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"Well, we're back to number one, huh?" Leila smiled.

"Yep." Lucas nodded. "But it's not official yet, you know. The other teams could still catch up with us."

"Well, the only team we have to worry about is the other Fairy Tail team." Lea told him.

"It's still the 2nd day of the tournament, Nee-san. The tables could still easily be turned." he reminded her.

"That's true, I guess." she sighed. "But worrying about it won't do us any good now, would it?"

" . . . I guess you're right." he sighed.

"Alright! Now, let's enjoy the rest of the show!" Lea grinned.

The other two battles finished real fast, and the two didn't really have any interest in them.

Mermaid Heel's Beth Vanderwood vs. Quatro Cerberus' Yaeger Winner: Quatro Cerberus

Blue Pegasus' Ren Akatsuki vs. Typhoon Ceto's Kyouko Shirafuji Winner: Blue Pegasus

"Hey, did you notice?" Lea asked her brother.


"There was no connection between our magic with me and Minerva on the first battle. But then on the second, both mages were using plant magic. And then on the third, there was no connection once again." Lea said.


"So . . . Lamia Scale and the other Fairy Tail Team's going to fight the next round, right?"


"Well then, if my hunch is correct . . ." Lea trailed off, and Lucas soon caught up to what she was trying to say. "Then on the next match, the ones who'll be fighting will be . . ."

"Fairy Tail A's Gray Fullbuster vs. Lamia Scale's Lyon Vastia!"

Lea snapped her fingers and grinned when she found out her hunch was correct.

"Don't you love it when you're right?"

"Seriously. How?" her brother asked, a bit amazed and curious at the same time.

"Secret~." Lucas stared at her for a moment before coming to a conclusion.

"Lucky guess, huh?"

"H-hey! Don't you think that that case with Minerva was a lucky guess too! Because it's not!"

"So it was a lucky guess, huh?" Lucas sighed.

"Hey! Are you listening to me?" Lea asked, obviously annoyed.

"I wonder if Gray will be fine." Lucy said. "They both use Ice Make magic, after all. So it's hard to say if he'll win for sure."

"Don't worry about it." Joan tolled her.

"Go kick his ass, Gray!" Natsu yelled.

"We're counting on you." Erza told him.

"You can do it, Gray!" Mira cheered.

"Best of luck." Jura said.

"He'll be nothing against you." Toby smirked.

"Go, Lyon!" Yuka cheered.

"Oh? So I'm going against that bastard, huh?" Gray smirked. "This is going to be interesting."

"Today, we'll know which of Ur's pupils is stronger." Lyon said to himself.

"Do your best, Gray-sama!" Juvia cheered.

"Yeah, leave it to me!" he yelled.

"You can beat him, Lyon!" Chelia cheered

"I'm not going to lose!" Lyon yelled.

The two ice mages made their way into the arena with determined looks on their faces.

"I'd just like to get one thing straight. Last year, on the last day of the Grand Magic Games, you just got lucky." Lyon said. "Don't think that I'll lose to the same opponent twice."

"We'll see about that . . ." Gray smirked.

"Woah! So that bastard's going to fight this match, huh?" Jade said, loud enough for Gray to hear.

"Just what is it about me that you have a problem with?!" he yelled, getting really annoyed.

"I dunno. I just don't like you, that's all." she told him.

"Jade, that's enough." Lea told her sister.

"Jeez." Gray muttered before turning back to face Lyon. "In any case, I already beat you once. And I'll gladly do it again."

"You had help during the last time." Lyon told him. "But now, there's no one here who's going to help you."

"Not like I need it, anyway." the Fairy Tail mage smirked.

"Battle . . . START!"

"Ice Make: Lance!" Gray yelled, wasting absolutely no time.

"Ice Make: Eagle!" Lyon yelled. Their attacks hit each other and both had shattered to pieces.

"Snow Dragon!" Lyon sent on another attack, giving Gray barely enough time to dodge it. Luckily, he managed to jump high enough into the air as the snow dragon destroyed the ground he was previously standing at.

"Ice Make: Hammer!" Gray swung it onto the snow dragon and it was destroyed with one hit, but the hammer was shattered to pieces along with it. Lyon took advantage of the moment while Gray was still distracted and came up behind his opponent, ready for another attack.

"Ice Make: Wolf!" Lyon's entire arm was enveloped by a thick layer of ice which manifests as the head of a wolf. With that arm, he started throwing punches at Gray, who tried to dodge it. But he was soon hit with full force and fell hard on the ground.

"Dragonfly!" Lyon yelled once again. And before Gray knew it, there were numerous dragonflies, made of ice, charging towards him.

"Ice Make: Cocoon!" Gray became surrounded by a cocoon of ice, which has spikes jutting outwards, protecting him from Lyon's attacks. It later breaks on its own and Gray jumps away.

"Saucer!" Lyon was unable to react in time and was hit by the ice disk as Gray lands safely a few feet away.

"It looks to me like they both have equal strength." Lucas said from the stands. "But that sure makes this fight pretty boring. Especially since they're using the same type of attacks."

"Now, now, Lucas. Remember that we're not here for the entertainment." Lea said. "And just because Gray's on another team, doesn't mean we can't give him a little moral support. We're in the same guild, after all."

"We barely even know him."

"Finish him off already, Gray!" Natsu yelled, clearly getting annoyed.

"Shut up, Natsu." Erza said.

"Yeah, the battle's just begun after all." Mira smiled at him.

Gray landed safely on the ground and started running towards Lyon. "Ice Make: Battle Axe!"

The Fairy Tail mage started swinging it around and Lyon tried with all his might to dodge it. But he soon found it very troublesome and decided to start blocking.

"Ice Make: Pillar!"

A giant pillar appeared next to Lyon and blocked the axe. Although it cracked, the pillar was too thick for Gray to cut through it, so he abandoned the axe.

"Ice Make" they yelled in unison. "Ice Geyser!"

The ground in front of them became frozen solid and two towers of spikes clashed in between them. Shards of the ice were broken from the impact and scattered everywhere, but neither of them were hurt by this.

Juvia whimpered at her place on the stands, next to the other Fairy Tail members. "Gray-sama will win!" she said, sounding like she was trying to convince herself than those around her.

"Well, I don't know about that. Lyon does seem pretty tough." Cana slurred, taking a sip from her wine bottle. "But there's definitely no way that guy's going to let himself lose. So it's hard to say."

"I'm sure he'll be fine . . ."

"You think so?" Cana giggled looking away from Juvia, who seemed a bit shocked, and turned to the source of the voice.

"Yep." Mavis smiled.




"EH?!" the whole guild cried.

"Master Mavis?" Makarov cried. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to cheer you on, just like last year." she smiled at him.

"But . . . it's already the second day of the tournament. And this is already the last match." Mira told her.

"Ah, yeah. I know." Mavis smiled apologetically at them. "I'm sorry I'm late."

"Th-that's not the problem here!" Cana yelled. "More importantly, is it really okay with you to be wandering like this all the time? I mean, after all you're . . ."

"It's alright." Mavis said. "I told you last year, didn't I? Only Fairy Tail mages can see me."

Cana looked at her for a moment before sighing. "You know what? Nevermind."

"Eh?" Mavis leaned her head to the side with a confused look on her face.

"Anyway, can you predict who'll win this fight, first?" Lisanna asked.

"Oh, well . . . I can't really be sure." she answered. "They have equal abilities. What's more is that they use the same type of magic. If you ask me, they both have a 50 percent chance of winning. It's hard to make an exact prediction."

"Eh? Really?" Max asked.

"G-Gray-sama can do it!" Juvia cried.

Meanwhile, back at the battle field, Lyon struggled to get up after getting hit by Gray's saucer. He smirked, or more like forced to smirk, at the Fairy Tail mage as he ignored the injuries he got.

"Is that all you got?" he mocked.

Gray smirked back at him. "Of course not. I was just getting started."

"Same here." Lyon went back to his battle stance, putting his fist on his palm. Gray did the same. "Time to get serious."

And with that they both stripped out of their tops, after casting an Ice Make: Lance at each other, that is.

"They stripped!" the crowd yelled in shock.

"They stripped!"

"Gray-sama!" Juvia blushed.

". . . the hell?" Lucas asked.

"How indecent . . ." Lea muttered.

"Being a jerk is one thing, but stripping . . .?" Jade muttered.

"Lucy, you shouldn't get too close to him." Joan said.

"N-no, it's okay . . ." Lucy sweat dropped.

Ignoring the people's comments, the two pupils of Ur continued to fight each other, neither of them was holding back. Neither of them was backing down too. They kept on sending attacks at each other, and it continued on like that until the bell rang, signalling the end of the match. Time was up.

"And that concludes the last match of the day! It's a tie between Fairy Tail Team A and Lamia Scale. Both teams get 5 pts!"

"A tie?" Cana asked.

"I guess that's to be expected." Lisanna sighed.

"Well, since I couldn't make an exact prediction, a tie seems to make a lot of sense." Mavis giggled. "But that still means Gray won, right?"

"Yes! Although he didn't exactly won, he didn't lose either!" Juvia said, optimistically.

"Well then, we should be thankful for that, at least." the first master told them.

The two ice mages were panting while their bodies were covered in minor injuries. After catching their breaths, they both smirked at each other.

"Looks like you've improved." Lyon said. "Only a bit though."

"You too." Gray nodded. "But you still can never hope to beat me."

"Well, I'm okay with this for now. At least I didn't lose." Lyon turned around to return to his team. "Let's settle this once and for all someday. Or maybe next year?"

"I'll look forward to it." Gray nodded. "But don't get your hopes up if you think you can beat me."

Lyon scoffed. "That's my line."

Gray sighed and went back to his team as well.

"Good work." Erza smiled at him.

"Damn popsicle! I can't believe you lost!" Natsu yelled.

"He didn't lose. It was a tie, Natsu." Laxus told him.

"You did great!" Mira said.

Lea couldn't help but giggle at the ruckus they were making as her sisters started heading towards their guild mates, while Lucas remained there, waiting for her to come with them.

"Ah, isn't this such a lively guild?" Lea asked with a smile on her face, but there was still sadness visible in her eyes. "Who would have thought . . ?"

Lucas remained silent and just stared at his eldest sister.

"Who would have thought . . ." she repeated, her eyes downcast.

"Nee-san . . ." he sighed. "You said it yourself just today, didn't you? Worrying about it won't do us any good."

Lea sighed at this.

"For now, let's just go meet with the others." Lucas said, taking her hand and leading her away from the balcony.

"No, wait." she said, her expression changing completely.

"Huh? What is it?" Lucas asked.

"I need to take care of something first." Lea giggled. "At first, I thought that it wasn't a good idea. But then, I guess I decided it should be okay. Plus, I think it'll make things more interesting."

Lucas just looked at her, confused and a bit nervous as he wondered what she could be planning.

"Eh? Really?" Joan asked in disbelief while munching on a piece of bread.

"That's right!" Mavis held her chin up proudly. "I'm the founder of the guild; Fairy Tail. The very first master!"

"That's so cool!" Joan yelled in amazement, and then Jade hit her on the back of her head.

"Don't talk with your mouth full!" she scolded her sister, making Joan swallow all of the remaining chewed bread in her mouth.

"Geez, Ja-nee is such a meanie!" Joan complained. "First, you didn't want me to keep the little doggie from this morning! And now I can't eat with my mouth full? How cruel!"

"Would you start acting your age?" Jade yelled at her, veins popping on her head. "In any case, if I wasn't so 'mean' to you, you'll be going around doing stupid stuff that'll get you in serious trouble. And who do you think will be the one who'll have to get you out of it, when that happens?"

"What kind of trouble will I get for eating with my mouth full?" Joan whined.

"It's called manners, dammit!"

"Ja-nee, please calm down." Lucy said, restraining her sister.

"Geez, can't you shut yer trap?" Gajeel yelled at them. "Your so damn noisy. Can't a guy eat in peace around here?"

"Eh?" Joan asked turning to the iron dragon slayer. "You said something, punk?"

"Yeah, I said that you should shut your trap!" Gajeel said, glaring back at her and not feeling the slightest bit threatened.

"Oi, Gajeel. You better be careful, you know." Lily told him.

"Aye. Didn't she beat you with one hit the last time?" Happy asked.

"Shut up, you two! That was a lucky hit, okay? Just a lucky hit!" he yelled at them.

"Sure, sure . . ." the two exceeds said sarcastically.

"It was!"

"Oi! Iron freak!" Joan called out, cracking her knuckles. "Don't you think that I can't kick your ass a second time."

"Geez, now you're getting into a fight? You're so hopeless!" Jade groaned before throwing her arms up in frustration. "I give up, just do what you want!"

"Really?" Joan's eyes started to sparkle. "So it's alright if I kick this guy's ass, right?"

Gajeel scoffed. "Oh please, like I'm going to lose to some bunny-girl's sister."

"Bunny-girl?" Jade asked, looking at Lucy with a confused expression.

"I . . . I don't want to talk about it." Lucy sighed.

Mavis just watched this happen and giggled at them, catching the two women's attention. "Fairy Tail is such a lively guild, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Jade sighed, shrugging. "A a bit too lively for my liking, though. But still, I guess it has it's perks."

"You'll get used to all this soon, Ja-nee." Lucy assured her sister.

"I'm not sure if that'll be a good thing or a bad thing." Jade muttered. "Are fights common around here?"


"How barbaric . . ." she sighed once again.

"Woah! A fight?" Natsu yelled, finishing his twentieth plate of food. "Alright! Let's go!"

"Aye!" Happy piped up, but before Natsu could move from his seat, he was knocked out when the same monster from that day's competition portion barged into the door, jumping and landed on Natsu. This effectively knocked him out.

"Eh?" everyone in the bar turned in shock.

"What?" Erza's eyes widened. "How did it . . ?"

"Huh?" Joan looked at the monster. But once it spotted her, it charged towards her.

"Joan!" Erza cried, requipping to her Heaven's Wheel armor. But she wasn't able to launch an attack as the beast jumped on Joan and made her fall down the floor. The next thing they knew, the beast was licking on Joan's cheek, tickling her.

The blonde girl giggled. "Oh, stop it~!"

"Eh? It's the one we tamed." Jade realized.

"But how . . ?" Lucy asked.

"Oh, about that . . ." Lea entered the bar, with Lucas right behind her. "The organizers noticed that the creature liked you so much and practically went on a rampage. So they decided to willingly give him to you, just like that."

"Eh? Really?" Joan asked in disbelief, a huge smile on her face.

'That's a lie.' Lucas thought. 'You went and faced the organizers, and you were the one who practically went on a rampage when they wouldn't give this thing to you. And after they did, you even threatened them not to tell anyone about it. The only one willing about what happened was that thing.'

"I'm so glad!" Joan said, practically glowing with joy.

"Just be sure to take good care of him, okay? And remember that we'll hold you responsible if it does something, okay?"

"Yep! Leave it to me!" Joan saluted.

"Woah, so this thing's going to be your pet, huh?" Gray asked.

"Well, I guess I'm fine with it." Erza sighed. "Just don't let it go on a rampage."

"Don't worry. I won't." Joan nodded.

"What'll you name him?" Lucy asked.

"Hm? Well . . ." Joan looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Scales!" Natsu yelled, finally gaining consciousness.

"Whitey." Jade suggested, noticing its white scales.

"Man!" Elfman yelled.

"How about Cerberus?" Lucy asked. "You know, like the canine guardian of the gates of the Underworld."

"Eh? You mean like the guild?" Natsu asked.

"No, not that!"

"I got it!" Joan yelled standing up and patting the creatures head. "Artemis! Her name will be Artemis."

"Artemis?" they all asked.

"Her?" Jade added.

"Yeah. Artemis is a girl, after all." Joan said.

"How do you know?"

"Why don't you go check 'downstairs' and see for yourself." Joan said.

"N-no, I'm good."

"Anyway, why Artemis?" Lucas asked.

"Because she's my dog! And I'll name her however I like!" Joan said. "Her name's Artemis and that's that."

They all sighed and went back to what they were doing before.

"Fine. Whatever." Lucas said.

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