She wasn't the last to arrive-no, she was far too on top of things for that. She was the third. A bit later than she probably would've preferred, but still. Better than last.

She knew that Fury was still working on getting their fifth member. She knew he was considering Spider-man, though she didn't know much about the hero, other than that he was based in New York.

The helicarrier impressed her, and she wasn't too shy to say it. A giant, flying fortress. Who wouldn't get excited about it? And working with other heroes, she could really make a name for herself, doing this. A great opportunity.

It was some grunt that led her to the meeting room-a white table, four chairs on either side, a big screen in the front. Perfect example of any good government based super-secret hero meeting room. Two of her new team-mates (even in her mind, that took a bit of getting used to) were already there-she thought she could recognize them.

Luke Cage, no alias, at least not yet-a black kid, impenetrable skin, immovable ... super strength, up to eleven.
Danny Rand, Iron Fist-from some far off city (Kan Long? There was a K and an L in it, she knew that much). Fist of ... well, iron.

All three of them in civilian clothes, costumes folded neatly in front of them. Luke offered a broad, happy greeting, waving her over. Danny smiled-friendly, but with something behind it. Not quite open.

She dropped into the seat across from Luke, and offered them both her hand. Unnecessary introductions were passed around, a bit shared about their respective pasts, a few childish challenges about their powers.

Sam Alexander, Nova, was the last to arrive, about a half-hour after her. He was loud, boisterous, as open as a person could be. He sat next to her, and quickly took control of the conversation-dropping somewhere in his flood of words that Fury would be there in a couple hours to give them a briefing.

She hadn't known them long, but she liked them-Luke and Sam traded jabs and jokes like brothers, not even blinking when she managed to one-up the both of them. Danny was quiet, but funny and kind when he did choose to speak. Sam blew up a chair showing off, and she laughed so hard she almost fell out of her seat.

By the time Fury arrived, she couldn't imagine working with anyone else.

Note; The first part in a series about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. They'll center around Iron Fist and White Tiger-some from her view, some from his. Danny and Ava will also be the primary pairing, though there might be some cameos by Phil/May and Peter/MJ. I'll have one update per episode-most should just be a single short, but every now and then I might wanna put in more than one.