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while reading this SHORT Kuroko POV.

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Once, I asked myself if I'm important to anyone. If being me as their shadow is an essential part for them… for him. Every time our team would always win, it is a prerequisite for us to win. Winning is just natural for the team, but not for me.

I wondered if I was needed in order for the team to gain victory. While staring at the backs of these 5 people whom I consider as team mates.. I wonder if I was needed by them. But as time pass by my team mates had gotten further and further from me… until I can only watch from the side lines and watch as they play their own individual play.

I was helpless and weak they have gotten so far, it was too late for me to realize that I was not needed anymore by my light… that I was not anymore useful to the team that I once belonged to.

From that day on I started hating basketball… the sport that I once enjoyed … so much that I even practice late at night in a vacant gym. The sport that I love so much because there I met a lot of wonderful people whom I now call friends. But now this sport that I had grown to love is hurting me a lot.

That is why before it's too late, I need to leave the team and find the place where I'm needed and find a light that will shine and accentuate the shadow that I'm .