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Chapter 44 – A New Life

The day had finally arrived. Isabella Swan and Emmett Cullen were finally going to be married. She had graduated about a month prior to the highly anticipated date, and although there had been a time she had not wanted to take the marital plunge, she found herself to be just as excited about walking down the aisle towards her future husband as Emmett was about seeing her walk towards him. She never thought she would look forward to saying "I do" to anyone, but here she was on her father's arm about to walk out the back door of the Cullen home and when she reached the end of the makeshift aisle, her groom would be waiting and there her new life as a Cullen would begin.

Alice planned everything and Bella had no qualms about anything her best friend had decided up, save one… Bella refused to wear four inch heels. They were not her and she felt like she would fall flat on her face every time she attempted to wear them. Her mother was a godsend in that case though because, Renee snuck in a pair of two inch wedges with a small platform, allowing Bella to have height without feeling like she was going to kill herself… and they were a lot more comfortable than the killers Alice wanted her to wear.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Bella knew it was time when the music changed. She and her father took a step out the door and towards her new life. Her dress was white satin, A-line, with a V neckline, and one inch wide straps. It had lace along the bodice and some beading, but other than that it was plain, allowing the bride to outshine the dress… it was perfect for her wedding to Emmett Cullen. The closer she moved towards her intended, the less nervous she felt and the moment she locked eyes with him, all of her butterflies flew away.

As soon as the music changed, Emmett knew that his bride was about to step out of the house and make her way towards him. He saw her before she saw him and she took his breath away… thankfully he didn't need air to live, because he didn't think he would be able to breathe again for a while. Bella was utter perfection in his eyes and he was profoundly grateful once again that she belonged to him. This was his mate and the woman he would spend the rest of his life beside, loving her and supporting her; and he could think of no one better than her.

Placing his daughter's hand in Emmett's had been hard for Charlie, but he was also overjoyed that his daughter had chosen this man to spend the rest of her life with. Emmett Cullen loved his daughter more than anyone and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the younger man would always take care of her. If the chief of police had to lose his daughter to anyone, he was glad it was a man like Emmett instead of his brother Edward. Yes, there would be hard time ahead for the couple, and yes, they were starting out early, but he had this feeling that no matter what they went up against, they would pull through together; and no one deserved it more than his Bella. Taking his place next to Renee and Phil, he watched as his baby became a Cullen and began the next phase of her life.

Renee hadn't been sure that her daughter should marry so young, but after she met Emmett, she knew he had been made for Bella. The love was shining in his eyes and she knew that he would do anything and everything to make sure her daughter was given the world; and she could ask for no more than that. They loved each other, and Renee had never seen Bella look at another person with eyes that sparkled like they did for Emmett. This was the man that belonged with her daughter, and Renee would no longer have to worry about Bella's future because it was standing next to her at the alter speaking his vows. She caught a glimpse of her ex-husband rubbing his eyes and smiled. Their marriage may have ended in failure, but together they had created a beautiful baby girl who grew into a beautiful woman, and that was a major success in her eyes.

After the vows had been spoken and the rings exchanged, the party moved to another side of the house for the reception. Bella and Emmett greeted everyone that had come, and the bride was surprised to see how many additional vampires came to witness the nuptials. Soon she would become one herself… in fact it was going to happen on her honeymoon. It had all been planned out. They would go on their honeymoon and spend a couple of days together and then Emmett would bite her and start her change. They were going to a private island that Carlisle had given Esme one year as a gift. They would be away from other people and there were some animals on the island so she would not have to leave. In preparation for the change, they had actually been supplying the island with more animals so that it was properly stocked. Her parents thought that from her honeymoon she would be attending college on the east coast, but that wouldn't happen for another year. First she would be changed and then she would have to go through her newborn phase. Only after did she have some semblance of control would she be allowed to leave the island.

Two of the final people to greet the new couple were Rosalie and Laurent, and Bella remarked to herself that she had never seen the blonde so happy, or dare she say… glowing. It was a dramatic difference and it amazed the bride how finding your soul mate and the one person you were made to be with could change one so drastically. Rosalie was smiling up at her mate, whose eyes were no longer red, and had their hands linked together. They looked like they were very in love and Bella couldn't be happier for them. Grinning, she told them, "I'm glad you were able to come today."

"We wouldn't have missed it for anything. I'm… sorry for everything I did. I never…" Rose started and was stopped when Bella held up her hand.

"I know, and I would like to start over and consider that water under the bridge," the bride stated as she squeezed her mates hand.

Nodding, Emmett proclaimed, "I have to agree with Bella. It is the past and we have all learned a lot since then. Many things have changed and it is time to move forward."

"Thank you for giving me a chance. If you hadn't let me live, I wouldn't have my Rose," Laurent spoke with reverence letting go of his mates hand and wrapping it around her waist.

"Through your actions, you deserved the chance," Emmett grinned as he shook the other vampire's hand, "And I have to say, being a vegetarian suits you." Everyone laughed at his small joke and returned to the party.

After the meal had been eaten and the toasts given, Bella looked around trying to locate someone, but didn't appear to be having much luck. Walking up behind her, Emmett wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his chest. He felt the small tremor and knew she was anxious about their honeymoon (he was too), and he would venture a guess that she was a little nervous about what would happen next, "What's going on honey?"

"Have you seen Emily and Sam? They were here earlier, but I can't find them and Emily said she wanted to give me something."

"I haven't seen them at all since the ceremony. Maybe she left it with the other gifts?"

Shaking her head, Bella furrowed her brow, "I don't think she would have, but maybe."

"Are you looking for Emily?" Jenny asked as she seemed to approach out of nowhere and walked up to the couple. She was wearing a green dress that matched the rest of the bridesmaids' gowns.

"Yah, have you seen her? She said…" Bella turned and looked at the wolf that had become one of her closest friends. Jenny held out something wrapped in cloth, but her expression was a little… not troubled, but not exactly overjoyed and that bothered the bride, "What happened?" She took the offered item, however, made no move to open it.

Jenny's eyes turned to her mate standing next to her and then turned back to Bella, "Well, she started to have a weird reaction."

"Was it something she ate?" The bride asked.

"Bella, she started to get angry and have a reaction," Jacob spoke quietly hoping his friend would understand what he was saying, "I think it is the increase of special guests in the area."

It suddenly dawned on Bella what they were trying to tell her and she nodded while mentally face palming over her own lack of understanding, "Oh. I hope she will be alright."

"I'm sure she will be, but Sam wanted to get her out of here as fast as possible," Jenny explained, "Any way, she wanted me to make sure I gave that to you and said it was special."

Unraveling the cloth wrapping, Bella opened the gift and revealed a flat circular piece of wood with a hand painted landscape on it. The ocean and its waves were on the left and the forest was on the right. On a cliff were two wolves and walking out of the forest were two people holding hands. The figures were hard to see, but they were there. The gift was beautiful. She had visited Emily one day and had fallen in love with one of the paintings on the wall. It was small and circular like this one, but it was a landscape with a wolf nuzzling a woman's hand. When she asked Emily about it, the other woman had told her she had painted it after Sam had imprinted on her; and now it appeared Bella's friend had made one for her. It was amazing. Glancing towards Jacob and Jenny, she whispered, "Tell her thank you, and that I love it."

"We will," Jenny spoke softly giving her friend a smile before returning to the reception with her mate.

"You ok?" Emmett squeezed gently so that his new wife knew he was there for her.

Sniffling, Bella nodded, "Yah. This is a good thing for Sam and Emily, and this painting is…"

"Stunning," he supplied. He spun her around and gave her a small kiss and then simply hugged her.

After a few minutes of standing there in her new husband's arms, she sighed, "I guess we better get back to the party before Alice sends out a search party."

Laughing, Emmett snorted, "Yah, knowing her, she will do it too." He pulled her back to the reception where they danced, laughed, joked, and had the time of their lives before they left for their honeymoon.

Once they got to the island, the couple was in paradise… their own little world. Bella was nervous and anxious for what was about to happen. They had yet to cross the line and she was a bundle of feelings and nerves and everything was shooting off at once.

Emmett put the luggage just inside the door and then scooped up his bride and carried her to the bedroom, everything else forgotten. He slowly lowered her to her feet and allowed her body to slide along his, both feeling every inch of each other. Thoughts of anything else flew out the window as he claimed her lips. This kiss was different, this kiss held the promise that he would no longer stop or hold himself back, this kiss was going to be the first of many for the night, and before the dawn came, he would kiss every inch of her body as he had wanted to do since the first time he laid eyes on her… and that is exactly what he proceeded to do.

Slowly opening her eyes, Bella could feel an arm wrapped around her waist from behind and she smiled taking reveling in the strength and power in that arm, in the man behind her. He was her mate and her husband and the person she couldn't wait to spend the next several hundred centuries with.

Flipping over, she was grinning when she looked at his open eyes, "Morning."

"Morning, honey," Emmett grinned and brushed some hair out of his wife's eyes, "How do you feel?"

Bella stretched against his body and could feel every muscle, and although some were sore, it wasn't anything she was concerned about, "I feel good."

He flipped her over onto her back and ravished her mouth as he had the night before and then leaving her wanting, he got out of bed a playful smirk on his face, "I'll go make you some breakfast and be back in a bit."

It was on the tip of her tongue to say she wasn't hungry, but the growl from her stomach stopped all protests. Still she grumbled, "Could have cooked after."

Laughing, Emmett exited the room and returned about fifteen minutes later with some fruit and eggs for his new wife. They spent the rest of the day together swimming, making love, and enjoying being together. However, that night after both of them climaxed, Emmett bit Bella on her wrist and started her change. His wife would now become a vampire like him.

The burning… it was more than Bella had thought it would be and was almost unbearable. She wanted to cry out, but if she did, she had a feeling the pain increase and obliterate her. Hearing Emmett's soothing voice helped her endure and as long as he was there, she could and would get through this so that she could be with him once again.

Just as dawn was cresting the ocean just over two days later, Bella's eyes opened. No longer the deep brown eyes she once possessed, now they were blood red. She could hear the minutest sounds, see every speck of dust, and knew instinctively that she wasn't alone. Scrambling out of bed, she faced what she thought was a threat and then furrowed her brow, "Emmett?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Emmett nodded, "Yah baby, it's me." He slowly made his way over to her with his hands held up in surrender, knowing the slightest movement could spook her and that was the last thing he wanted.

Bella took in the sight of her mate, and she had to admit that he looked even more dazzling, more gorgeous than he had through her human eyes… and she wanted him even more than she had then. Tackling him, they both fell to the floor as it was her turn to ravage his lips.

To say that he was surprised by his wife's attack would be an understatement… he was in total and utter shock. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to be wary, leery and her thirst was supposed to be at the forefront of her mind… not sex. When she finally let him up for air as her lips moved down to his throat, he knew he needed to take control of the situation or things might get out of hand, "Bella… Bella, we need to hunt." It was hard to reject her, but it was the right thing to do.

Head snapping up to lock eyes with her mate's, Bella furrowed her brow. Her throat was burning and she needed to quench it, but there were other needs too. Getting off of him, she was up on her feet and ran a hand through her hair, "Yah, hunt."

Emmett was at her side in less than a second, "We hunt and then we can focus on other things." He wasn't sure how, but Bella wasn't acting like a normal newborn… and that might be a blessing in disguise. He took her deep into the forest and showed her what to do, and soon she was taking down the animals herself, albeit a little on the messy side, but that as alright with him. Not everyone needed to stay clean all of the time.

They had been on the island for a week and Bella acted more like his Bella than a newborn. It didn't make sense to him, and when he had called to report in to Carlisle, Emmett had mentioned it to his coven leader. Jasper had also been on the line and mentioned he had never heard of anything like that happening before… Bella was an anomaly.

After they had been there for two months, Emmett decided he wanted to try an experiment and took Bella back to the mainland for their next hunting trip. People didn't appear to affect Bella and she was able to be near them without trying to attack them. This was unheard of, but he wasn't going to question it. His mate had always been one of a kind and a little different from others. Maybe it was a gift, he wasn't sure, but he did know that it meant they had more options available for hunting and didn't always have to remain on the island for the entire year. The only thing that was like a newborn… her strength, and she kept besting him at arm wrestling time and time again. It wasn't fair.

Ten months after they got married, the couple returned to Forks and rejoined their coven. Four people were waiting on them when they pulled up: Emily, Sam, Jenny, and Jacob. This could either be good or bad, and they wouldn't know which until they got out of the car.

Emmett helped Bella to get out of the vehicle and held her hand. He caught a glimpse of her scrunched up face, "You ok Bells?"

"It stinks," she whispered and moved her hand up to her nose.

"Then don't breathe. It's them," he told her, a tremor of amusement in his voice.

Taking his advice, she nodded as they approached the two couples and could see the rest of the Cullen coven standing on the porch ready to intervene if necessary. She didn't know what to say to them. The two women a year ago were her friends, as was Jacob, but she had undergone some changes and she wasn't sure if they could still accept her; so she remained quiet and gripped her husband's hand even tighter.

"Welcome home," Jenny and Emily said together smiling. They weren't sure what to expect, but they were hoping that Bella would be in control as the other Cullen members were.

Bella smiled and snickered, "It's good to be back." It didn't take long before the three women were hugging each other and talking at the same time. Her body may have changed, but she was still the same inside, and although they were wolves now, her friends still accepted her. Looking over her shoulder at her husband, she knew all of her dreams had come true and her new life was just beginning. She couldn't wait to see what happened next.

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