Kousuke was out of the house and walking to school. After answering all those questions from that police officer about something he wanted to forget he was finally allowed to leave. Gideon gave him his card in case he had any questions.

" Stupid police officer. Because of him I'm going to be late for school. He was asking me all those questions about whether I've known about his cop friends' death. There were some things I wanted to tell him but couldn't because one…he probably won't believe me. Two: there's probably a rule in the game that says I'm not allowed to tell anyone or I'll be evacuated off this planet."

Hiding behind a trashcan was Kousuke's Mamodo Hikari. Hikari told her explicitly not to leave the house, but would that stop her? She wanted to see where Kousuke was going. He walked past a fence where kids were playing soccer, grumbled something to himself. Hikari waited until Kousuke was on the other side and peeped through the tiny holes.

" Where is Kousuke going?" Hikari thought peeping through the fence.

Hikari climbed over the fence. A kid kicked the soccer ball that accidentally went towards Hikari. The ball bounced off her body and over the fence. There was a lot of moans and yelling from the kids, but Hikari ignored them following Kousuke. Kousuke stopped; he was standing at a white building with yellow windows big enough for thousands of kids.

" I bet all my classmates are bored the entire six hours of every weekday. If they only enjoyed school a little more they might work harder in it. All the joy I feel knowing I was born with a opt talent that gives me more reason to live.

Kousuke walked into the school. Those that arrived but haven't gotten to their classes were whispering about him. Kousuke didn't listen to them and passed by them thinking about how much he hated all of them. He walked in his room, 2LCP8 and sat down.

" Ah, Kousuke. Five minutes late for class time."

Kousuke couldn't get any rest from the uselessness of his fellow classmates. They heckled him everywhere he moved. It was like they were performing a big roost just for him.

" Even he wakes up late."

" Serves him right for all the times he's looked down on us."

" He's going to get into trouble."

Kousuke went through Math. Unlike some of the other kids he already read his Math book two times. He knew every equation, every table, and every answer. Kousuke was mostly using the time to remember that terrible night.

After Math Kousuke went through Science. Science was just as long and boring as Math, equations, definitions, how everything has to be exact, but wasn't any harder. Kousuke spent the class counting how many times his teacher rubbed his nose the whole class. The answer was fifty-two.

Finally, Kousuke was walking through the hall as he was thirsty and his entire class was on break. Five more minutes in that classroom dealing with all of the impudent students and Kousuke would've finally lost it.

" This way," A classmate said knocking into Kousuke and not stopping to apologize.

"Is it really this way?" Another classmate asked before he too knocked into Kousuke. Everyone was just being rude to him.

" Yes."

Kousuke sees everyone gathering in a crowd around something in the hall. The last time they did that one classmate collected every Pokémon card and was showing them to everyone. Kousuke walked through the tall, circled classmates and found Hakari. Bees were flying around her fingers. Bees were flying around her but they didn't sting her.

" Bees usually sting people at any moment at any time," a classmate said. He didn't know that off the stop of his head. He was reading it in a book while talking.

" I was stung twice by a bee. One time I was stung in the back walking through the park and the other when I was sleeping."

" Yeah. The bees must really like her."

" That doesn't seem very likely. Bees don't like everyone in my opinion. If they are fraternizing her it's because she's using something to attract them."

" What? All she's doing it sticking her finger out. Does she smell good or something?"

" I think I smell tree sap," a classmate said sniffing Hikari. There were traces of tree sap on her but it wasn't noticeable. " But inside a school?"

" Hakari!" Every classmate looked down. Kousuke walked through their circle without them even recognizing him. Hakari was scared of Kousuke. " I thought I told you to stay in the house and not go anywhere."

" But the house was boring. I didn't get to do anything. The only food you had was toast and bagels."

" I get my groceries after school. Wait at home, write down a list of what you want to eat, and I'll buy them for you."

" Can you buy any Muakam?"

" We don't have that. You have the options of cereals, ice cream, or cookies."

" Are any of those purple?"

" No."

" Kousuke has a little sister?"

" They don't even look the same."

" He's almost as small as her and has a hunchback. But they do have some resemblance…I think."

" If you ask me a sister as cool as her is wasted on a brother so pungent."

The bees flew away from Hikari's fingers. They were scared of Kousuke the same as everyone else. And Kousuke grabbed her hand. She pulled and wriggled to get her hands free, even cried, but Kousuke wasn't letting go.

" You're going straight home and I don't want to see high or ear of you until I get back."

" But Kousuke I—"

" If I see you anywhere near this school I won't buy you anything you want from the grocery store. Do you understand that? You show up anywhere near this school; you will only eat toast and bagels."

It was with a sad heart Hikari left the school. The other students tried telling her why she should stay, but there was no one who could change her mind. Kousuke was approached with bright glares, faint anger, and more students talking about what a bad person he was. He acted like a bully.