. They all seem to enjoy this lesson, contributing to group debates and questioning things they don't understand until they then have to copy evaluations and points from either the slides prepared or from the textbook in front of them.

Why is he so caring? When he laughs I laugh, I love when he walks around the room and asks us questions to make sure we understand and he never shouts when we don't! I love how when he turns around to write something on the board all I do is stare at his strong, broad shoulders.

Quarter to one comes around and we all pack away for lunch. As the class hurry's out the room, Rachel stays behind. "Sir, can i you please mark my resit essay? Sorry to be a pain" she laughs as he laughs with her.

"Of course Rach" she smiles at his nickname. "Do you wanna go through it or" he leaves the question hanging hoping she'd stay. Sitting down next to the chair she sits on during class. Smiling up at her.

"Could we go through it..."she stutters "If you've got time" she asks shyly

"I always have time for you" Shit Finn. Well done! You don't say that to a student, even one you think you have feelings for! Rachel blushed.

"Thank you!" she said "for everything, i know i can be a pain coming to you for help!" she said looking down. Finn feeling a little too bold tilted her chin up to look into her eyes.

"You could never be a pain" They shared a smile, Rachel leaning her head closer to his, realizing what she was doing backed away instantly. YOU CANT KISS YOUR TEACHER RACHEL BERRY! Her head and her heart telling her two different things.

Throughout lunchtime Rachel and Finn went through her work, but somehow throughout their chairs became touching, his arm on her back and her face constantly getting closer to his. Once the bell rang Finn helped Rachel gather her things together, just before she rose from the chair she spoke "Thank you so much" awkwardly staring at his hands she put one on top of his "For everything". Finally going with her heart she placed a kiss on his cheek before smiling into his deep hazel eyes, he laced their fingers together still on the desk. Until they heard students now roaming the hallways.

They pulled apart and he walked her to the door. "It was my pleasure Rachel" he smiled as she ran off to Maths.

One thing was for certain, Finn Hudson had feelings he shouldn't for one Miss Rachel Berry... and he thought she has the same.

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