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"When I was little, my parents and I used to come here," Senjougahara said. "It's still my treasure." I did not fully understand what she meant by this so, I did what I thought was the right thing to do. Shut up and listen.

"Hey, Araragi-kun." I turned my head to look at her, only to see she was still gazing upwards into the sky.

"What is it?" I asked, not knowing the possible reasons of why she inquired of me.

Silence was held for a moment, and then she spoke. "Do you like me?"

Without even thinking I immediately replied, "I like you." I don't know whether it was just my imagination but, I think I may have just witnessed Senjougahara show the brightest smile she has ever done. And it was beautiful in a way words can not depict.

"I like everything about you. There's nothing I can't like." It was true. Well, except her cursing and abusive language, everything else was perfect.

She breathed out a sigh of relief. "Really? I'm glad to know."

I wasn't going to let this pass that easily, so I immediately asked her a similar sort of question. "How about you? What do you like about me?" Okay. So it wasn't similar. It was almost the same. Leave me alone.

"Well, I have to admit, I like your kindness, your cuteness, and that you're like a prince to come save me whenever I'm in trouble," she confessed. To be honest, I was feeling very flustered at what she had said. It's not so often that Senjougahara compliments you so, I guess it was natural.

An awkward silence follows until Senjougahara cleared her throat. "Well, that creep only wanted me for my body. So he wasn't able to steal my lips."


"That's why…let's kiss," she proclaimed.

…..What the fu- Did I just hear that correctly? Or maybe I was just imagining it. Before I could even confirm it, she had started talking again.

"Hmmm, no, that's wrong. Let me rephrase that." She said thoughtfully. "How about we kiss? What-What if we kissed?..."She stammered through some of this. I probably will as well if I was put in the same situation as her.

"Let's kiss, Araragi." It seems that she's settled on that sentence. It was good. Not rushed nor was it too awkward. It was perfect.

As if by cue, we both turned around and looked at each other. She smiled at me, I did the same. She moved closer, so did I. We gradually got closer until we were just a breath apart.

I put my arm on her shoulder and touched our foreheads together. I wanted her to take the lead since I wasn't sure if she was really ready or not. She seemed to get the message, and finally closed the gap between us. It was bliss.

And that's how this day became memorable. For both of us.


I know. I promised some fluff but, I thought that it may ruin the setting a bit considering the fact that Senjougahara's still traumatised from the touchy-touchy issue. So, yeah…I didn't put that much in _ I also felt like this chapter was really dull ._. Probably because there wasn't much left from the episode to elaborate on. But still, how you enjoyed it xD Please follow and support me! Thank you! Catch ya guys later ;D