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"We really should start meeting somewhere else."

Two pairs of obsidian eyes glanced up and she blushed at the sudden attention, her pale cheeks growing even redder despite the steam of the hot spring.

"Why?" Sasuke asked lazily, finally allowing his tense body to relax in the hot water as he glanced at Kagome from the corner of his eyes, "Other Uchiha rarely come here."

"But the point is that some do," Kagome pointed, sinking deeper in the hot spring so her body was hidden by the murky water, "I know for a fact that Shisui-aniue does come here."

"There is no need to worry, Imouto," Itachi did not seem concerned, and to a non-Uchiha eye, he appeared to be his normally impassive self. But to Sasuke and Kagome, they could tell he was a bit amused even, "I have made it so that Shisui will never disturb us when we are here."

"How?" Kagome asked with a pout, moving closer to the eldest Uchiha as he cleaned his long blood-soaked hair, "Did you dazzle him with your eyes, Aniki?" She grinned, settling herself between his slightly spread legs.

"Shisui would have to be an idiot if he didn't already know about this," Sasuke said, ignoring Kagome's glare, "Nii-san can trick the rest of the clan, but not Shisui."

"Does Shisui-aniue know?" Kagome gasped, flipping around so she was facing her oldest brother, "You said we needed to keep this top secret."

"Shisui knows," Itachi confirmed and Kagome frowned, "But he does not care. He encouraged us to go against the clan when he found out."

"So he didn't think we're some sick incestuous threesome?" Kagome sighed in relief, raising a brow at Sasuke's dry look.

"Why wouldn't he think that? That's what we are." Sasuke shrugged and Kagome stuck out her tongue at him, cuddling even further into Itachi's naked form.

She smiled when he merely relaxed and stroked her wet hair in response and she couldn't help but to tease Sasuke, "Go blow Naruto, Nii-chan. Aniki and I both know you really want to."

Sasuke glared.