A Doctor Who tale of two Space Empires: STAR TREK vs STAR WARS


"In every great age the universe divulges its secrets in unique and often devastating ways" said Data, sitting in a chair behind his desk. Behind him a scene of New Romulus moves with life; a massive towering city of spires and jutting construction and design seemingly reaches out as far as the eye can see. A cool do-do from his door echoes in the otherwise spare room.


A scraggly lieutenant enters carrying a tablet, "Delivery for Am-a-bassador Data."

"That would be me, you are the new Tulian recruit."

"Gavackoom…e'm r sorry …ir…the ooversal tanslador is malvakdoa…unction…unctioning…."

Data stood, taking the package from the lieutenant. "I will have a look, please sit there." Data points to a chair before taking the com badge over to a small work bench. His tricorder sweeps quickly over it and before long he's made the necessary adjustments.

"I suggest in the future you be more careful with your com-badge, Lieutenant. There was a micro-temporal phase variance interfering with the cerebral interface."

"Uh…yes sir…"

"You are dismissed."

Data, returning to his seat, turned back to his console. "Where was I? Ah, yes, divulgencies. It was nearly forty years ago, Captain, that a new form of Warp drive was developed. After transwarp, it was not thought possible that we could go faster or further. The greatest scientists of the Federation and Romulan empires, after the Valim-Tor convergence and Treaty of twenty-four forty-eight, forged a new warp core. They deemed it Wyrm. In truth it was a type of travel not yet tested and in theory would allow a ship to plot a specific destination and temporally move there. The official term for it, when it was unveiled, was the TTWD or Temporal Tunneling Warp Drive.

I am sure Captain that you understand that Warp drive and warp mechanics enable for the warping and bending of space, a donut shaped bubble moves around the ship separating local spacetime allowing from universal pressure to move a ship. It was only the logical next step that the next warp drive would also bend time. The U.S.S. Drako Occulus was there to observe the test of the TTWD. The preliminary tests were promising and the class twelve probes, which were specifically built for this project, performed as expected. Still, I could see, and as humans would say, sense the tense atmosphere onboard. I was on the U.S.S. Icarus as liaison on behalf of the Federation and Vulcan high command. The Icarus is a combined science vessel manned both by Romulan and Federation officers and it was standing by to commence the test near Earth."

Part 1: Let's do the Time Warp Again

"Captain" said Ensign Makath, "we're ready to initiate the TTWD probe. The expected coordinates is Sol system 34.878 by 65.55 by 131.28 roughly 2.2 million kilometers away from Earth."

A tall alien stood from his seat in the Captain's chair. His red skin, horned head, and dark forehead ridges mirrored many of the species known in the Federation. "Begin the test; if this works I might be able to return home."

"Captain, the USS Icarus is hailing."

"On screen."

I remember the first time I saw Admiral Roxico Valroona. He was the head of a science expedition under the command of Admiral Taurus. The then Captain Valroona rendezvoused with the VCS Sakkar to exchange Trilithium, a new type of artificially created dilithium crystal. He towered over most. In truth, I found him to be as logical as a Vulcan, and yet strangely capable of great emotional empathy. As I understand it he is from a sector of space now deemed Omega Quadrant.

"Admiral Valroona," said Data, "we are in place and ready to record all telemetry. The subspace signal has been established and we should know if and when the probe arrives."

"Ambassador, I thank you for your participation. How's my old ship treating you?

"It is adequate, the retrofit was successful."

"Sir, the probe has reached final count down."

"Right, Ambassador, please stand by."

As the countdown reached zero, the probe engaged the new drive as programmed. Yet an unexpected error occurred…

Sensors beeped in an irritating fashion, first the operations then the science station.

"Captain" the science officer Velona started, but before she could finish a flash of light swept over both ships as a massive percussive explosion ripped through the test space. Both ships were thrown away from the probe's initial position, several systems falling apart.

"What happened, report!" screamed Valroona.

"Inertial dampeners are offline, temporal rifts are being detected all around the ship. Forward deflector array is offline, but auxiliary array is still functioning. Ship shields are at 100%, but there is a phase variance. No casualties reported."

"And the Icarus?"

"It has similar damage. Their warp and impulse drives are down. Life support has failed on decks six, eight and nine."

It was true, the Icarus had suffered crippling damage, but what Valroona didn't know was that a warp core breach was imminent. The resent retrofit to turn the Icarus into a warship to combat the Undine, had left several safety systems unstable. The Undine, a class of fluidic space beings, had begun to infiltrate and directly attack Federation, Romulan, and Klingon vessels. At the request of Admiral Valroona, it was retrofitted with subspace phasing technology, previously banned under the Khitimer Accord.

"Sir, the Icarus is going into a core breech. Further, a subspace fissure has opened at the site of the probe explosion. We're seeing gravimetric sheering, compensating."

"Begin evacuating the Icarus, put a tractor beam on the ship and reverse thrust."

"Aye, sir."

"Captain, the gravimetric sheering is causing distortions in the transporter matrix."

"Extend shields…"
"Shield emitters are failing, the gravimetric sheering has shifted, and we're seeing temporal distortions."

"Helm, move us away from the rift, tractor beam to full. Veshnos, ready a tachyon beam charged with heavy elements; duranium and trilithium, set a delayed charge fifteen seconds. Fire when ready. Velona, get me the Icarus."

"Com-channel is open, Captain. Warp-core breech is imminent. Escape pods have launched, reporting fifteen crew still onboard."

"Ambassador" said Valroona, "You must initiate a saucer separation, and we'll tow the main body of the ship away from the warp core."

"Admiral, we have already begun the sequence, and Admiral," began Data, "the experiment wasn't a complete loss."

As the Occulus pulled away Valroona fired into the rift, the explosive force that he had expected would collapse the rift merely stabilize it, resulting in a massive shockwave.

The temporal singularity started to tear the Icarus apart. The warp nacelles were first. A plasma leak caused by the loss of the nacelles slowed the warp core breech, it is obvious that the saucer section separation sequence succeeded; otherwise I would not be here. Once we were clear of the gravimetric and temporal effects of the anomaly, the Icarus crew was beamed aboard the Drako Occulus the Admiral's multi-mission Vectra vessel. What was most curious about the rift is that it stabilized. The TTWD, we surmised, must have created a temporal conduit.

A familiar whir and screech issued throughout the console room. The pinstripe clad man shuffling from one panel to the next, pulled and poked, whirled and cranked on various instruments. "Right, beautiful, let's head towards…hmm…what was that planet again? Kespia IV….oh yes Kespia….Wow now…" The Doctor twisted around, catching himself on a railing behind him as the TARDIS shunted in a new direction.

"Ooft…easy now…come on" said the Doctor, " we can do it." Gong….Gong….Gong…

"Now…come on…that is no way…ugh…" the Doctor crumpled to the floor as the TARDIS rocked.

"What? What?" Picking himself up off the floor of the TARDIS control room, the Doctor pulled several more leavers and gizmos on the console. "Something is disrupting the vortex…I…wooaah"

"Doctor!" screamed Jack before he was thrown up against the roof of the TARDIS control room; it wasn't long before the Doctor followed landing feet away.

"Hang on…haha…"

"How'd we get down?"

"We just have to wait until the vortex normalizes and we'll just fall right back down."

"Fall…back down…"

Jack couldn't finish his sentence before the TARDIS normalized. The Doctor landed on his feet as Jack hit the ground with a thud and began to pick herself up with the help of the Doctor.

"Now, let's find out where we are?" The Doctor twirled around hitting a few more levers and pulled the screen around. "Well? Are we in some superheated gas cloud…or did we materialize in the middle of a temporal rift?" said Jack.

"No, we're about two light years away from Earth. There is a temporal rift however…an artificial one. The TARDIS is detecting deuterium, anti-matter, anti-protons, and … chronotons."

"As in time particles?"

"Yes…Humans shouldn't have this technology for another three hundred years…wait," flipping a switch the Doctor looked to his chronometer, "the break in the vortex must have messed with the internal chronometer, it's nonoperational."

Jack flipped his time band open to see it going wild, "chronoton levels are off the charts, but I think…" Jack began to tap away at the band's controls, "I think…there, yes we're in the twenty-fifth century."

"Well, then, what created the anomaly?" said the Doctor as he flipped another lever. The TARDIS engaged and whirred to life.

"And how do you plan to find out, no, let me guess. You're going to lock onto the vortex push through it and find the origin?"

"Afraid not, we're at the origin point. No, we have to find the ship that created the anomaly. From the look of it, there was more than one ship here…maybe it was a battle. Check the…the…" the Doctor pointed to a console which Jack was already fiddling with, "You want me to follow this ionized energy trail?"

"Yes, right…there's a"

"…temporal signature tied to this…what would you call it, it seems to be warping space."

"A warp signature."

"Right, haha" Jack gripped one of the levers and started to wheel it around. A few moments later the Doctor, Jack, and the TARDIS were orbiting Earth.

"Uh, Doctor," Jack spun the view screen around to him, "there's a space station out there…a massive one."

"It is the twenty-fifth century. The great human empire…"

"No, this isn't right. This isn't how it should be."

The Doctor looked at the screen and then did a double take. "You're right…this isn't…"

"Captain," said ensign Makath, "an unknown object has appeared off the aft port side, bearing 238 mark 122."

"On screen, identify." Valroona stood and looked at the screen, "Magnify…"

"Sir, it appears to be a twentieth century police call box, common to Glasgow of the former United Kingdom. Sir, we're receiving a signal."


"Sir it's a hologram…"

Before Valroona could react a hologram of the Doctor appeared on the bridge. His somewhat shaggy hair, ascot, tattered yet whole suit and broken brown loafers only made the young face look all that much older.

"Greetings, and who am I speaking to?" said the Doctor as his hologram began to stroll about the bridge.

"I am Vice Admiral Roxico Valroona and you are…in a manner of speaking, on board the Federation ship Drako Occulus."

"Right, and this is the twenty-fifth century?"

"Yes, excuse me, but who are you?"

"Oh look at that, electro-neural plasma conduits…interesting…" the Doctor said as he turned back to Valroona, "I'm the Doctor and I'd like permission to come aboard. Talking via hologram is tedious."

"Doctor, did you say, of what exactly?"

"Oh a bit of everything…look Admiral, wait did you say Roxico?"

"I did…"

"As in Roxicoricofallapatorius?"

"That is my name. How did you?"

"Captain, we're going to ma…"

"It's Admiral."

"No not you, Captain Jack Harkness my…uh…just one minute." The Doctor's hologram disappeared leaving Valroona more confused than ever.

"Security to the bridge, go to yellow alert." As Valroona spoke the TARDIS materialized on the bridge. As the Doctor opened the door he was faced by several security officers all holding phasers pointed at him and Jack.

Part 2: A Galaxy Far Far Away.

Unbeknownst to Valroona, or myself, the test module had not exploded, in fact what we saw and thought was an explosion was temporally incongruous gamma radiation exiting at high velocity from the anomaly. We could not have known that the module would open a rift as it had, nor that it would travel twenty trillion light years outside of our own galaxy and into another.

A familiar long eared green alien stirred from his meditation position. A slight twitch trembles through his face as he looks up at his young pupil. A young Luke Skywalker sits poised and focused.

"Luke, a disturbance there is."

"I feel it too Yoda, it's far off in the direction of Etti IV. Yoda, what is this, it is as if the very fabric of the universe has been disturbed."

"Out of sync, force is. Young Jedi, you will seek, rectify the disturbance fix it you will."

"Yes master." Luke stood, bowing slightly, and returned to his x-wing.

"Master Sidious" said Darth Vader to a holographic interface, "I sense a disturbance, one like no other."

"No doubt you want to investigate this disturbance. It is so great…ssshha…no doubt all of the galaxy has felt this disturbance. Even your son. Go, find this disturbance, discover its origins."

"Yes my master." Darth Vader bowed and left the interface, marching towards the hanger-bay of the Emperor Class Star Destroyer.

The people of this Galaxy were space fairing; they used a unique form of hyperspace travel, artificial wormholes. They had not expected to meet one of the Federation's greatest enemies, the Borg. The module had passed directly through the Gamma Quadrant and the Borg had discovered the temporal conduit it created. Because of a unique spatial quagmire that distorted space which trapped the module. Our experiment lead the Borg to a new region of space and new people to assimilate.

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

"Sir the vessel is hailing on several frequencies. It's of an unknown design."

"Communications, tell them we are part of the Jabba Trade Contingency and they're in violation of our trade treaties. If they do not stand down we will respond with force."

"They've received the message, we're getting a reply 'Resistance detected, you will be assimilated…' sir, we're detecting intruders on several levels of the transport."

"How, were we attacked, did they send boarding parties?"

"No sir, they're just ap…" As the com officer began to explain several Borg materialized on the bridge and he was grabbed and injected with nanites.

"Fire…fire…" the commanding officer drew his blaster and began to shoot at the Borg, the first energy bolt hitting the one who assimilated the com officer. The second blast being neutralized by the Borg's shield. "What the hell…" the commander was assimilated and shortly thereafter the entire ship was taken. A few minutes later, from the planet Yavin, Luke arrived in a burst of hyperspacial energy, R2-D2 whirling about in his docking port in the x-wing.

"What…R2 what is that?" said Luke, looking out at a cube shaped ship and what looked to be a transport ship. "Whoot-whirrrr-oo-woo."

"I don't know either, scan to see if there are any life signs on the transport." Luke opened the x-wing and activated his weapon systems. "We're going to need some help…"


"A transmission, put it through." As the Borg transmission played over the com, Luke skirted the cube and headed to the transport.

"Try to make com link to the transport…wait shields!" A plasma beam from the Borg cube hit point blank on the X-wing just after Luke was able to active his shields; even then the shields began to sputter and fall apart.

"R2…R2," said Luke as he turned his head back to R2 where for a brief moment he looked on in horror as R2-D2 was consumed by heavy plasma, his primary dome was melting and all his warning lights blinked, "Hang on R2." Luke put the autopilot on and focused his mind. The Force welled up around him and the plasma lifted off the X-wing. A second blast from the Cube hit as he did this, the autopilot issued a warning as bits of the hull plating tore away.

"R2, hang on." Turning back, Luke grabbed hold of the controls and fired on the cube. The laser blasts dissipated as they hit the Cube's shielding.

"We are Borg, resistance is futile."

Luke, sensing the danger and loss of life, turned the X-wing around and activated his hyperspace drive. Several of the panels and warning lights lit up, "I don't care if the inertial dampeners aren't working, just go." The wings began to close as the hyperspace node appeared, but before they could close fully the fighter jumped into hyperspace, the top wings sheared off throwing Luke, R2, and the fighter into a wild spiral off into hyperspace.

Within the walls of the Borg cube a cold menacing voice echoed among the many, "Follow it, assimilate it. Whoever was in that ship deflected our attack with an unknown technology, I want to know how." With the Borg Queen's orders several smaller scout ships began to chase after Luke.

A hundred light years away from the Borg ship Luke dropped out of hyperspace, his X-wing damage, life support faltering, and R2-D2 deactivated. "R2…respond, R2. I need you R2." As Luke looked back the plasma from the Borg weapons still burned on the hull of his ship. R2's dome was badly melted and distorted and several circuits were exposed. "Damn, what were those ships…Borg…they said Borg." He pressed several buttons as the control console lit up with red lights. "Mayday…mayday," he said over he com, "I've been attacked, red five to any passing ships. Repeat mayday, mayday…"

It was only a few hours before a Tie fighter appeared off his fore and starboard. The familiar Empire ship sent shivers down his spine. "No…why did it have to be him?" The raspy voice of Darth Vader crackled over the com. "Luke Skywalker, I have come for you."

"We don't have time for this, father, I'm sure they'll have picked up my distress signal."

"The disturbance?"

"You felt it too then?" Luke twisted around as the X-wing swung around due to its inertia. As the X-wing came about facing the direction it came from several Borg spheres appeared.

"Resistance is futile." The transmission echoed in both ships.

"Luke, you must jettison, I'll tow your escape pod."

"I can't leave R2,"

"Do as I say." Vader raised a hand and deep inside the X-wing a switch twitched on. Locks clicked into place. "Father, stop, don't." Luke also began to concentrate, but it was no use. The oxygen in his cockpit was too low and shortly after he fainted. The cockpit pod ejected sending the main body of the X-wing into drift and, via the Force, Vader pulled the pod to his Tie-fighter. Both cockpits opened and Luke floated into the Tie-fighter. As Vader was able to close the ship the Borg sphere closed in on his ship and fired several plasma torpedoes and the Tie-fighter rocked as it was pelted. Vader pulled the ship around and looked on at the closest sphere. He reached out with his mind and into the sphere. The strange images overwhelmed him, the minds of the collective pressed in on him and before he knew it he felt fear. Fear like no other, fear like he hadn't felt since he was known as Anakin. He punched the hyperdrive controls and jumped into hyperspace before the spheres could attack again.

The Borg spheres closed in on the X-wing fighter remnants and a green tractor beam was emitted capturing the X-wing and R2-D2.

Part 3: Time Space a History

The Doctor and Jack beamed at the crew of the Drako Occulus. Valroona towered over the two and the Tardis his security already to fire. "The Doctor I presume?" Valroona said.

"That would be me," the Doctor looked around, "now; I have to admit this is a brilliant ship. I mean look at it. The problem is, this isn't where you should be, even at this time period. The first great human empire should be on the cusp of expansion."

"First great human…empire?" said Varoona, "This is the U.S.S. Drako Occulus of the Federation of Planets. We're a conglomerate coalition of many species. And that?" he pointed to the TARDIS, "is a unique vessel." Varoona looked at his security which lowered their weapons.

"How perceptive, what gave us away?" said Jack.

"We detected the temporal signature of your ship as it came out of the temporal rift that was created by our probe."

"So it was you, we were pulled into a new time vortex," said the Doctor. "Well then, it would seem that it's not just a temporal vortex," the Doctor walked over to the science console and put his glasses on, "its a trans-universal conduit." He tapped on the control panel only for the computer to beep at him. "I need to see just what you were doing."

"I can show you on the main viewer." Valroona nodded to his science officer who tapped a few buttons on the computer controls. The main viewer blinked on and both the Doctor and Jack turned to see a diagram on the screen.

"That's…that's not possible. Doctor are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Yes, that's a chronoton wake assembly." The Doctor frowned as he turned to Valroona. "What were you thinking, this type of technology was banned; if used incorrectly it can break down the walls that separate realities."

"Banned by whom?"

"By the Council of Roxicoricofallapatorius and Shadow Proclamation over three hundred years ago; it-it warps the fabric of space and time, but if too much power is dumped into the assembly, or if it's unbalanced, it tears open the barrier between realities and even allows access to the void."

"And what region are you from?" Valroona sat down, his head still reaching the height of both the Doctor and Jack.

"I am from the fifty-first century, he's from Gallifrey long story don't ask." Jack quipped in, the Doctor gave him a dirty look. "We need to find out where that conduit leads and set up something that will close it from both sides. If we don't other realities might begin to spill into this one." The Doctor looked at Valroona and back to the main viewer. "That should never have existed."

Deep in the Medusa Cascade a flash of light raced through the dark expanse followed closely by a temporal wave. As time shifted and bubbled several dimensional layers upwelled into the normal space and from it a remnant of a long forgotten battle was ejected before being captured in the time rift. As it swept through the transuniversal rift A charred scorched orb with little gold bumps across its outer shell jettisoned out into the space near Etti IV.

"Universal shift complete, initialize star charts," said a strange metallic voice. Inside the ship three Daleks moved across a control room, one of which took it's plunger and twisted a round nob on a computer console. A view screen blipped on showing no known star constellations.

"We have entered a new space. Daleks will rule supreme."

"Warning, proximity alert," said another Dalek.

"What is it Dalek Vor?"

"Unknown vessels three hundred zels ahead. Dalek Sed these are the inhabitants of this region. Should we approach?"

"Daleks are supreme, exterminate, exterminate."

The Dalek ship flew head long towards the now massive complex of Borg ships.

"Reinitialize the robot, download all information for the area."

"Ship detected approaching at high speed."

"On screen," the Queen barked.

On the screen the Dalek ship approached at near full impulse before releasing several hundred Dalek.

"Receiving transmission, 'Daleks are supreme, exterminate, exterminate.'"

"Assimilate them."

"Dalek Sed, we are receiving a transmission on a phased signal."

"Play it, 'We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.'"

"They will add our technology!... resistance futile? Exterminate, Daleks will reign supreme."

As the Daleks converged on the Borg ships several were locked onto by tractor beams. The Daleks opened fire, "Exterminate...exterminate." For a short while their weapons destroyed one Borg vessel after another until finally the Borg adapted.

"Dalek Vor our weapons are being deflected."

"Cycle wavelengths."

"The Borg have taken several Daleks. Our weapons have failed."


"Daleks do not retreat, Daleks are Supreme," said Dalek Vor to the other Daleks, "main weapon's online."

"Wait," a dark voice echoed through the control room, "Retreat for now, we must strategize how to take control of these Borg."

"The Creator has spoken, tactical retreat," said Vor.

As the main ship retreated several Daleks exploded destroying the small Spheres that had trapped them with tractor beams. Several others took to the offensive only for their gunsticks to fail as before.

"Nanite cloud," said the Borg Queen.

From out of the Borg ships billions of nanites were ejected in a massive cloud. Before the remaining Daleks could react they were engulfed by the nanite swarm. Moment's later they were assimilated.

Part 4: Dark and Light Collide

Luke awoke in a small room. The fold down bed was reminiscent of the Empire's lackluster accommodations for their troops. He sat up and looked around. His lightsaber was nowhere to be seen and his mechanical hand was missing.

"What were those things?" he said aloud. "R2...damn it." From the door the familiar hissing of his father's breathing apparatus echoed. "Luke," he said, "there is a disturbance, a new enemy. One that neither the Rebels nor the Empire can ignore."

"And what do you want me to do?"

"Join us...crschsss.. we will destroy these intruders," said Vader, "consider it a temporary alliance."

"Father, you've asked me to join you in the past. To join the Sith. How can I trust you?"

Vader, as far as Luke could tell, looked at him before throwing him a repaired hand and his lightsaber. "Crschsss...eghrrrr...crschsss... I am doing this without permission. My Master has become complacent, relishing in his arrogance and the power of the Dark Side that he wields. Crschss...eghrrrr...crschss...it is my...personal belief, my son, that we must unite if we are to hold out against this new force."

As Vader finished warning lights flashed on the Star Destroyer. Several Storm Troopers raced past the door not stopping to salute Vader. Luke twisted his hand into place and picked up his lightsaber. "For now I will have to trust you. I know this disturbance and I see no other options. Obi-Wan guide us." With a flourish of his cape, Vader lead the way down the corridor and to the main bridge. Through the forward windows both Vader and Luke could see two assimilated ships on an intercept course with the Star Destroyer.

"Sir," said the bridge commander, "we've identified the ships as troller grade GS-100 salvage ship and a carrier. Though..." the commander stopped for a moment. "My lord, the ships have strange energy readings. Technology that we don't recognize."

"Raise energy screens, fire at will. Obliterate them."

"Yes, my lord," said the commander, "raise energy screens, target all weapons on those two ships."

As Luke and Vader looked on the ship's weapons fired. At first they did damage, the Gs-100 salvage ship lost it's port engines. Quickly, however, the Star Destroyer's weapons were adapted to and the energy bolts dissipated as they hit the shields of the ship.

"Sir," said a helmsman, "the main batteries are having no effect."

"Power main ion cannons," said Vader.

"Sir we're experiencing a power drain," said one officer, "Sir, we're picking up a transmission," said another. "Let's hear it," said the Commander.

"We are The Borg, resistance detected, we will exterminate...exterminate."

"Lord Vader, shall we engage with fighters?" said the commander.

"They will be of no affect. We must learn about these Borg."

"Sir, power drainage is being reported all over the ship. Reports are coming in that intruders have boarded."

"How!" Vader yelled.

"Father, if these Borg attack like this we have no defenses. I saw the initial ship, it was over run by these creatures." Luke gestured to the ship to the front of the Star Destroyer.

"Sir, Troopers have engaged. Blasters are having little effect."

"We must retreat, general order to abandon ship. Luke we must set this ship to self detonate. You will take the secondary power ports and I will go the main reactor."

Luke looked on for a moment at the ship beyond the main windows before nodding and turning to his father. "If Obi-Wan could see this."

Racing through the bowels of the ship father and son headed in opposite directions. Vader's path took him deep into the ship's core. The closer he got the stranger the interior became. Green and black paneling jutted from the walls of the corridor. Before him, as he finally reached the main corridor that lead to the power core, several humanoid borg were fitting new parts to the ship. Several assimilated Dalek rolled down the corridor in patrol, new prosthetics in place of their ocular stocks and boomsticks. Vader drew his lightsaber, the red light glowed in the otherwise green hue of Borg tech integrated into the ship. Several of the Borg looked at him before returning to their tasks.

"What is this...heuggggghhhsshhh..." said Vader, as several Storm Troopers were lead down a parallel corridor by several assimilated Daleks. Most were in various stages of assimilation. One reached his arm out to Vader, as if to plead for help, and in that moment Vader's mind, through the force, touched the trooper's and a stream of consciousness flooded his mind.

"NO...aaaggghh..." with the overwhelming weight of the Borg collective consciousness unbridled in his mind, Vader swung his lightsaber wildly chopping one Borg in half. The Borg Dalek on patrol turned to Vader who's mind was clearing.

"Threat detected, exterminate, exterminate." The two assimilated Daleks along with half a dozen borg drones took aim at Vader. The Daleks fired first and their energy beams ricocheted off of Vader's lighsaber. The other drones marched forward swinging at Vader who dodged, cutting through them limb by limb until their personal shields adapted blocking the lightsaber.

"Arrgh..." he yelled as he lifted the nearest Dalek via the force and threw it at the other. Several of the other Drones came up behind him grasping at his arms and body. Then, in a wave of thought, the Borg consciousness infiltrated his mind again.

"No...let me..." is all he could say before the Borg injected him with nanites.

Luke thought to take a less conspicuous route and encountered few drones as he made his way to the secondary power core. The core was much like the other, a single corridor opened up into a catwalk that lead out to a tall black central console which hung out and over a deep and tall cooling tower. The console was a plasma relay point which controlled distribution. Slinking around the outside of the console on a narrow service walkway, Luke searched and found the controls to turn off the regulators. With a few toggling several green lights turned red and a warning light started to flash. It wasn't long before the turbine below ceased and the heat began to rise in the shaft. Electrical discharges thundered through the small space cracking against the walls of the shaft. He drew his lightsaber, extending it to protect himself against the discharges as he made his way back around. Several bolts came at him, hitting the walkway, the central control panel, and his saber. Steam rose from beneath him in the column as coolant burst from various pipes. Green laser lights streamed through the steam as several borg march onto the platform.

Trapped between two sets of borg, Luke swings at the first, his saber cutting it's arm off. The next took aim at him and fired it's plasma bolt which Luke blocked with his saber. The plasma energy of the bolt intermingled for a moment with the plasma that made up Luke's lightsaber which glowed orange before bursting. The flash caught the firing borg setting it on fire. Luke, being knocked back by the explosion, flew off the platform and into the mist. For a few moments he fell backwards out of sight. The borg converged on his original spot and began to scan for him. Green and red laser sweeps moved through the mist. Failing to detect him, one began to work on the damaged console as the other tended to the burning borg and disarmed borg.

Luke, using the Force to adhere to the wall, caught himself and moved slowly towards one of the entrances. Several more electrical discharges surged along the wall. "Gaah," he yelled as one lightning bolt struck near him. His concentration faltered as the arc shot through him and his force grip released, sending him tumbling to the platform below. The drone from before turned from it's fellow borg and focused on Luke. Luke raised his hand and focused his mind, for a moment nothing happened, his breath came rapidly, sweat dripped from his forehead. Plasma discharged flashed through the smoke and in the dark of the Luke finally focused the Borg flew from the bulwark out into the open air before falling. As luke picked himself up he felt for his lighsaber which laid a few feet away. Stooping down he grasped the hilt of his sword, it was mangled it's casing split. From behind him, in the dark of the corridor, a red laser beam broke through the smoke hitting the main console in front of Luke. As he turned, Luke saw a too familiar form approach him. His black helmet was gone, the rasping respiratory system silenced, and borg implants permeated his body. Darth Vader stood before his son, assimilated, his red lightsaber now part of his right arm.

"We are borg, you will be assimilated, your unique abilities will become part of the collective. Resistance is futile." With that Vader extended his lightsaber, the red glow and whomp of the blade crackled in the heavy smoke.

"Father, we...we were always destined for this, keh..cah..." Luke took his saber hilt and pressed the button to extend the blade. The internal blade extended, the vast majority of it gone. The magneto restrictors spurted with electric discharge and the blade seemed to leak out in a long stream. As the plasma hit the walkway it melted through the metal. Luke raised the hilt up and with it came the limp blade. "I'm sorry father."

Vader charged forward with several heavy steps swinging his lighsaber. Luke swung his saber, the plasma lashing around like a whip. The plasma wrapped around Vader's lighsaber catching on it's integrated hilt and arm. For a moment they struggled back and forth until Vader's saber broke through the length of loose plasma that made up Luke's saber. Vader swung wildly, nothing like his former self, rigid, mechanically. Luke easily dodged and swung his now shorter saber catching Vader off guard by cutting through several servo connections. Vader's left arm went limp.

"We're going to have to finish this some other time." Luke pulled his saber to the right and by way of the force the lopped off plasma reconnected, in a swift second move Luke whipped the blade down cutting through the platform in front of where Vader stood. The walkway crumpled on the other end, and for a moment hung there. Luke back peddled running for the other side, swinging his saber up cutting through the borg that still blocked the exit. Vader attempted to follow and as his heavy borg body landed on the broken corridor it gave way dropping Vader down the cooling shaft.

The Borg Queen turned towards a view screen. "What is this...Force...we must discover it's power. Bring me the drone Vader, I want to know all that it does. Parts of its mind still illude the collective."

Part 5: A New Space Lost Hope

It was very strange to meet the Doctor, Admiral Valroona was not so confused as I was when it came to his technology. Though the Doctor certainly seemed impressed with me. A positronic brain, he said, was rare even in his reality. I was fortunate enough to witness the rest of this story first hand.

Valroona looked on at the console of the TARDIS. "Before you say it," began Captain Harkness, "yes it is bigger on the inside." I could not help myself, "It would seem that we are in a pocket dimension. Similar technology was encountered by Federation crew when they dealt with a future organization known as the Time Agency."

"Is that so, so they even exist in this reality," said Jack. The Doctor looked to Data and Valroona before he turned back to his console, "The conduit is gaining strength, pulling energy from the void stuff. We'll need to close this and soon before it takes over the entire universe."

"Is that even possible," said Valroona, "there must be a limit to how large such a conduit can get." "We do not know what the limits of this conduit are, we must not presume to understand the boundaries of this technology. We did not think this sort of result possible, yet it has occurred," I said. "Doctor, before we continue, it is standard regulation for all new visitors aboard a Federation ship to be examined for contaminants. Please follow me to the sickbay and once the examination is complete we may continue strategizing a method of closing the conduit."

"Ooh, I haven't had a hot doctor go over me in what, three thousand years?" said Jack.

"So long as you have no cats, the sisterhood still bothers me," said the Doctor, who pulled a lever into place and slamming another set of controls into an awkward position. The door swung open as he approached and the four of them exited the TARDIS. The turbo lift deposited us on deck twelve where I lead the Doctor and Cpt. Jack Harkness to the sickbay. The Emergency Medical Hologram was already running. The balding hologram looked up as Data entered followed by the Doctor and Jack.

"Doctor, this is...the Doctor," I said.

"Doctor, brilliant, holographic... more complex than the Tardis's holographic systems..."

"You're a Doctor then," said the Doctor to The Doctor, as he began to scan with the tricorder. "Just The Doctor," he said, "autonomous systems, hmm." The Doctor pulled from his pocket his sonic screwdriver and waved it over the Doctor, they both turned for a moment facing me and said simultaneously, "intriguing."

"Eerie isn't it?" said Jack to me. "It is uncanny," I said. The two continued to scan each other, the one with a medical tricorder the other with an unknown device which emitted a very high range sonic pulse.

"Doctor, are you aware you have a very unique genetic form. I've never seen anything like it," said the Doctor. "I'm a Timelord, my physique is certainly unique. You're somewhat interesting yourself. Nearly seventy million yottabytes of information."

"Doctors, I am sure this is fascinating, but we do have pressing matters," I said.

"Yes, Admiral Data. No anomalous viruses. An extinct cold virus has been detected on the Doctor, nothing to worry about, though there is a very high level of temporal energy stored in your body I've also detected a very slow cellular decay rate, you seem to only be three years old."

"Aww, that, nothing to worry about. It's a Timelord thing." The Doctor clapped his hands and put his sonic away. "Okay, Doc, do your worst," said Jack who stood before the Doctor arms spread. His long coat bounced against his legs and settled. The Doctor scanned over him and his eyes narrowed. "This can't be, you're over three thousand years old." The Doctor's face twisted in confusion as he scanned again.

"That cannot be, please scan again," I said. "I am..."he said only to be interrupted. "No need Admiral," said The Doctor, "Jack here is a fixed point. He can't die. A temporal anomaly. More or less harmless, right Jack?" "A fixed point in time? How is this possible?" I said, "there is no known method to create a fixed point in time in Starfleet records."

"Starfleet records are a bit exclusive to this reality," said the Doctor. As he did his sonic screwdriver bleeped. "Look at that she's recharged." "But that means more of our reality has seeped into this one right?" said Jack. "We don't have much time. Doctor nice to have met you, but we've got a universe to stop imploding," said the Doctor before turning towards the door. I nodded to the Doctor who looked puzzled still about Captain Jack Harkness' age. "Captain, I'd like a chance to take more scans, you're physiology is fascinating." "Another time doc." Jack waved his hand and followed The Doctor out of the sickbay. I nodded to the Doctor who promptly put on his mobile emitter and followed.

"Doctor, if I might inquire, what is your plan?" I said.

"Admiral Data, my best guess of a plan is to follow the device and track the corridor. We need more information before we act. We don't know exactly what sort of damage occurred," he said. I tapped my communicator, "Valona, please create a secure channel to Starfleet command. I will use my ready room." When we reached the bridge we entered the ready room where Valroona awaited us. He looked a bit perplexed. "Do-do...Sir, the connection is established. Admiral Hayfield is waiting." Valroona turned his console monitor on. A man dressed in all black with five hashes on both shoulders peered back at them.

"Admiral Valroona, verification code alpha gamma stargaze foxtrot three four thee eight two."

"Code verified, verification code delta tengo helios sigma six six nine twenty."

"Code verified. Admiral, what happened to the Wyrm?"

Over the next few minutes Admiral Valroona explained to Hayfield all that had been discussed, including our two guests. "Valroona, a specialist in spatial temporal mechanics will be arriving to help in figuring out just what needs to be done. You are to hold position and await further instructions."

"Sir," I said, "Who is this specialist?"

"Admiral Data, I'm afraid that is classified. However, I'm sure she'll be happy to see you."

"I take it is someone I know?" As I waited for a response Hayfield smiled, "You'll see."

I admit that when she arrived I was both confused and elated. Two hours after the conference transmission a companion from my days on the Enterprise D boarded. The highly secretive Section 31 is the only guess I could give as to her arrival.

The Doctor, Captain Jack, Valroona and I awaited in the shuttle-bay as a black shuttle with no markings boarded and landed. As we looked on, Guinan stepped from the side door. Her seeming agelessness did not show the seventy years since her departure from the Enterprise. We locked eyes for a moment and recognition turned to determination. As she met with us in the observation deck, I only could guess at what she was doing as a Section 31 agent.

"Commander...oh, I mean Admiral Data, it's been a long time."

"Guinan, can I ask, why are you here?"

"Data, I'm here to help close that," she said as she pointed out the shuttle-bay door. The temporal rift was clearly visible. She looked back at me, and then Valroona, before her eyes landed on The Doctor and Jack.

"I've been briefed, but it is most interesting seeing a time traveler here."

"I could say the same," said The Doctor, "it's been some time since I encountered an El-Aurian."

"Doctor, aren't the El-Aurians extinct?" said Jack.

"We are, my people were scattered across the universe after we encountered the Borg."

"But Guinan, how is that possible, The Doctor and his companion..."I said before I was interrupted.

"Data, sometimes we must leave the unknown unknown. I don't know how my people made it into their reality, but you can bet it had something to do with Q."

"We should take this to the conference room," said Valroona who directed us to the turbolift. Once we arrived and were seated, Guinan plugged a small chip into a port and loaded a plan schematic. "We need to take a small shuttle into the rift, there we can use a Kregor field wave to collapse the vortex."

"That'll never work," said The Doctor. "That's a time vortex, a schism in the fabric of time and space. The continuum of reality torn apart. Your shuttle, this ship, anything entering that rip will be destroyed."

"We...have...taken that into account." Guinan switched schematics to show a shield array, "It's an extrapolative shield. It incorporates chronotons into the shield matrix creating a temporal buffer."

"Sort of like the TARDIS' shields," said Jack.
"I have a better idea," said Valroona, "The Doctor's ship seems capable of traversing this vortex without issues. We'll use it to travel to the other end and begin to close it from that side."

"Hold on, the TARDIS isn't for hire." The Doctor rubbed his chin and looked to Jack and back at the rest of us. "Fine, but if you're going to close this rift you'll use your own ship."

"And how do you plan to do that exactly?" said Guinan, "That vortex won't fit this ship, and by the time it's big enough it'll be too big to close."

"Funny thing about TARDIS' they're far bigger than they appear."

"It was curious what transpired after Guinan arrived. We set to work readying the Occulus. Guinan of course remained skeptical of the plan. To be honest, so was I. Still, we had no other choice, the extrapolative shielding had not been tested and Valroona was not willing to risk his crew. Of course The Doctor was reluctant as well.
"Jack...Jack...JACK" said the Doctor as he fondled a lever on the TARDIS console. "Quit flirting with yourself and help me."
"I don't know what the problem is, I mean you just...you know...pull a lever" Jack yanked on one and the TARDIS groaned a little, "boing a...uh...what is this?" he pointed to a strange bobble.
"A Dalek Bobble Head from the planet Vesh'unumabubablubalah... but still. I don't like it. It'll strain her."

"Well, what would you suggest, we go through leaving them behind?"

"No, Jack, but...it's sort of, just...sticking a foreign ship inside the TARDIS." The Doctor shook his head.

"Well the Dalek Bobble Head from the planet Vesh'unumabubablubalah is oscillating at the right frequency, we are ready for expansion."

"Good man, okay beautiful time to put on some weight," The Doctor twisted a knob and the view screen came on, "This is The Doctor come in Admiral Valroona."

On the Occulus, Valroona nodded and the transmission came through.

"Yes Doctor, we're waiting and ready," said Valroona.

And with that The Doctor engaged the TARDIS. It whirred from inside the bridge and dematerialized. For a brief moment nothing seemed to happen, yet in that same instant all things changed.

"Sir, the sensors are going wild. One second it's saying we're in space the next \ in a room only twenty meters larger than the Occulus," said Makath.

"Keep her steady," said Valroona, as he stood. Soon throughout the ship the TARDIS's whir was heard. Valroona placed his hands to his ears, as did the rest of the bridge crew. Even Guinan who glanced at me before going back to her pantomime. I could not tell for sure if she was affected by the sound or not, but none the less she acted the part. Moments later the sound dissipated and the sensors stopped beeping.

"We've...landed, Admiral," said Makath.

"Begin scans, we're inside this ship, whatever it is. I want to know what it is, how it works, everything," said Valroona.
"Yes Admiral,"said Valona.

"Admiral, The Doctor is hailing us from an...internal signal," said Makath.
"Onscreen,"said Valroona.
"Hello Admiral...Admiral...Guinan...er...everyone," said The Doctor, "All cozy down there?"

"Cozy is a word for it. How exactly did you create a room that perfectly fit the Occulus?"said Valroona.

"Admirals, the nuances of a TARDIS are hard to explain. Why don't we leave the mysteries of my ship for the time being. You'll find a door outside your ship that will lead up a pathway. You'll find the main control room three hundred meters down and up a stairwell. Don't wander off either. No peaking around the TARDIS she doesn't like people snooping," said The Doctor.

Twenty minutes later and some strange looks on Valroona's and Guinan's faces we found ourselves in the control room. The Doctor and Jack stood on opposite sides of the central console. "We need to make the final adjustments to enter the vortex. Admiral Data if you would take a position there. Guinan, there, Valroona there." The Doctor guided them to different spots on the console. "Fascinating," I said, "your control system is not like any on record. It seems to be an amalgamation of different parts. Each from a different time period."

"Yes Captain...oh...Admiral Obvious" said Jack.

"Jack, cool it," said The Doctor, "He's not interested in you."

"Doesn't mean I can't flirt," said Jack as he winked at me.

"Just...just focus on the shields..." said The Doctor.

"And this is how we're going to get through the vortex?" said Guinan, "I recall a similar design from a few hundred years ago." She ran two fingers along the dash and pinged a control.

"Good, just keep doing that," said The Doctor. After a few more seconds of pulling plungers, twisting knobs, flipping flippers, and pushing buttons the TARDIS central console whirred to life and it plunged into the vortex.

"So how long do you think it'll take us to..." said Jack before he was interrupted by the familiar form of Q. His droll face was alight with a broad grin, his flouncing curly hair different than the other Q. He sauntered up to the group in a Star Fleet Admiral's uniform adorn with medals. "Puny Mortals, I thank you."

"Q," hissed Guinan who raised her hands in defense, "what are you doing here?"

"Oh Guinan, how I'm loathe to see you. How have you been these, what, sixty years?"

"Answer the lady," said Jack. The Doctor stood back a bit looking over the intruder as Admiral Valroona and I stood back. My dealings with Q have been, to a degree, problematic.

"Oo, and aren't you an odd one. Hmm, not of this universe of course. Temporally locked, oh, the joy of new things. And you, standing in the back there..." Q attempted to disappear only to find his powers not working. "What have you done, you puny little..."

"You are aboard my TARDIS, how?" said The Doctor.
"Do you not know who I am, what I am?" said Q.

"No, and I don't care much either. However, from what I've gathered you're not trust worthy. Now, why are you here?" said the Doctor.

"You're entering a bit of space that the Q continuum hasn't had access to in over two billion years. How could we pass up this opportunity?"

"And you had nothing to do with the incorrect detonation of the Wyrm drive?" I said.

"Oh Data, you're so...so perceptive..." Q twirled around and sat against a railing. "Okay, you caught me. We took the chance that little engine of yours would rip open a connection in time and space and with a little nudging and reprogramming on my part end up where we needed it too."

"Brilliant," said Valroona, "so the Q are behind the misfire? Why didn't you just hitch a ride with the wyrm?"

"Not to interrupt but we're emerging," said The Doctor.

We emerged from the vortex and the scene unfolded on the small displays around the TARDIS central console. A central node was already established only a thousand kilometers from the vortex opening. The Borg were in the process of constructing what, at the time, we could only guess was a large conduit that would encompass and possibly control the vortex opening.

The large conduit structure was comprised of a conglomeration of parts, mostly spacecraft unclassified by Starfleet. Without our main sensors all we had to rely on was the TARDIS' console. In truth, I found it boggling, a strange sensation that I normally associated with my fellow crewmembers, rather than the computer. I know every component and their purpose on each type of Starfleet ship. Yet this one, this one was a maze of out of time components. Strangely however, the TARDIS turned out to be very comprehensive.

"Doctor, is it safe to assume this ship can materialize on any ship?" I said.

"Depends, on the rare occasion there's temporal interference, or a quantum loop digression. Oh and if they have extrapolative shields it can be problematic."

"Can you get us on to the Borg cube?" I said, I turned to The Doctor. He gave me the oddest look, one of derision, almost humor. With a nod he pulled a few plugs precariously placed a leg on a plunger while reaching for a dial and in an instant we materialized. The external sensors showed the familiar Borg interior. Green lights threw long eerie shadows. Immediately outside the TARDIS a long corridor stretched around a curve.

"Right, well then who is this Q?" said Jack, looking up and down the rather handsome man standing before them in a Captain's uniform.

"Hmm, it would seem I'm disconnected from the Q while in this space. No matter mortals."

"The Q," said Guinan, "are a malevolent arrogant egotistical race that act the part of gods." She stood before Q, her arms folded across her chest, "Good thing he can't do anything here."

"Au-contraire Mademoiselle, while I don't have the full influence of the continuum on my side, our previous encounters have provided the Q the need to devise means to use our abilities even when disconnected. Something far beyond the likes a puny mind such as yours could understand."

The Doctor looked on, a smirk across his face. I can only imagine what he was thinking but I know I found myself confused. The Q have almost unlimited supply of control over the universe. Why could not the Q enter this sector of space and more importantly, how have they figured out how to keep their powers while disconnected to the Q continuum?

"If you can use your powers, then lend a hand, help us seal the hole," said Guinan. "I can't...or should I say I won't. We want to know what is in this sector. This is a golden opportunity. Just think what we could accomplish here," said Q, "besides the Borg make things so much more entertaining."
"Q, you're an insufferable low life...scum of the universe..." said Guinan. I was intrigued by their interaction and had The Doctor not stopped them might have liked to seen the eventual outcome. "I hate to break up this lovely chat, but we have a slightly bigger problem than who is the worst pseudo-god." Several warning alarms sounded, even the main klaxon. The TARDIS rocked and before they knew it they were jettisoned into space. Several other alarms went off, "We've got...uh...well, what ever they are we have them," said Jack pointing to a screen. Outside several Borg scout ships and a sphere were descending on the TARDIS.
"Shields," barked Valroona instinctively.
"We've already got shields," said Jack.
"Then what's the problem?" said Guinan.

"The TARDIS hasn't recovered yet from the transition. The temporal rift you created was crude...dangerous. Our shields might not hold," said The Doctor, "starting evasive maneuvers...I suggest you hang on."
The TARDIS began to dematerialized and rematerialized rapidly as plasma bolts shot past it. It's rotating outer shell absorbing stray shots. "Jack, we have no choice, switching to battle mode."

"What's battle mode?" said Jack.

"As the last time war started all TARDIS were converted to battle vehicles, including mine. I don't normally use it, for obvious reasons, but as our TARDIS Type 90s were destroyed we had no other choice."
"Uh...Doctor...," said Guinan, "Is that supposed to be flashing red?" Guinan pointed to a console.

"The plasma bolts are disrupting the chameleon circuit," said the Doctor as he moved over to the console, we're going to fully materialize.
"Fully materialize, just how large is the TARDIS?"

"About the size of a small planet...more or less...I really don't know actually, hang on..." said the Doctor.
The rocking from the plasma bursts stopped before the entire ship came into view. "I believe I have an answer at least to how large your ship is," I said, "A close examination of the..."
"Not now Data," said Valroona. "I need to talk to my ship, we'll exit and take point."

"I've got one better," The Doctor smiled and hit a button and Valroona was transported to the Drako. On the view screen Valroona frowned. "I know I know," said the Doctor, "I'm jettisoning your ship now. All hands counted for?"

"Yes Doctor, and one more..." said Valroona before he was interrupted by the jettison of the Drako and flew across the room, he steadied himself anc continued,."and one more thing...how big..." he stopped suddenly his jaw dropping. "How large is this ship?"
A helmsman turned to him, "We're getting a reading of one megameter sir."
The full view of the TARDIS materialized dwarfed the Drako and the Borg ship, it was a spectacular sight to behold. Eight spires loomed above and below the main ship. The body of the ship consisted of hundreds of spheres of various sizes. The one nearest the Drako had a rough shape of the ship in it slowly closing shut.
"Admiral, I believe I may be of use to The Doctor. I advise you to locate the Wyrm Drive before the Borg do," I said. Valroona nodded, "Data, be careful. The Borg have had a chance to assimilate people and technology from this space. We can't predict what they might have learned."
"I'll stick to the old one too..." said Q, "he seems more interesting."