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AN: This story will basically follow The Last Olympians plot but will still have a few new battles and such. Percy won't be the prophecy child since he is a god and the prophecy refers to a half-blood. Please review and tell me what you think.

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Chapter 1

Until looking around the throne room today Percy Jackson, the immortal son of Poseidon god of the seas and Amphitrite goddess of sea, couldn't fully grasp what he was told years ago by the goddess of wisdom. She told that his fatal flaw, loyalty, would be the end of him, and now looking back on it as much as he had denied this at the time now he couldn't help but admit it. The war had taken its toll on everybody their was no denying that but nobody else besides his father had to deal with the same fatal flaw. You see a fatal flaw is exactly what it sounds like, a flaw that if not controlled can be fatal.

When he was told Percy thought she meant that his fatal flaw would physically end him but no she meant mentally. Percy was extremely loyal and after having to watch those that he was loyal to die he was scarred for life and being immortal he knew that wasn't a good thing. Percy knew going into all this that the war was dangerous and that some of his friends would die but he hoped beyond hope that that was just before battle nerves, something that wouldn't happen and was just a necessary caution. He had just finished fighting in the Trojan War and out of his friends was the only one who made it out.

The Olympians couldn't help but feel pity for the young immortal. Over the years they had told him that getting too close to demigods who wouldn't live long lives would end badly. They knew this was tough for him and him being the most favored immortal out there helped them feel sorrowful. He was allowed in on their Olympian meetings, he was even allowed a key to Olympus for whenever he wanted to leave Atlantis. Though he wasn't on the same side as some of the gods during the war they respected him enough to know that he had the people's best interests at heart.

Percy still couldn't believe his friends were gone. 'The friends he fought for' Percy thought. 'I can't believe The friends that fought for me and helped in every way possible are gone'.Zeus and the others knew he would be alright over time like the gods who had grown accustomed to seeing their loved ones pass. The gods didn't like going through it but knew they had no choice in the matter. They had years to grow accustomed to such a way of thinking while the yuong demigod didn't have anywhere near that. Finishing up the burning of shrouds they were about to leave when Zeus spoke.

Zeus had thought of a way to cheer everyone up "How about instead of when he's seventeen like planned we give him his godhood a year early?" He asked in a tone that even though he asked dared anyone to contradict what he said but surprisingly no-one did. All the gods liked, loved, or at least respected Percy to some extent and didn't like seeing the hero they knew as once cheerful and happy so down and gloomy. He was usually so full of life that it was really sad to see him so depressed.

Percy thought about what Zeus said. Did he really want godhood today? The day all his loved ones died right in front of him and him to powerless to stop it. Powerless. That word helped him make his decision. Percy thought that maybe getting his domains will be helpful so next time he won't be so powerless and rely on other people. He would be able to save any new friends and loved ones so that this wouldn't have to happen again.

"Lord Zeus, I Perseus Jackson accept your request and would like to receive my domains and become a god." Percy said as respectfully as he could knowing it wise not to anger Zeus. He was the King of Gods for a reason and was very prideful. Meaning he angered very quickly if he felt that he was being disrespected. Poseidon smiled proudly at his son knowing he would become a great god. Poseidon knew he would be really powerful and him being loyal to Olympus would help them greatly when the next war was to happen. He along with the other Olympians and Hestia looked at Zeus waiting for his reply.

Zeus smiled down at his nephew. Contrary to popular belief he doesn't hate all of his brother Poseidon's children. He just disliked certain ones and while Perseus was rather impulsive he was a skilled warrior with a loyal heart. He didn't make dumb or silly mistakes that they couldn't afford in battle.

"Good, Now nephew close your eyes and the fates will send you your domains while your eyes are shut." Said Zeus. Obediently Percy closed his eyes and anxiously waited. Suddenly out of nowhere he felt a powerful force entering his mind. "Perseus Jackson you are now the god of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship, and Tides." He heard three ancient voices say in unison "Now" the voices continued "Your domain will be Camp-Half Blood, while your symbol of power is Riptide, and your sacred animal will be shared between you and your father the Pegasus." Said the Fates.

The gods watched in silence. Because as Perseus was getting his domains he was physically changing before their eyes. Instead of the pale skin he had before because of never leaving Atlantis his skin became tan. He got taller and more muscular causing his shirt to rip and making certain goddesses blush crimson. His chest where before was a visible six pack became an impossible to miss eight pack. His face became harder cut and his jaw line more strong. All-in-all a lot of women were looking at him with lust clearly visible on their faces. That was all that happened before his eyes shot open.

Percy opened my eyes to find myself shirtless with all the Olympians staring at him. He then remembered he was a god and made a shirt appear on his chest. The Olympians were looking at him with unconcealed curiosity. He wondered why when he realized they wanted to hear what he was the god of.

Percy cleared his throat "I am the god of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship,and Tides." He said with a hint of pride. It wasn't everyday you become a god after all.

The gods all went into a shocked silence. They were all thinking the same thing he was powerful. They weren't thinking of it in a he will betray us he must die kind of way but more of a the more powerful you are the longer you will be in a coma while your body adjusts to the new power you possess. They forgot to tell Percy that once you are made a god the more powerful you are the longer you will be knocked out. With the amount of power he would posses he would have to be an Olympian .The gods knew without a doubt that Percy would be out until the next great prophecy (the one about a child of the big three saving or destroying the world but he didn't need to know that yet anyway since he wouldn't be the child of the prophecy and the gods made an oath to not have anymore new kids).

Poseidon looked at his son with pride. "Percy the side effects of becoming a powerful god means soon you will become unconscious but with your powerful domains you will have to become an Olympian." He continued looking at Zeus "to balance everything out we will have to give Hestia and Hades a spot on the Olympian council."

Zeus thought about it. He was actually tired of keeping his brother away from Olympus but he would never admit that out-loud. He didn't like to ban him from coming to Olympus. Zeus would actually prefer to allow Hades onto the council along with his favorite sister. Both would provide some well needed peace in the family. Hestia because she is a peaceful goddess and Hades because he wouldn't be jealous of the big three's children anymore. "Welcome Perseus Jackson the fifteenth Olympian, see you when you wake but be warned by then we will most likely be at war."

Percy thought about what he said. 'I wonder what he means be at war? I just got through a war and I have to be in another one.' He knew that he would still fight in it but he was tired of wars. That was all he got the chance to think of before he felt his body disappear out of the throne room and felt himself black out.

When Percy's body disappeared the gods went into an uproar. All were shocked and wondered what had happened. Poseidon was absolutely furious that someone would dare to move his sons body without his permission. Eventually they all concluded they would look for him but wouldn't do anything drastic until the next great prophecy started since Apollo predicted that was when he would return. So for now he would have to stay stay lost, where-ever he is.

Percy woke up with a serious headache. But he figured it was reasonable after being in a coma for centuries. Percy then started looking around for anything familiar. He stopped when he realized he was in an unfamiliar place. He still remembered everything from becoming a god to being told he would wake up during the next great prophecy. He then realized that him being a god meant he could teleport and so he teleported himself to Olympus in what seems to be an important council meeting. The room was filled with the Olympian council.

Percy looked around the throne room. Percy was always known as a very curious person and was wondering about what was happening before he arrived. The throne room was so different from what he previously remembered. He saw some familiar faces from back when he was made a god as he looked at the council. He recognized that the council was arguing and just observed what was occurring.

He could tell that saying the council was shocked would be a serious understatement. Percy could understand that, he would be surprised too if what seemed to be a sixteen year old boy appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a council meeting. Their reactions however, were hilarious most gods gasped, while some of the less mature gods(Hermes and Apollo)fell out of their thrones in shock. Most of the gods immediately pulled out their symbols of power ready to blast whoever was crazy enough to intrude on one of their most important meetings when someone yelled "stop."

Athena being the smartest immediately noticed the facial similarities between the supposed mystery person and Poseidon her long time rival. She was shocked at first but that shock soon turned to joy when she realized that the lost Olympian had returned. The prophecy had started and Athena knew that it would be vital to have someone with the power and swordsmanship skills that Perseus had.

Percy tensed when the weapons were drawn but was glad that Athena told the council to stop. Percy smiled after everyone lowered their weapons. After appraising him they all realized that who he was and were visibly relieved that he was back. Percy was immediately surrounded by the Olympian council. Some like his father crushed him in a hug, while others would pat him on the back, or kiss him on the cheek.

Poseidon looked at his son with pride "son you have returned." He said proudly. He couldn't believe how much more powerful his son looked after waking up. He noticed several changes about his son the first being the intense aura that surrounded him. He also noticed that his sons face was more handsome it became more defined and his eyes held more power than ever before. For him to be that strong gave Poseidon a sense of pride and accomplishment mainly because of the fact that it was his son.

"So Dad, whats going on?" Percy asked. Poseidon looked down "the next prophecy has started and it has to deal with my son Jake." "To sum it up it says he will save us all or be the reason for our downfall." He stated glumly. Poseidon was proud of all the accomplishments Jake had achieved but upset that his son had to go through it. Jake was a good camper but he was very arrogant about his accomplishments and while he was kind at times not everyone was patient enough to deal with him.

Zeus spoke up "Perseus God of Heroes, Quests, Swordsmanship, and Tides also known as the lost Olympian,the council has a problem and now that you have arrived you could help us greatly." He said with hopefully with slight pleading in his voice witch probably has never happened before. "Uncle what do you need?" Perseus asked kindly trying to help in any way possible. "We need you to go to camp disguised as a camper. The campers know about the lost Olympian but we will simply tell them that Poseidon named you after his favorite son."

Percy thought about this ,he was happy to be back but upset also. This new time period would take a while to get used to. And while he would be trying to adjust he would be expected to be a camper and they were about the same age he is since he stopped aging once he entered the coma. Percy would also like to catch up with his parents but he knew he had to help and him being immortal meant he would have plenty of time to reminisce later.

"Lord Zeus I will help in anyway possible."Percy replied. "Good we will send you to camp soon and say you were on a quest for the gods that took years,thus explaining your late arrival at camp. You will be claimed by Poseidon and we will say you are 15 like your half-brother but you were born after. " Zeus said in a scheming way.


Annabeth couldn't help but curiously glance around the dining pavilion,listening in on other conversations and watching sibling interactions. That being said Annabeth wasn't considered nosy to anyone because after all it was in her nature being a daughter of Athena. But everyone knew that Annabeth wasn't just a daughter of Athena she was the favored daughter of Athena chosen by the goddess of wisdom herself. Annabeth wasn't cocky but she knew she was one of the most respected campers at Camp Half-Blood. Her wit wasn't what got her there it was her unmatched knife fighting skills and her amazing battle plans.

At first glance you could tell that Annabeth was powerful. She didn't really have a cold exterior but more of an intimidating aura. Her long curly blonde hair and calculating grey eyes gave her the looks of a beautiful princess or that's how the male campers described her. Annabeth knew she was pretty but didn't like to flaunt it. Everyday Annabeth was asked out on numerous dates but she always turned them down. As mush as she would like to deny it Luke's betrayal had hit her worse then anything else and everyone knew it. She had a huge crush on him and leaving her for the enemy after promising not to had made it very hard to gain her trust.

Annabeth had many friends or acquaintances but she only had three best friends that she would tell everything to. The first was Thalia Grace, the second was Nico di Angelo, and the third was one of her siblings from the Athena cabin Malcolm. Those had been the three to comfort her after Luke's betrayal the most. Luke was everything to her and it's not like she could talk to her dad about these things since they didn't get along that well.

The only real father figure she had was Chiron. He was the camps immortal trainer but loved her deeply since he practically raised her. Annabeth came to camp when she was seven years old and was the longest consecutive camper there. Her necklace had numerous beads from all the years she spent at camp. She couldn't help but look around and think about how far she came. She had come from being seven and scared out of her mind to being one of the camps most trusted leaders. She would have continued her thoughts but a bright flash caught her off guard and when she stopped to see what happened she saw none other than her mothers rival Poseidon, god of the seas, and a extremely handsome 15 year old boy around her age with windblown black hair and sea green eyes.

The campers immediately bowed and when he waved his hand in a rising motion were about to get up when the boy next to him was claimed. Gasps were heard throughout the dining pavilion, not because of the speed in which he was claimed but because of the glowing symbol above the boys head, a gleaming trident.

Percy knew he looked like a fool but he couldn't help but gape at camp. Everything looked so different from when he was last here. He didn't recognize anyone besides Chiron and Mr. D which he wasn't too concerned with. He noted to himself that the campers were gasping like fish out of water opening and closing their mouths like they were communicating while no sound came out. After seeing their reactions I can honestly say I'm not embarrassed about gawking at camp anymore.

My father smiled around the dining pavilion " Campers I am proud to say that my son Perseus shall now be coming to camp. He was on a mission for the gods so he is well trained and will be a valuable asset to have. While my two children are close in age Jake will still be the child of the prophecy. Now I have to return to my palace but be warned I expect you all to treat my son well." He smiled at me one last time before vanishing into thin air and leaving behind the smell of sea.

I walked and sat at the Poseidon table ignoring all the stairs I received on my way. Once I sat down I saw someone my age glaring at me from across the table. I had to admit we looked sort of alike except his hair was brown and more messy than windblown. We both had our fathers sea-green eyes except mine were now even more brighter since I was made a god. I could hear every table in the pavilion,due to my enhanced vision and hearing,and all their conversations were focused on one thing,me.

I wasn't surprised to find out that campers still gossiped centuries later because they were still children technically like I was. I looked at the boy in front of me "So,is their a reason you're glaring at me or is your face stuck like that." I didn't mean to say it loud enough for the table next to us to hear but apparently they did because they busted out laughing. "Would you like some cream for that burn?" Someone who looked like they had a twin asked smirking. I looked more closely at them,if they weren't twins they were full blood brothers both had brown hair, blue eyes, upturned noses, and mischievous smirks. I could tell that the table next to us had to be the Hermes table.

If possible the boy across from me became more infuriated. His face turned bright red and I knew he wasn't blushing. I wanted to laugh at his face but I looked at him expectantly letting him know I was waiting on an answer. He sighed but continued his glaring "Well what do you expect. All these years dad had me to believe I was his only half-blood child and now you show up and you're around my age as well. So not only did he lie about not having other kids he cheated on mom while he was cheating on his wife."

By the end of his rant I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. All those points he made were wrong but sine I was supposed to be a camper I couldn't deny them. After hearing his reasoning I could understand where he was coming from. If I was in his place I would be upset too. "Look I know you're mad and I can understand that but you can't take it out on me. I can't control what our father does,but I do know that we should be helping each other,I can help you with the prophecy and you can help me find my way around here. Sound like a deal" I asked him holding my hand out for him to shake. He stared at it, hesitated, then shook it with a small smile on his face. We talked for the rest of dinner before Chiron called a war council and he had to leave me at the cabin. I was looking around the cabin when a beautiful blonde, grey eyed girl around the age my age opened the door and said I was needed at the meeting.


Annabeth loved it when Chiron called war councils. While most campers groaned and complained she enjoyed them because of her parentage she was in charge. On the battlefield people looked at Jake,a son of Poseidon,who Annabeth never got along with for guidance and reassurance. She knew that Jake was skilled but she didn't like boastful people and Jake let everyone know about his accomplishments. Annabeth figured Poseidon was like that as well thus explaining the rivalry with her mother.

Annabeth didn't like to judge people so she didn't know what to make of the new camper. He seemed cool and collective but looks can be deceiving. He also seemed nice enough by his interactions with the Hermes cabin. She couldn't believe that Poseidon had broken the oath twice and Zeus or Hades hadn't made an attempt on the boy's life yet. Her thoughts were interrupted once she arrived to the council. It was full of around a dozen people representing all the gods on the Olympian council who had children. Like always it was full of arguments, squabbles, and disagreements. She knew that they were in the middle of a war but the others couldn't seem to grasp that yet.

"Silence" Chiron yelled. "Now,we are here for me to inform you all of the latest information we have discovered." "It seems that when Jake visited his father that Lord Poseidon has deemed it necessary to tell both his sons the property so if Jake is not able to fulfill it Perseus will be prepared. "So now can someone go and fetch him please."All the female campers excluding myself immediately put their hands up. "Annabeth" Chiron said kindly "Can you please go get Percy." I sighed in exasperation "Fine" I said walking to the Poseidon cabin.

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