"By the time I was your age I'd give anything
to fall in love truly was all I could think."

In our second year together we really didn't get to spend time with each other in person. We didn't even do anything for our first anniversary!

Our third year was better. For our second anniversary the two of us went to the only amusement park we knew about: Disneyland.

It wasn't my first time at Disneyland and it definitely wasn't Aubrey's but it felt strange going there as a teenager without my parents around to tell my siblings and I which rides to ride and where to meet up after an hour or two. I still wasn't used to going out with Aubrey but going to Disneyland with her felt a bit weird. It was a good kind of weird but it was still weird.

"Where do we go first?" she asked.

"Where do you usually go when you go here?" I asked her.

She opened a map of Disneyland that she had with her. "I always go to New Orleans Square first because I'm a sucker for the olden days."

New Orleans Square was also the place where The Haunted Mansion was. I always loved going there as a kid with my younger brother. He and I were quite the thrill seekers when we still had one-digit ages.

"Also, New Orleans Square is where Club 33 is," she said as she started walking. "It's the only place in Disneyland where alcohol is allowed. My parents used to ditch me for Club 33 each time we went here. They'd leave me in front of the entrance with my nannies and the three of us would walk around wherever I wanted to go."

"Your parents were harsh," I said. "I'll never leave you alone in Disneyland or any other place. You're too precious to be left alone."

She smiled. "Thanks, Glitch. Now let's go to New Orleans Square!"


Three hours later the two of us stayed in our hotel room at the Disneyland Hotel. Our room was quite nice! It had a spacey bed, a soft couch, mood lighting, and a Disney princess on our ceiling. That last part was a superb touch to the room.

"A lot of people told me that if I was a Disney princess, I would be Ariel," she said as she sat on the bed. "A lot of people don't know me that well. I never saw myself as a Disney princess even when I was a kid. I was always such a snob and I never really liked them so much."

I looked at her and sat next to her on the bed. "A girl who doesn't like Disney princesses? I'm dating a hipster!"

"Don't call me that!" she said then slapped my arm. "I will not be referred to as a hipster."

I rubbed my arm to ease the pain. "There has to be one Disney princess that you like. I know it's not Ariel. You like books so you could pass for Belle."

She shook her head. "Well, there is one Disney princess that I can relate to. She was born privileged and her father only wants 'what's-best-for-her'."

"I'm pretty sure that's Ariel," I said jokingly.

"It's not Ariel!" she said, this time stomping her foot on the floor. "As I was saying, her father sets her up with so many suitors but she falls in love with someone who doesn't have a title or a rank or any of that. The boy has black hair, a funny nose, and a nice abdomen."

"My nose is not funny!" I yelled as I covered my nose.

She giggled. She stood up and walked to the middle of the room.

"What am I standing on?" she asked.

I was confused. What the hell was she talking about?

Lucky for me, my answer was correct (even though I had no idea what he was trying to tell me).
You're standing on a carpet."

"That is correct," she said. "I'm pretty sure you can guess who the Disney princess is."

As if on cue, someone's gadget started playing 'A Whole New World'.

"You pick Jasmine?" I asked. "Why?"

She picked up her phone and stopped the music. "Stupid alarm, alarming for no reason."

After that alarm we changed into our pajamas (or, in my case, a white shirt and a pair of striped boxers) and got ready for bed. I grabbed a pillow and a thick comforter from the cabinet and set them on the couch.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

I didn't answer her right away because I was too busy staring at her conservative outfit. Her sleeves were long and her bottoms were practically touching the floor. If that wasn't conservative enough, her feet were covered in spotted socks. She was never that conservative.

"Glitch!" she yelled. "I said: what are you doing?"

I finally got back to my senses and answered. "I'm setting up a place for me to sleep. Why do you ask?"

She crossed her arms. "We can share the bed. You don't have to sleep on the couch."

I looked at the floor in embarrassment. "I know that, but what if I get the urge to do it again? Once is enough."

"It's okay," she said then hugged me. "We're in a hotel. Doing it would be gross and highly unhygienic."

Aubrey's birthday was after the end of sectionals. That day we celebrated it on her yacht with fancy dinner (no alcohol since she knew I shouldn't drink), mood music, and some slow dancing.

After dinner, we spent the night in the yacht. Because it was her property, we had some fun—if you know what I mean.

During my birthday, she was feeling sick. Regionals just ended and I didn't know what to do. We didn't spend it together.

We spent Valentine's Day together again this time we went to a carnival. She didn't care if she was pregnant or not, she just let herself have fun.

Our last ride was the Ferris wheel. We stopped at the top of the ride and enjoyed the view. In the carnival someone was performing live and was singing a bunch of ballads. While we were on the Ferris wheel, the song was Next to You by Chris Brown.

Neither of us actually liked the song but it was okay. We kissed at the top and the ride started moving. We both felt a little queasy afterwards.

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