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Our basketball practices in Teiko immediately started and it was truly intense. That sometimes I ask myself if I'm really in the third string because the drills and practices are really demanding, what more for the second and first stringers.

I thought of giving up when I found out that my friend already acquired a uniform which means it's only a matter of time for him to play in a real match, while here I'm still struggling in practices. I'm nowhere close to our promise of playing together in a match.

But because of my love for basketball I told myself to give it a chance and to practice even harder.

"Coach, can I borrow the keys to the gym? I'll just practice for a while" I approached our coach when all the other third stringers left after practice

"Oh Kuroko! Here is it but make sure not to misplace it" the coach handed me the keys as I watched everyone leave

I continued practicing alone after club, and it seems that I'm improving quite because I can cope up now with our demanding drills during practices. But it is still not enough to be part of the regulars, because they are on a different level and it seems impossible for me to reach them.

I thought that I was improving little by little but when our coach announced that there was no one who moved up to the second string…

"Kuroko, despite your efforts to improve it seems that basketball is not the right club for you"

Being confronted by my coach I faced the reality…it seems that he's right. I had to quit basketball. I ended up with that bitter resolution.

But even if I had that conclusion I still stayed after our club practice and this time I told myself that this would be the last time that I will play basketball.

Without me knowing that I'm about to meet…

"Where's Aomine?" the red haired captain inquired as he scanned the people inside the first stringers gym

"It seems that he left something on the other gym Akashi-kun." the pink haired manager responded

"We need to look for him now for us to start with the meeting nanodayo" the bespectacled tsundere carrying a piggy bank which is his lucky item for the day suggested

"Sou, then let's just have the meeting in that other gym so we won't waste time to go back here anymore" Akashi commanded to his team as they headed to the third stringers gym


"Uh it's really a hassle. Why do I need to hide my beloved Horikita Maki photo collection. That Akashi is way too strict. " the tanned ace muttered as he opened the door to the third stringers gym where he hid his photo book

Kuroko noticed Aomine entering the gym and stared as he observe the guy desperately searching for some photo book.

"Is this what you're looking for? Aomine-kun" Kuroko pointed out the photo book that was placed beneath the bunch of towels in the corner of the gym

"Ah! Thank you so much! Wait… WHAT! WHEN DID YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? AND HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" Kuroko was soon flooded with questions by the shocked Aomine who is still nervously staring at him

Maybe he thought I was a ghost

"My name is Kuroko Tetsuya, I'm from the third stringers and I decided to have extra practice to improve my skills. Aomine-kun is really famous in the basketball club because of your amazing play. I have been for a while now." Kuroko one by one answered the questions of the still shocked Aomine with his usual stoic expression

"Oh! Is that so, you're wonderful really even in the first stringers no one will still practice this late. You seem to love basketball as much as I do
Kuroko-kun" the ace happily responded to the shorter guy across him

"Coming from a great player like Aomine-kun is such an honor." Kuroko timidly bowed while smiling ear to ear because it was his first time to be actually praised like that, even more by the ace of the first stringers

"Don't be so formal. Let's play basketball!" he said as he patted my back

The two played a one-on-one game, even though Aomine is overwhelmingly strong than Kuroko he didn't judge him because as they continue to play with each other he soon realized that this guy with poor presence loves basketball as much as he do so the difference in their abilities didn't matter to him anymore all he thought was…

"I think that we can get along together especially in basketball" he expectantly look at Kuroko who is now panting and sweating so much

"I'm happy that I can play basketball with you Aomine-kun but I think that this will be the last time for me." Kuroko stared in the ground trying to hold back his tears

"What do you mean by that?" Aomine asked with such concerned

This might be the first time for him to meet this person, but for someone to quit basketball even though he loves it so much it is heartbreaking for him

"Even though I had put so much effort and practiced everyday it seems that basketball is not for me" he timidly answered as he stared at the basket ball that he was holding with both hands

"Basketball is for everyone. You can't say that something is not for you because every one of us is different, we have unique abilities and I think you just need to find out your play style in basketball. Basketball chooses no one, but it is the players who decide whether they want to get stronger. That's what I think. One day let's stand on the same court together!" the ace gave his sincere advice to Kuroko as he flashed a smile to him and fist bumped him as a sign of their promise

"Thank you Aomine-kun I think…" Kuroko's response was interrupted when…

"Aomine-chin where are you?! Let's start the meeting now!" the purple haired giant shouted as he opened the door

"Seriously Aomine you need to take our meetings seriously…" Midorima remarked as he appeared behind Murasakibara

"Gomen..Gomen but I had an exciting game with Kuroko his from the third stringers!" Aomine happily shared to his team mates

The attention was immediately focused on Kuroko who was unnoticed just seconds ago...

"Hey Let's go already" Murasakibara whined

"No wait… I'm little interested in him. Fascinating I've never seen his type before." the red head captain stared at Kuroko with calculating eyes

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