Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Characters: Jack Frost, Pitch

Rating: K+

AN: This is my first official fan fic. Inspired by this ( post/37591424558/confession18) and this ( post/37548617324/imagine-your-otp-outside-during-a-beautiful-winter) post. So…yeah. Enjoy. Dedicated to my friend cant-handle-the-frost. I apologize ahead of time for the quality of work.

They walked down the snow covered path together, hand in hand. The smaller of the two leaned into his partner, matching his steps. This was pure bliss for them.

Jack paused as they passed a few snow banks, making Pitch stop, too. The guardian of fun went over to the snow and kneeled down, grabbing fistfuls of it. "Jack? What are you doing?" The Bogeyman placed a hand on his shoulder, but before he could utter another word he was hit in the face with a snowball. Jack laughed and started making more.

Pitch was shocked, but it wasn't long before he was packing his own snowballs. He gathered them up in his slender arms and hurried away a few paces, opening fire on Jack. The guardian of fun dodged to the side and threw his own barrage of snowballs. The fight went on for a good while, and it wasn't long before the two were cold and wet.

Pitch walked over to Jack, grinning widely. He opened his arms to hug the boy, but the latter took off running. He looked over his shoulder, simply calling "You gotta catch me first!"

The nightmare king looked slightly annoyed at first, but couldn't help but smile as he watched Jack run. It was these little surprises that he loved about him. He started down the path once more, following his partner.

Jack looked over his shoulder every so often, and then slowed once he knew he was far enough ahead. He rose up into the air and alighted on a tree branch. It seemed like he'd simply disappeared.

Pitch caught up and started slightly once he realized Jack's tracks ended there. He looked around and up in the trees, but saw no sign of the guardian. He felt something on his head and looked up.

Jack was perched there, grinning widely. "You found me."

Pitch laughed and hugged him tightly after he'd gotten down. He cupped his face and kissed his snow white hair. "And hopefully I'll never lose you."