The showdown

Lyle Gorch stood over Buffy's grave. It was true, this slayer was dead. Lyle wanted to know who killed her, and buy that man a drink. He was grateful she was dead, but a little upset that he didn't get to do it himself. As a human Lyle Gorch and his brother Tector had massacred an entire village. But as a vampire they were still brothers, still looked out for each other. When Buffy killed Tector Lyle vowed he'd one day get revenge on her. He even brought his wife Candy to help, only for Buffy to slay her as well. As Lyle thought about this he decided to disgrace Buffy's grave. He started to take off his pants, to do a bodily function still neccessary as a vampire. Than he heard a voice say that this wasn't a bathroom. But this voice sounded familiar. Lyle turned around and there she was, Buffy herself. This must be a trick somehow. Whatever the reason Lyle decided he'd put this off for too long anyway. Buffy had killed his brother, his wife. They fought. Lyle decided to fight her like a man. He was either going to avenge Tector and Candy or join them in Hell. As it turned out, it was the second one.