Everyone was disgusted by Kosuke Amai-the voted ugliest boy in the human race. Everyone in middle school wrote in his yearbook most likely to die alone, most likely

to die of heart failure, one man; three eyes, pig-face, and Quezimoto-the hunchback of Notre Damne.

Kosuke was small, not midget sized but small like a kid, always wore his black school uniform even during the warm seasons, kept his collar open as he liked to feel a

breeze in his neck, and in the nape of his neck he had a lavender bow tied behind his short, black hair.

" Mr. Amai, could you paraphrase what's written on page sixty-nine paragraph five of your textbook."

Kosuke was in school sitting by his desk. Since Kosuke had no friends and no one to talk too, he spent his days just sitting by his desk studying. The class he had now

was English. Kosuke stood from his hair, which was a bad idea because he was short and only his eyes and hair were seen, and started reading.

" I'm a diva. I don't need anyone but myself. People may look poorly at me, but I will never look poorly on myself."

" Very good. Of course I would expect nothing less from you. You may be seated."

" Thank you, O' wise sensei." Kosuke would've bowed to show how humble he was, but he was short; his head would just hit the edges of his desk. Kosuke sat back on his

desk and pulled himself forward. As he sat on his desk he could hear the heinous voices of his classmates echoing in his head.

" Stupid frog-face bastard."

" Shhh. He can hear you."

" Who cares. It's not like he has feelings or anything. He's just frog-face."

" I wonder if he has nucous. Like frog nucous. I bet his tongue looks like a frogs."

"I hear his mother commited suicide. Maybe it's because her son is a monster like him."

"Who would ever like a frog-face, hunchback like him?"

" Cretins. They can say whatever they want about me, but I don't give a damn about them. Everyone can just die for all I care. But I just wish...I could change this


XXX " Hey, the marks from last weeks test are up."

" Really? I want to see my mark. I want to see my mark."

The test was on Math. Just like every test Kosuke was top ranked.

" Hey, Kosuke," Kosuke's teacher Mr. Kudazarou said. " The work you did was stellar. You even answered my bonus question."

" Hmrph. Wasn't too hard."

" There were twenty questions plus my bonus question. Twenty. That's a large number."

" Yeah, if your an idiot. All this talking is tedious. Is there anything you'd like to do besides being a nuisance?"

" Nope. I just wanted to congragulate you on your good work. And I hope you continue to excel in your subjects and join Kadoka University."

" University? Ha."

" Ha? What is Ha for?"

" Oh nothing. I'm sure it must be fun, after cram school and entrance exams I go to college, go to a place I've hardly even heard of, living with a college roommate,

sitting by a desk, studying, having to remember everything I learn so I can get good grades and graduate so I can get a job, and the entire time that's happening...I'm

dying a little inside."

" Dying? Why are you dying, Kosuke?"

" Why you ask? It's nothing. I just remember a story my parents told me when I was a kid. I would go to school, learn new things, fly away to a vast or mysterious

place, or whatever the hell they told me; excuse my cursing, and grow up to raise a family of my own. It seems no matter what I do...I'm journeying through the same

road, but everything is falling apart. Do you know what I'm trying to tell you, sensei."

" No, I've never heard those words from anyone, Kosuke. Maybe your just thinking too inside the box. Tell me, how many friends do you have?"

" Friends? Who needs them. They do nothing but irk me, make me buy them things, take me to places I don't even like, and never stop trying to pestimisstic about

everything. They'll do nothing but rot my brain."

" I see. Believe it or not, Kosuke, I too used to have problems making friends when I was your age."

" Nooo (sarcasm). Really (sarcasm)?"

" Oh yes. I was a complete and total mess. It wasn't until I got into Kadoka University where I dedazzled them with the power of Philately."

" Philately?"

" Stamp collecting. Don't give up hope, Kosuke. I'm sure an interesting boy such as yourself will make plenty of friends. Until then..." Mr. Kudazarou took out a book

with Philately etched on the cover in red and handed it to Kosuke. " This aught to make great company for you."

" Gee thanks."


It was a long walk from school to Kosuke's home. He didn't trust buses. There were lots of bullies, tyrants of kids in their waiting to pick on the shortest one they

could find, which was always Kosuke because he was small, ugly, and had terrible oder from not wearing deoderant and gingivitis, hench the name Frog-face. Kosuke

skitted through the book Mr. Kudazarou gave him, looked at every word with hsi powerful eyes and photographic memory, then closed it.

" Philately helps you make friends." Kosuke passed a recyle bin on the sidewalk. He tossed the bok behind his back and it fell into the recycle bin. " Fooey." Kosuke kept walking towards home, but he stopped when he comtemplated everything about his life. " I'm a schmuck. I'm repulsive, friendless, motherless, my own father

works three shifts just so he doesn't get to see my bulgy eyes, nobody wants to be near a schmuck like me." A smile spread over Kosuke's face as he laughed to himself.

" Not that I care. I'm already exceeding everyone in my school, why should I care about those blockheads? When I grow up, I will be a workaholi-"

Kosuke heard a rumbling noise in the distance. At first he thought it was just a man on a motorcycle. That's when he saw him-a little boy running on the street with a

green book in his hands. The boy was even smaller than Kosuke, wore silver fur pelts, with a green cape wrapped around his neck, and open-soled sandals. The boy had

blue eyes, spiky green hair, and a three-pointed spike scar under his right eye.

" Run!" The boy shouted. " Their coming! Their coming!"

" Who's coming?" Kosuke asked. " Why are you runnin-"

The green haired boy rammed right into Kosuke. Kosuke fell at the hands of the boy, fell on the ground, but got back up and growled at his face while gritting his


" Hey, what the hell is wrong with you. Have you been eating too many crepes, kid? Don't run into people, you idiot!"

" It's not nice to call someone an idiot," the boy replied. " And your a kid too."

" I'm not a kid. I'm fifteen years old. I just stopped growing after the fourth grade."

" You have to run! You have to help me! Their coming after me."

" Woah, woah, one word at a time, capeesh. Who is after you and why are you yelling?"

" There's no time to explain. Bad men are after me. One of them is a pony."

" A pony? What's so scary about a cute lil pony-"

Kousuke stopped talking when he saw a bright flash of flourescent light in the distance. Kousuke couldn't believe his eyes. Wherever the light came from, whoever was

making them, he could see their shadow as they turned the corner. From the shadows came a dark, quadruped, silver striped beast with bright yellow eyes and two small

horns protruding from its head.

" That's not a pony! It's a monster!"

Riding the pony was a man whose body was obscene under the darkness of the shadows. In the darkness...it almost looked as though he was headless. Kousuke turned to the

boy for an explanation of what was going on, but it turned out the boy had fled when his back was turned. He heard the beasts' hooves stomping on the pavement three

times and felt an exothermic temperature burning the nape of his neck where his bow was. The monster was going to attack.

" Let's go, Hex," a dark and senile voice said in the shadows.

Kousuke looked back at the man in the shadows. He could see him thrusting a scabbard with a katana inside towards the sky. Kousuke feared the man would mowel him with

his katana. The dark covered beast charged straight towards Kousuke about to throttle him. In what appeared to be his last moment's alive, Kousuke shielded himself

with his arms.


" Help me!" A young woman was running away from two serial killers. She just witnessed one of them kill a man. The way the other one killed him...it was unimaginable.

" Please, someone, save me!"

The sun was still shining the same incandescent ray from the morning, yet there was no one walking around who could help the poor girl. She ran as fast as she could

away from the two killers. Her running led her into a dark alleyway. She ran parallel, horizontally, zigzagging away from the two killers. Not paying much attention to

her surroundings, she ended up running into a wall.

" Oh no!"

The woman had nowhere else to go. She could hear the sound of their footsteps walking behind her. The woman ran towards the wall, jumped on the wall, and tried

climbing the wall, only fell down when her high heels broke. The woman tried again and again trying to climb the wall, but every time she just ended up falling.

Finally, she saw both their shadows sulking up towards her.

" Please don't do this," the girl cried to them. " I'll give you money. My father's a surgeon. If you let me go he'll write anything you wan-"

" Kabosaka!"

From the darkness faint grey light glowed out of the man's book. From the darkness a giant buzz saw came out. The girl flinched when the blade was fired at her and

ripped through her torso. The blade disemboweled her. Her upper body fell on the ground as she still had her frightened expression. Just to insult her grave one of the

man kicked a plastic recycable water bottle at her.

" Human's are pathetic creatures," one of the men in the shadows said. " Why do you even want to kill them, Rin-shin?"

" Why...why?" Rin-shin-the killer-he laughed at his partner's comment. " Because I want to, that's why. And with you by my side, Osrhie, no one will be able to stop