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Chapter 1 – Be Prepared

"I can't believe her! She doesn't belong here or around us! Edward needs to get rid of her now!" Rosalie ranted for probably the millionth time.

Emmett sighed. He was sick of hear the complaining and the put downs Rose projected towards Bella. The younger girl had done nothing except catch the notice of one of the Cullen's; actually she had caught the interest of more than one, but situations being what they were made it nearly impossible for Emmett to do anything about what he was feeling. Making a fist, he stated in a low threatening voice, "Stop it! Just stop it Rose. I am sick of your complaining. She has done nothing wrong and it was Edward that approached her, not the other way around. Was she curious? Yes, but that is normal around us and you know it. So just stop it! Give her a break and leave her alone!" Instead of staying to listen to what "the princess" had to say, he left the room and ran out of the house. He needed to run and maybe hunt.

Edward had come home earlier that day from visiting his girlfriend, Bella, and informed the family that he would be bringing her by for a visit the next day. Something inside Emmett jumped for joy at seeing the girl outside of school, but another part of him cringed knowing that she wasn't there for him; she was there for his brother. A bitter sweet feeling washed over him. As soon as the announcement was made, Edward went off to play piano and Emmett had gone up to his room hoping to be alone, but Rose decided instead that she would follow and complain about the human's involvement with the coven of vampires and Emmett finally broke. He was sick of the things that Rosalie said about Bella, about her whole attitude. He needed a major break.

Running without a distinct destination in mind, Emmett knew that he just needed to get away for a while. He needed to clear his head of the girl, the rage he was feeling towards Rosalie, and most importantly the jealously he was feeling in regards to Edward's relationship with Bella. "Why does it bother me so much? Sure she is cute and seems sweet, but she is just a girl and I have Rose," Emmett thought to himself. He should be happy with his life as it was, right?

Rose was flabbergasted when Emmett barked at her. When he took off, she stood there for the longest time with her jaw hanging open and a look of pure shock on her face. "Did that just happen?" She asked herself. Thinking about what just happened, she knew things had been strained between the couple for a while, but she couldn't believe that he would defend the little human the way he did. "He can't possibly think that having her around is a good thing!" Rosalie fumed.

Emmett did not go home for several hours. The more he thought about someone, anyone saying something bad about Bella, his frustration grew. She was innocent in all of this, if Rosalie, or anyone else in the family wanted someone to blame, they needed to with Edward. When he finally felt calm enough, he made his way back to the house. Slowly climbing the stairs, he saw his wife waiting for him and took a deep breath. He really didn't want a confrontation right now.

Rosalie watched Emmett approach the house and stood up from her perch on one of the seats on the back porch. She could see the cautious look his gave her and wondered why he was so defensive when it came to the human he had yet to be introduced to. Unable to prevent the words from leaving her mouth, she asked, "What was all of that earlier?" Her tone sounded more accusing than inquisitive.

Sighing, Emmett said, "I just don't think it is fair that you are so against her when you don't even know her."

"Fine you want me to be nice and just accept everything? Then I will bow down and do what you ask, but if this turns out badly, I don't want to hear it from any of you!"

"I am just saying that you need to give her a chance and chill out a little."

Rolling her eyes, Rosalie griped, "A chance? I don't think she is worth that much of my time, but have it your way. I will not say anything to her or about her." Spinning on her heel, she walked into the house and stalked up the stairs.

Each heavy step that she took caused Emmett to wince. Muttering under his breath, he whispered, "Well that went well."

"Why are you still with her if you know she isn't your true mate?" A southern voice inquired behind him.

Emmett spun around quickly and saw Jasper standing behind him, "Sorry?"

"I do believe you heard me," Jasper smirked.

Shrugging his shoulders, the larger man finally spoke, "She saved me and I owe my life to her."

As the gifted empath walked up to his brother, he placed a hand on his shoulder and stated, "You may want to think about things. Forever is a long time to stay with someone just because you feel gratitude. I understand that you are grateful to her for what she did, but life is about more than that. What happens when you finally meet the person you are supposed to be with?"

Exhaling slowly, Emmett looked down at the ground, "I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there."

"What if you cross it sooner than you planned?"

Emmett looked up and studied the other man briefly. Did Jasper know something he didn't? "What do you mean?"

Shaking his head, Jasper grinned, "I am just saying that sometimes we find our mates when we least expect and sometimes in a place we never thought possible. You can find her anywhere and what happens when you do? It is just something you need to think about." He was speaking from personal experience and thought about his own mate, Alice. With his spiel down, Jasper entered the house and left Emmett standing on the porch.

"What would happen if I met her tomorrow?" Emmett asked himself as he sat down. Unbidden the face of a certain brunette with brown eyes popped into his mind. Pushing the thought away, he continued to think about what Jasper had said to him. His brother may have a point, but what if Jasper was wrong?