They were the lesser known of their occupation.

Their fame might be blocked because of Finn and Jake, but it'd be a lie to say they didn't work just as hard for their goal.

Science Cat ducked as the fireball went flying over their head, only to crash against the grass and flicker out, thankfully not igniting the ground. Science Cat took a deep breath as he hid behind a wooden cart. He quickly selected one of his potions and tossed it from his cover, revealing his face for only a few seconds. The glass bottle went flying through the air, and splashed onto the monster's skin. This particular potion turned the target to stone. Science Cat hopped over the cart with one hand, smiling at his work.

But the hideous beast wasn't the last. From the gates of the Elf Village, he stood his ground as two more of the abominations charged, enraged at their immobilized comrade. Shark held his sword tight and went for a frontal assault. The beasts had green skin, fangs, and a sharp devil-ish tail. Four claws to each of their six feet. They spewed more fire based projectiles from their mouth, barely deflected by the fish warrior. They flew back to their senders, causing the beasts to wince in pain, giving Science Cat an opening to toss two more explosive bottles, severely weakening the monsters. They toppled over to their sides, resigned to defeat.

Shark raised his sword high and went over a high slice, ending in the beast's heads, one by one. They were finished. The Elven King walked out of his walls, with a bag of gold. Science Cat happily took the reward, he always needed funding to concoct more battle potions. "Your village should be safe for the time being, Sir. Give us a call if it turns out there's more devil-wolves on the prowl." He slammed an invisibility potion onto the ground, which left a cloud of smoke. It made it appear as if him and Shark had just disappeared.

Yes, they might not be the famous ones, but they did their job just as hard as the others.