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The next day
(Lucy's POV)

As my alarmclock rang I stood up and went to the toilet to clean up my messy hair and sleepy face.
It was another day for my school."'I wonder what are they doing now maybe sleeping?Wait!?Why am i thinking about them?!'I shouted in my mind.
I sighed and wrote a letter to my mum before i went off.

Dear Mum,
Yesterday I met alot of new transfer students and they were all kind and funny.
I was happy !and their names were,Natsu,Gray,Gajeel,Zeref,Sting and are so funny but some of them are quiet some are even smart.
I wonder what is going to happen today.

After I wrote,I went out.
When walking to school a car parked beside me.I was stunned but I ignored it and continue walking in a faster pace.

"Hey!Beautiful!"Someone shouted."Is he calling me?".I turned around and saw...Sting said as he took his black glasses the girls who were walking in the same path as me in school saw that and began crowding around him.
"Sting what are you doing here?"I asked him.
"Oh me,heh i came to pick you up!"Sting replied to the girls glared at me.I sweat dropped.
"Oi!Lucyyy!"Another one was also took off his Black glasses.
"What are you doing here too?"I asked.
"Too?"Natsu said and looked then saw Sting being crowded by girls.
"Oh Sting hey there i did'nt notice you there."Natsu said to him.
Sting became irritated and shouted at him"WHAT THE HELL DRAGNEEL!?"
"HEY!NO ONE CAN CALL ME THAT INCLUDING MY PARENTS!"And so they began quarreling.
I sweat dropped again."Lucy."Another one scared the living daylights off me!
It was Zeref."Ignore them and come here."He said as he took off his they really that rich?I mean every single one of them wore black glasses.

"Sure but are you okay with it?"I asked him."Why not?"Hesaid.I went in his car without Sting and Natsu knowing."OI!ZEREF DON'T TAKE AWAY MY GIRL!"They both shouted in unison.
Zeref just smirked and shouted back at them "You both do not want to be late am i right?Then get your asses back in the car and snap out of it!"He said as went back in the car where I was in.
He sighed as he looked at me.I looked outside the window trying to avoid weird conversations."So,Lucy tell me,what do you like?"Zeref asked me.
I answered "Umm it's problably cute little toys you know like Frosch-sensei who teaches us Science,he's cute."."I see.."He started talking about our likes and dislikes.

Timeskip School
(Rogue's POV)

Me,Gajeel and Gray reached to school and took our glasses off when we were greeted by girls.I sighed as I keep my emotionless and stoic look on my face.'Is Lucy here yet?'I asked myself.
"What's wrong Rogue-sama?"A girl asked I ignored the her and walked to class leaving Gray and Gajeel.I then saw my maid,"Rogue-sama i bought the shirt you ordered for the girl."She said I took it and said a "Thanks" while going to class.
When walking all the girls came swarming over began asking questions like "Rogue-kun what is that?" or "Is that a girl's uniform?!Who is that for Rogue-kun?".I sighed and continued walking to the class.
when I reached the class i went to my seat which was next to the I began waiting for Lucy.I needed to give her this uniform.I .When I tried to calm down,a car like Gajeel and mine parked infront of the school gate.
It was Zeref.I also saw a familiar was'nt Sting it was Lucy!Why is she with Zeref?!.My heart was full of 's this feeling?Why do I feel like this?Does this mean I am starting to...love Lucy?
I shaked the feeling off Lucy was walking up the class Zeref and Lucy holded she reached the class I only looked at her.

Lucy's POV

When me and Zeref were out of the car we started to walk to class.H wanted to the hold my I could'nt reject it so I took it.I looked at him and smiled while we were walking up the stairs the girl are all squealing and some was glaring at me.
Zeref also smiled at all of the girl saw his smile they when we reached the class we let go of our hands and I found out Rogue was looking at me as if he was strange.I walked over to him to ask why.
When I was about to ask him he stood up and gave me a bag what was in it?"Your said is he a mind reader?"T-thanks"I replied as I took the bag and sat back then continued to look outside.
"Rogue..."I called him."What is it?"He answered as if he was annoyed by something."What's wrong?"I asked couragely."Nothing is.."He ,what's gotten into you?I asked myself.

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