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Chapter 3

Percy was in utter disbelief. He knew from his history lessons with the immortals in Atlantis that Camp Half-Blood had some of the strongest boarders possible placed around it to ensure everyone's safety. Right now,though,it would appear that the worst possible scenario had happened. Not only had the monsters apparently downed and trapped the dragon while he was peacefully sleeping, but it seems that they took the given opportunity as many would have done and took the golden fleece as well.

Percy remembered how the Golden Fleece originated back in Ancient Greece and was the treasure that Jason and the Argonauts sought so highly after. Phrixus, a child of Athamus and the goddess Nephele, sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave its pelt to Aeetes who then ended up placing the pelt into a tree, which is where the pelt would remain until Jason would later come and claim it as his own. Percy knew that the famous pelt is now more commonly known as the Golden Fleece and was being used for it's amazing healing qualities by the camp.

Percy knew that without the fleece they would have a hard time winning the war. Not that it wasn't going to be hard enough already. But with the small amount of campers around these days, things were becoming a lot more difficult. At least with the fleece around they could easily heal their injured warriors without using up all the Apollo campers energy. As useful as their healing was it tended to drain them dry and that was something that they didn't need.

Percy decided that regaining possession of the Fleece was going to be his main priority. He would leave protecting the camp to all the others. After all this was his first time even coming to the camp, so surely they would have to agree with his reasoning. He looked over at the cabin leaders as they scrambled around giving orders to their cabin members, or for a better term siblings. Percy thought sadly about that. If one of these campers were to die today then that cabin would be losing a brother or sister. Percy remembered exactly how that felt and silently promised not to let anyone else have to see how that felt.

He looked around and locked eyes with Annabeth. Despite the situation she wasn't acting anywhere near as nervous or frightened as some of the other cabin leaders. Her head was up and a determined glint shined through her intelligent grey eyes. When their eyes met she gave him a nod before giving orders to the campers. After the cabins had all got their weapons and armor prepared they all went to where the Athene cabin was stationed. They were obviously awaiting orders, sense none were talking and all were being respectful and attentive. Something that barely happens sense demigods have ADHD.

ADHD is the shortened version of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it pretty mush means that you have a hard time staying still and will likely move around a lot. Percy wasn't a demigod so he knew that it wasn't as bad for him as it was for the others and was extremely grateful.

Percy looked at the others and reasoned that it made a lot of sense that they gravitated towards the Athena cabin for battle formations. Mainly because children of Athena were known for always having a plan. Not that that would help if their plans sucked. That's what was impressive with children of Athena, while it wasn't guaranteed that their plans would work or that you would win the battle with their plans they weren't ever bad plans. Children of Athena had an uncanny ability to prepare plans in their mind by creating small battles in their minds. They could re-enact scenes from old battles that they had heard about or scene in person by imagining it in their head. This allowed them to see what went right, what went wrong, and how it should be done the next time.

He listened in on what Annabeth was saying. "ALRIGHT CAMPERS LISTEN UP! They had the element of surprise. That does not guarantee them a victory. We are not going to blindly charge out there and try to keep them fro invading camp because it would be pointless. We need to focus on saving the cabins and the big house because as of right now those are the most important places. I want the majority of the Apollo cabin to climb out in the trees and try to knock some monsters down. I have already Iris messaged the hunters and they will be here shortly . The rest of the Apollo cabin should head off to the infirmary to help heal all the injured campers." Annabeth said then paused to catch her breath and give the Apollo cabin a chance to leave when they hadn't moved yet she got angry and loud, a very bad combination.

"MOVE OUT NOW!" She yelled when no one was moving. They all scurried off trying not to anger the very intimidating daughter of Athena again, Percy noticed with amusement. He had to admit she was pretty intimidating.

"Now, for the Ares cabin. I think it would be best if you all were in the front. You will be the first to confront the enemy. You are claim to be our best combat fighters, well this is a chance to prove yourself. I know that at camp you all have to hold back with the rules like no maiming but out there I want you all to be sure that you show no mercy to any of those monsters. Be vicious with your attacks and finish them quickly. I know that you are all proud and like to humiliate the enemy but we don't have enough campers to beat all these monsters if we don't move fast. Now move by the border WITHOUT going past it towards the monsters, we will let them come to us." Annabeth finished off giving orders to another cabin who sped off with Clarisse, the daughter of Ares in charge, in front and leading the way for her siblings. She had her electric spear out and it was cackling quite loudly Percy noticed and made a quick note not to ever find out how much electricity was in that spear of hers.

Annabeth watched them leave and made sure they followed her orders before continuing. "Now for the Aphrodite cabin. I know that the vast majority of you all aren't fighters. I actually think it's only one of you that likes to fight at all." At this she nodded her head towards Silena Beauregard. The Aphrodite cabin leader.

"But that doesn't matter." Annabeth continued. "Because I know of other ways to use your skills. I know that the Aphrodite cabin has two charmspeakers, Drew and Silena. Since Silena will probably want to get into the action herself I have something else for you to do Drew. I want you to get the microphone we use during the campfire sing-along's and set it up on the roof of the big-house. That is the exact center of camp and we need to protect it. Everybody will also be able to hear you clearly from their. I want you to charmspeak the monsters into leaving, dropping their weapons, surrendering, or into killing other monsters. As for the rest of you get your perfume and colognes and spray them around like crazy. This will help for a few reasons. One is that some monsters can't see so they rely on smell alone. When so many smells are around they won't be able to tell allies from enemies. The other is that they will get confused and unfocused allowing other campers to kill them. Silena you can just go help out wherever you feel is needed after you are sure that your siblings are prepared. Do you understand?" She asked.

The Aphrodite cabin nodded their head in comprehension. Percy noticed that they looked relieved that they didn't have to fight. They looked appreciative that Annabeth gave them things to do that would focus on their talents, rather than lack there of. They all hurried off to their cabin to grab their perfumes and colognes without another word all having determined glints in their eyes. For them it was time to prove themselves mainly to the other campers. They were tired of being judged for their parentage and wanted to prove they were more then just a beautiful or handsome face.

Annabeth watched them leave and smiled slightly at how determined they looked before again steeling her expression and continuing. "Hephaestus cabin I want you all to use all the traps you have and the stronger and more dangerous they are the better. We can't afford to underestimate the enemy, we need to take them out as FAST as we can. Notice the emphasis on fast. I as co-camp leader give you permission to use as much Greek fire as you want and/or as much as needed. Now I want you all to set up the traps in front of where the Ares Cabin is then I want you all to line up behind them and be prepared to face whatever slips behind the Ares cabin." She finished.

Percy watched and saw a tall and muscular African-American boy of around sixteen stand and nod back. He recalled the boys name was Charles Beckendorf. Percy didn't know much about the boy since he was relatively quiet to all but his girlfriend but he did respect his quiet but powerful aura. Percy watched as the Hephaestus cabin ran off to the storage areas that were usually locked down. In those areas was one of if not the most lethal and dangerous substances known to man, Greek Fire. Percy learned all about Greek Fire as a child. He knew that it was a weapon used by the Eastern Roman Empire. He also knew that it produced great results. It could be used in water and that interested many. But it being as scarce as it was didn't help them since they couldn't get their hands on it.

Percy was broken out of his musings when Annabeth continued. "Dionysus cabin, since there are only two of you I would like you both to work with the Demeter cabin and help put dangerous and poisonous plants all around us. We have all had training and know what those plants are but these monsters haven't. Then line up as the very last line of defense. I want those monsters to fall into some well placed plants clutches and you can all use some of the stealth skills that you have been taught and hide while holding monsters with vines and such until someone kills them. NOW MOVE OUT." She said while nervously looking over her shoulder.

Percy looked over and noticed that the monsters were gaining on the camp. Percy saw the 'lovely' Echidna and her son the Chimera. It was common knowledge for Percy that the monster the Chimera was a fire breathing, poison slinging menace, and that it shouldn't be fought unless it had to be.

"Hermes cabin You all are to sneak out on your own and help when needed. Earlier I mentally had a conversation with the Olympians. They said that while they could not interfere directly and were currently fighting the fight of their lives with Typhon, they would allow two gods to help some by giving any two gifts I wanted with the exception of things that would count as interfering like wishing away the monsters or something of that nature. So for my first wish I wished for you all to receive special assassin robes. They are specially enchanted to blend in with your surroundings and have pockets that can't be seen by anyone that isn't the wearer. They are celestial bronze plated and can act like a type of armor. It doesn't have much of it since that would make it to heavy to run around in but it will protect you from minor things like daggers and knives for a while before it starts to wear down. I also wished for a second invisibility cap. My mother was hesitant at first but eventually gave me another. She said she had never made one for a person who wasn't her own child. She said to pick who out of the cabin that In wanted to give it to and I have decided to give it to Travis."

Percy watched as she paused here for the screams as she was sure to get. It seemed she knew her campers a lot because almost the whole cabin was complaining about not receiving a cool hat. It surprised Percy how extremely ungrateful these kids were. The assassin like robes that he had heard about sounded extremely useful and he would want one. Besides that they didn't seem to realize that it took a lot out of the gods to give them these gifts. They spent a lot of their godly powers trying to help their children face some monsters. He would have to change that.

Annabeth started finishing up the battle plans. "Travis is the oldest and most responsible as sad as that is to say. Now I want you all to go to your cabin and quickly put on your assassin like robes before you go and help where needed." She said before tossing the new invisibility hat to Travis, who caught it and ran to a plain brown cabin with his siblings in his wake.

Annabeth looked at her own siblings from the Athena cabin. "Go help the Ares cabin, it looks like the monsters have gotten through the few remaining borders that we had. Fight bravely and we have a chance, fight smartly and we WILL WIN!" She said to the cheering of her siblings before they ran off to meet the monsters with the Ares cabin.

She turned to Jake. "As of right now you are the best swordsman I know. Go show it and take out as many monsters as you can." He nodded before scampering off. Which Percy noted left him and her alone. She looked at him "I don't know how good you are or what your skill set is, but because you have been helping out the gods I'm going to logically assume that you have the proper training to fight in this battle. I'm going straight for Echidna and the Chimera and would like your help."

Percy thought over this proposal and nodded his head in agreement with her plan. After all he was planning on going after Echidna anyway. Getting the fleece back was his main priority at the moment . He pulled his trusty celestial bronze pen out of his pocket and clicked it once. Almost immediately the pen transformed into a beautiful three inch long blade. It was glistening in the darkness, ready to be used at once as if it had a mind of its own.

Annabeth nodded appreciatively at the beautiful blade in front of her before pulling out her own weapon. Her weapon of choice was a small but deadly looking bronze knife. They looked at each other, took a deep breath, then charged towards Echidna and the chimera.

Percy reached their area first and charged the Chimera. He figured it would be more difficult since Echidna usually just set the beast on her enemies now without actually fighting. He heard Annabeth from behind him facing the mother of all monsters but he didn't dare turn around,no, he knew how formidable his opponent was and decided to give it all the attention that it deserved.

He immediately slashed his sword in an downward motion trying to hit snake tail that was hissing at him. He knew that the snake was the nose of the beast. Without it their he would be able to get close easier. He quickly realized that to get to the snake he would have to get past the goat, that was on the monsters back. The goat looked a lot more vicious than any normal goat would. It also looked a lot smaller.

Percy took a good look and realized that the goat probably didn't get to eat much considering that it was a herbivore while the lion and snake were carnivores. He figured they probably fought over food and to be realistic a goat would never win versus a lion or a snake. He immediately came up with a brilliant plan to get rid of the goat while dodging out of the way when some extremely deadly looking poison. Percy looked around and made sure that no-one was looking before he snapped his fingers and produced a medium sized tree branch. He made sure that he summoned one with a lot of leaves.

Percy's plan was to trick the goat was to get it to lower it's guard long enough for him to behead it. After that he would only have to fight the snake and the lions head. He held the tree branch out while completely ignoring the loud roars, and hisses coming from the lion and snake respectfully. He held it out to the vicious looking goat who looked as if he might be an omnivore regardless of the fact that it was a goat and normal ones were strictly herbivorous. He swiped it downward as the lion struck outward with its paw obviously having caught on to the plan. Percy figured this was happen since lions were extremely intelligent animals.

He dropped the branch underneath the lions outstretched paws and stuck the branch by the goats head. It paused for a second before opening its mouth and biting some leaves of the branch. Percy didn't hesitate at all when he swung his sword, riptide, in an upward ark and cleanly cut off the goats head. He couldn't celebrate his small victory though for the furious lion retaliated by angrily swiping his paws through the air. The lion did it with such force that the hit threw Percy into what he was earlier told was Thalia's Tree.

Percy's head was throbbing, and his side was burning painfully. He had hit his head on the tree on his way down and "PERCY." He heard a concerned Annabeth yell out as he wobbly staggered to his feet trying to regain his surroundings. "I'M FINE." He yelled out as he turned to see her and Echidna in a battle to the death or in the mother of all monsters case until she reformed years later. He looked at Annabeth and was amazed at the fighting skills she displayed while fighting the bride of Typhon they were both fighting extremely fast and it was obvious that their skill level was that of a master with their respective weapons.

Percy turned back as he sensed something approaching him from behind. He saw the Chimera running full speed at him. The wild untamed beast was obviously motivated by the thought of getting revenge on the person who killed a part of it. It obviously had lost the battle plan he and Echidna had before because its attacks were getting wilder and wilder. Percy dodged some fire the beast spit out by ducking low on the ground he then jumped back up and pulled out one of the two daggers he keeps in his socks and threw one at record speed toward the beasts eyes.

The beast was so surprised by the dagger appearing out of nowhere and enraged about one of it's own being killed that it was to slow to dodge out of the way. The dagger went straight through the lion heads left eye. It screeched in pain thrashing about wildly, desperately hoping the pain in it's one sensitive area,the eye, would stop. But it was all to no avail because it wasn't going to stop.

Percy tried to take advantage of the situation by trying to hit the beast with some water. He knew that the beast wouldn't like water simply because of it's affinity with fire. Naturally fire and water don't get along. Percy figured that this concept would help him.

Percy remembered one of the most important things he learned about the Chimera in his childhood lessons. The beast had three heads that was obvious. What wasn't well known was that the beast only had one head that was in control of the body. While the snake and goat heads could sense the pain the body felt they couldn't actually control where they wanted to walk or things of that nature. The lions head in the front had complete control of the animal and therefore it was supposed to be disposed of last. So if you slashed at it's neck where a rhinestone dog collar was located. The words were barely visible on the easily century old dog collar but he could basically sum it up to,if you are big and scary enough to get this close to this beast and it doesn't kill you then please return it to Tartarus, Thanks!

He knew that the snake head had to be killed before he could try and kill the lion. That being said he also knew that knowing and doing are two extremely different things and that this could end either way. He raised his hands in a upwards motion and channeled his godly powers while weakening them a little bit as to not raise suspicion. His head was still throbbing painfully from being tossed around earlier but he tried to ignore that as he felt the familiar tug in his gut.

Percy saw a huge wave of water slam into the Chimera and knock it off balance and while it stumbled he leaped out and swung his sword. It was good aim at first until the beast moved and his sword hit the neck of the lions head. Percy felt his sword fall out of his hand. He painfully stretched out his aching arm and snatched the sword by the hilt from the air before it could hit the ground.

The beast charged at him but Percy was ready to end this. The campers were holding their own but they wouldn't last forever. It was up to him to force them to make a retreat and he knew exactly how to do it. Percy was always told as a child that monsters gravitated towards powerful people and despite their stupidity normally knew when they were in over their heads. He knew that if he could kill the chimera that Echidna would retreat. It wasn't because they couldn't win without the bastard...beast,but because she would likely go to Tartarus just to check on her 'precious baby.'

Percy leaped off to the side and swung his sword expertly. He swung it upwards and used all the strength to cut the snake head clean off of his body. The good news was that the snakes head was cut off the bad news was it was spitting poisonous venom into the air when its head was chopped off and it bounced off the sword.

Percy watched in what seemed to be slow motion as the venom flew into the air. It flew right passed him and over his shoulder. He turned around hoping no-one was behind him but that happy thought vanished when he saw who it was heading towards. Annabeth Chase head daughter of Athena was still fighting Echidna and wasn't even noticing the danger her life was in.

Percy shouted out but it was too late. He watched in horror as Annabeth gasped in pain, and dropped her knife. He saw the pain in her eyes as unshed tears came into view. She grasped her chest as that's where the poison was as she rolled around the floor in agony. Percy couldn't bare to watch this anymore, he had to end this. He got infuriated when he noticed Echidna and the Chimera watching her pain with what looked like unconcealed glee. Percy quietly grabbed the other dagger he had hidden on his person and took aim.

Percy knew that he only had one shot at this and was determined not to lose it. He noticed that the campers were slowly overtaking the monsters. Most had seen what happened with Annabeth and they were furious that anyone would dare do that to their leader. They were fighting with new resolve which was good. He aim straight at the chimera's neck and threw it as hard as he could at the back of the beasts neck. Neither it or its mother was facing him, Percy knew that they would pay for turning their back on him, an Olympian. The beast gave a surprised grunt of pain before it turned to dust.

It was immortal only when one of its head was still connected, without a purpose the body of the beast always dies. Percy knew that it would come back and that he had made an enemy for life in the Chimera, Echidna, and Typhon if he was a caring parent. Which was extremely weird to think about. He noticed the furious expression on Echidna's face.

"You dare to kill the child of the mother of all monsters! YOU INSOLENT FOOL! You will pay for your idiot move with a life! But it won't be yours,no, it will be this daughter of Athena's!" She said before lifting her sword in the air. Percy looked on in horror. He would have to use his godly powers to save her. She didn't deserve to die and he had carelessly gotten to think of her as a friend, something he told himself he shouldn't.

Echidna brought her sword down in a hurry before the child of Poseidon could harm her. She recognized the furious expression on his face and realized that she had underestimated him when she shouldn't have. He was a half-blood child of the big three as far as she knew. She could only blame herself for her son's death but she was hopefully about to redeem herself.

Right when Percy was about to stop her he heard her sword make a clang like it connected with something when it couldn't have. Nothing was there. He looked on in amazement as the mother of all monsters was disarmed by, nothing? When he looked again something was rippling in the empty space, a few yards beside Echidna until Travis Stoll was standing tall with two swords in his possession. His expression was one of deadly calm that you rarely ever see on children of Hermes.

Percy had completely forgot about the advantage they had with the assassin robes and the second invisibility cap. It made a lot of sense now how they had managed to hold their own against the monsters now. Having an advantage that the enemies knew nothing about was extremely useful and was what master strategists would dream of.

He looked like he was extremely pissed off which would make sense to Percy. He has been fighting monsters and having to watch friends, along with family members get hurt. Percy could tell he loved all his siblings dearly and knew that this wasn't easy on him. Percy remembered how Annabeth said that the Stoll brothers were some of her best friends at camp since they were year rounders as well they all used to hang out together. Percy knew that meant they had formed a bond and were extremely close. He also knew how it felt to watch someone you were close to die. That made it a lot easier for him to understand why Travis was so furious.

Echidna took one look at Travis face and said "RETREAT." Percy saw all the remaining monsters running for their lives as the Apollo cabin sent a few more volleys of arrows down to try and get rid of the remaining monsters before they could leave. It was extremely impressive he had to admit. He was never very good at archery, so he could always appreciate a nice display of the single weapon that he had yet to get any luck at. He was always disappointed that he couldn't use it well but decided it was hereditary and having so many powers mean that you couldn't be good at everything. He knew that because most people were good at one maybe two weapons but might not be able to adapt well to some other type of weapon. Like a child of Ares can use a sword or spear easily, but would have trouble if they tried to use a bow and arrow. Or maybe it was because no child of Ares would be caught dead using a bow and arrow. He never thought about it like that.

Anyway Percy noted that the monsters were gone and the campers were helping the extremely ill. He saw Annabeth being carted off to the infirmary and felt horrible. He couldn't help but blame himself for her predicament. It was his sword that sent the poison into the air after all. He would have to heal her using his water powers. That thought in mind he ran into the infirmary to meet the Apollo cabin counselor Will Solace.

"Look I'm sorry Percy but no visitors right now. Annabeth's in critical condition, and while I'm sure you have nothing but her safety in mind I can't allow you through to her room while we try to heal her." Will said before crossing his arms over his chest and giving him what he apparently thought was a threatening glare. Percy fought to laugh before remembering the seriousness of the situation.

"I'm here to help." He said continuing when a skeptical look crossed over the medics face. "I'm serious when I was in Atlantis my father taught me all kinds of healing methods to use with water in case I was ever injured on the missions the gods sent me on." He finished. Percy watched as Will's eyes gained a thirsty glint in them. He knew that children of Apollo had one weakness, healing knowledge.

Will nodded "Come on then. But you better not be lying." He said trying to be menacing again which Harry ignored before following him in. He saw a pale Annabeth sitting inside with her head down on a pillow resting. He calmly walked over and placed his hands on the side of Annabeth's chest and his hands glowed a blue color. Her breathing eased up, her skin gained color, her scars cleared up, and overall she looked better but she wasn't fully healed.

Percy was shocked that was supposed to work. Will somberly walked over. "I did some research with Jake to see if you were telling the truth. He says that everything you said was true and that she should be fully healed when you finished but she wasn't, so do you know what that means?" Will asked.

Percy nodded sadly "She's in a aquatic healing coma."

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