A/N: Hey people! This is a fanfic I wanted to type for so long. Slightly short, but it's the first chapter. Also, I am freezing all of my other activity so I can focus entirely on this. Bye for now, little audience!

It was, as Malzahar foretold. But the one didn't live long enough to see the end of the old age. It was now sure, half of Valoran turned against it's other half. But they were taken by surprise. First, fell the Institute. The mighty walls and towers trembled under canons, catapults and bombs. Death waged, summoner fell to the earth, slaughtered, dead. The champions who werent part of "The Federals" ran, retreated or fought. Sadly, those who stayed didn't make it. Those who ran found refugee in the forest of the Rift, deep in the forest wich grew bigger every second. They lived in long solitude. Well, at least so long to be able to settle and hide their traces from the world. But... That's not where the story starts, sadly for you. It would be a really short story, if we began with the end. It all began one night, when the Institute Of War was asleep, peace was ensured...

The night was unnaturally dark. Starless, moonless. Jax was sleepless, as usually. His hood was down, revealing the strange golden hair, wich was literally golden. His face remained hidden, as always. The grandmaster at arms was resting in his hammock, for the man refused a bed, unlike most of the champions. His trusty old lantern rested next to his hand, His muscular blue skin covered in scratches. He was a really amazing figure, honey to the heart for females and 'another strong guy who wants to beat me' for the men. Not in the circle of champions. Sure, there were some who would like to spend a night with him, but his idea was different. Jax was staring at the wall, wondering if it was really as hard as others said. He jumped off of the hammock and walked out, covering his hair with the hood. A night walk wouldn't hurt him, would it now?

As the grandmaster at arms passed by neutral champions' rooms, he grew in his emotion. His emotion was fun. Excitement. That was his spirit, as he called it. The Institute was a great place to wonder about, looking at the statues of ancient beings that no longer resided in Runeterra. He, of course, had seen them countless times. But right now Jax decided to watch at them, admiring the fine work, the realistic impressions, everything about them. He thought, that when he dies his statue must be raised to give the cubs a view at a real champ. The grandmaster at arms didn't notice when he entered the central area, where everyone could spend time in the park or at the Sinfull Sucubuss, even at PanthePies. Everyone who worked at one of those places was special. Morgana, the fallen angel took care of the 'S.S', Pantheon baked his Pies at 'PP' and Zyra was the gardener of the park. There was a gym too, Mundo's job. It was peaceful, to fulfill whatever the champions needed when not on the Felds of Justice. There was a reader's club led by Ryze, 'An Adventuring Poem', wich was Karthus' studio. Jax just passed by, ignoring it all. He wasn't interested, also if he was, there would be no one to serve him so he kept going. The grandmaster at arms still watched around him, exploring the place for another once, adding to his ridiculous number of such walks. He also knew there were a lot of night dwellers in the Institute. Twitch, for an example. The humanoidic rat was shy, so he kept to night life. Simple for beings such as him. Jax just smiled.

The thought of the smelly mousie made him chuckle. He was so into his thoughts that the man didn't notice the three stealthy figures sneaking after him. When Jax turned around a corner, he found himself looking at Jericho Swain. Unordinary, he thought. But then, those three figures leaped at him, disarming the grandmaster and holding his arms behind his back. He felt three blades at the area where his neck was supposed to be, Swain's spell holding him tight to the ground and a silencing rune on the back of his head. He tried to struggle, he knew that this was against the rules and if they were not listening to the rules, he could even take them all four, but their cowardice was to no end. His brass lamppost fell on the ground with a silent thump and he felt that they did whatever they wanted to him now. Swain sighed, nodding to the three behind him. The general moved close to Jax and his raven flew in the air, a few inches from it's master's head and started channeling the well known ray of magical energy, drilling into his soul. Then, the grandmaster understood. Conspiracy, he was to be assassinated. He smiled. Swain didn't notice because of his mask and placed a hand on Jax' face. The grandmaster at arms felt his very soul be taken away, passed by to the mage. He winced. The last sound from Jax the general heard was that wince. Then, the lifeless body fell on the floor.

"Initiate the attack. We got rid of the main threat. This land is ours, probably we will share with our allies." Swain whispered and chuckled, retreating to the shadows, leaving the grandmaster's corpse on the ground. When they all have left, the lamp on the lamp post started glowing, like when he used his ability he called 'Empower', but he wasn't holding it to fuse mana into the lamp. The light formed into a trail and fused into Jax. He winced. His head tilted right and opened eyes. Jax stood up, shaking and coughing, but still stood. He wasn't easy prey.