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Summary- After one of Iruka's lessons in the academy about the different Ninja arts, a seven year old Naruto decides that he wants to find one for himself. So after the lesson he decides to go to the Konoha library in the hope of finding something that only he would use. Rated M for safety like all my fics, mostly for violence and swearing.


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Chapter 1- Art


Umino Iruka was a man in his late twenties, with brown hair tied into a short pony tail that looked a little like a pineapple and a scar on his face going from one cheek to another across his nose. He wore the stranded chunnin uniform of Konoha, a green flack jacket over a blue long sleeved shirt and blue pants.

He was look out over his class with a straight face, scanning over all their faces, and couldn't help but smile inside. He loved teaching; it always made him proud to see the next generation of Ninja grow into strong, independent people that would one day protect the village he loved so much. Each and every one of the children sat before him had the potential to become something great in the future and he was a pat of it.

After a moment he nodded to himself before turning back to the black bored and started his lecture.

"In the Shinobi world there are many different skills and abilities used, from poison to bloodlines and even things that can be learned over time. There are more techniques in this world then we are able to count and many that have never even been seen or documented. Even now somewhere in the elemental nations new techniques are being developed as we speak. Some examples of these techniques that we have here in Konoha are the Aburame clan, which uses special bug to assist them in battle, the Akimichi clan, that are able to expand parts of there body and the Yamanaka clan who specialise in mind Jutsu. Ninja have spent their whole lives creating, learning, and mastering these techniques for the good of their villages."

By the end of his speech Iruka couldn't help the small smile that came to his face hen he noticed that the entire class hanging off of every word he said, some were actually leaning forward in their seats with wide eyes. But one thing the scared chunin didn't notice was slight gleam that came to one of his students, a student with bright blue eyes.


The moment class ended Naruto shot out the door and ran through the village, making a point to ignore all the people glaring at him as he ran down the street. Naruto was a small, skinny seven year old boy with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and three whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek. He wore a plane white shirt with a red and black spiral on the front, black shorts and a pair of old, almost worn-out sandals.

Despite the act that almost everyone he pasted sent a glare of barely contained anger at him as he ran down the street towards his destination there was a large grin on his face, exposing his slightly too long canine teeth. He didn't slow down for a second, not even as he went around corners and through back streets, barely paying a second thought for the people he almost ran into.

This went on for about ten minutes until he came to his destination, breathing heavily as he skidded to a stop in front of one of the largest buildings in the village, the Konoha Library. The Library was made from white stone, with steps leading up to the front door and large oak doors.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, Naruto slowly made his way to the doors and sneaked in before anyone could see him. Being carful not to be seen by the Librarian, a thin lady in her fifties that hated Naruto with a passion and would through him out if she saw him, the blonde boy quietly made his way through the isles towards the back where they kept the shinobi section, at least the one that is open to the public. Until a few years ago it had a lot more to it, but then they built a new, more secure wing to protect village secrets, but there were still a few books that could be of use. Ever since Iruka had told them about the different ninja techniques he could help but get excited, if he could find something good it might make the villagers stop glaring at him.

He spent the next hour looking though book after book, some had nothing and others had the theory for Jutsu, but nothing had really caught his eye. He found a book about something called puppetry that had originated from Suna, several books on different weapons and how to use them and even a book on something to do with music. But none of them seemed right to him.

It was while he was reaching a large book on a shelf above his head when it fell off the shelf, along with several others that all fell to the floor, when he saw a small, dusted covered book that had fallen with them, apparently having fallen behind the books on the shelf until it came down with them. Frowning at the book, Naruto picked himself up before retching out and picking it up and blowing on the cover to get the dust off, coughing when a small cloud of it blew into his face.

Before he had a chance to read the title the sound of foot steps echoed around the corridor, slowly getting closer until a frail voice, clearly female, range out.

"Is someone there, I heard noise?"

Eyes widening in fear, Naruto quickly stuffed the book into his bag before running in the opposite direction.


By the time Naruto got back to his apartment he was once again out of breath and after locking the door behind him the young blonde collapsed onto his couch/bed. Letting out a sigh Naruto pulled the book out of his school bag, using his hand to wipe off the rest of the dust so he could read.

Living Tattoo Jutsu

The Living Tattoo Jutsu was created during the second shinobi war and has a wide range of use including both defensive and offensive abilities. By channelling chakra into tattoo's made from special ink infused with the users chakra and blood, they are able to bring to life whatever the image represents. It can also be used to create weapons, objects and a verity of other useful things that can be used in battle, the only thing that can not be created using this technique is food.

One of the many advantages of the Living Tattoo Jutsu is that it can also be used to create spies, by attaching a tattoo onto another person or object. then having it return the user is able to see, providing the image used has eyes, and hear, provider the image used has ears, whatever the tattoo has while being attached to another when it is reabsorbed onto the users skin. The size of the tattoo when it is activated can depend on both the quality of the image used and the amount of chakra it is given when activated, alone with the intelligence of the image.

A right of passage for any user of the Living Tattoo Jutsu is something called 'The Familiar Contract', a special tattoo that is personal to the user; 'The Familiar Contract' is without a doubt the most powerful tattoo in the user's arsenal. It takes more chakra to activat it and is completely self aware, making it similar to a summon animal and can be anything you can imagine. Each Familiar is different and has a special ability that only they can use.

The only downside to using this jutsu is that if an image is damaged while it is not active it will fade away form the user's skin, meaningthat the user is vonarable to phisical attacks, but if an active image is destroyed it will not return either.

Naruto stared at the book in his hands with wide eyes, completely amazed at what he was reading and a large grin stretching across his face as he read.


The next day, after spending most of the night reading through the book he had 'borrowed' from the library, Naruto was making his way through the streets of Konoha. But these were not just any streets, this was the 'Red Light' districted of Konoha that he lived in. Now most would think it odd that a seven year old would be in such a place, but the thing is that these streets were one of Naruto's favourite places to be. Here the people didn't glare at him; they didn't curse his name or throw things at him. Here he could walk down the street with a genuine smile, something that was never seen by anyone other then the Sandaime outside of these streets.

Here they were all equal; the lowest of the low, the people at were swepted under the rug and forgotten.

He nodded to several women that were stood on a street corner in skimpy clothes as he passed and they all smiled at him and waved. He came to the mouth of a darkened alleyway when a large man with a trench coat stepped out with a frown on his face, before looking down at the small blonde and smile as he pat him on the head and walked on. The young blonde often found it funny that the people that would just as soon slit your throat for looking at them the wrong way treated him more humanly then the 'upstanding' civilians of Konoha.

After several minutes of walking Naruto arrived at his destination, a small tattoo shop located down a back alley that if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't find. The front door was covered in spray paint, words and pictures overlapping each other making it one big mess, he couldn't see through the windows because they were filthy and the only thing that identified it as anything other then an abandoned building was a small plack at the side of the door.

Punchi's Tattoo Shop

If you don't like it, get lost!

A small smile crossed his lips at the sign, and after taking a moment to compose his thought Naruto reached out and knocked on the door.

Not two minutes later the door swung open, almost hitting the blonde if he didn't take a step back, to revile what must have been the largest man he had ever seen, even more so then an Akimichi. He stood at least 7'5 feet tall and looked to be about forty, he was very muscular which was plane to see with his open black vest and bare chest, though he did have a bit of a pot belly, the jeans he was wearing looked like they had seen better day and the black fingerless gloves he wore both had metal plates on the backs of then like he had seen most ninja wearing. He had on a dark blue bandana with long black and grey hair sticking out the side of it falling down to his shoulders and his eyes were covered by a large pair of sunglasses that seemed pointless to Naruto given the poor light in the alley. On both his arm he had tattoos of what looked like a list of names going from his shoulder to his wrist and on his chest was anther tattoo of the leaf symbol that ninja of the village wore on their headbands.

The man looked left and right, getting a confused look on his face before his eyes finally landed on the small blonde and Naruto saw one of his eyebrows lifting up over the rim of his glasses.

"Your a bit young to be getting a tattoo don't you think kid?"

His voice was very deep, but had no hostility in it which helped put Naruto at ease, and after taking a deep breath he tried to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Naru-"

"I know how you are."

The man interrupted him.

"I didn't ask for your name, I asked why a kid like you is standing outside my shop."

For a moment Naruto debated inside his head on what he should tell the man. Despite his size and intimidating look he seemed to be a decent person and he wasn't glaring at him, which was normally a good sign, but at the same time he didn't know the man. Eventually he decided on the truth.

"I'm training to be a ninja and I need your help with a technique I found in a book I accidentally stole from the library."

Looking at the small blonde, both his eyebrows know raised, before a small smile came to his lips and he stepped back so Naruto could get through the door.

"Come on in kid, I think we have a lot to talk about, by the way my names Punchi."

After locking the door behind them the now identified Punchi led Naruto down a small hallway, passed several rooms until they stopped at the end and entered and the young boy wasn't sure what to think as he looked around the room.

Despite the rest of the building looking like it was about to fall down this room was completely clean, he could actually small the disinfectant in the air, the walls where white and the lights in the ceiling were so bright they hurt his eyes a little, forcing him to squint, and on one wall were hundreds of pictures of arms, legs, backs and even a few breasts with tattoos on the skin. The only furniture in the room was a desk set against the back wall, two chairs, a table with wheels on the bottom and what looked like some kind of cross between a table and a bed.

Sitting down in one of the chairs, Punchi nodded his head for Naruto to take the other one and after he did waited for him to explain. Letting out a sigh, Naruto reached into the bag on his back and pulled out the book he had taken from the Library, holding it for a moment before handing it over to the older man as he spoke.

"My teacher was telling us about some of the different ninja arts in class so I decided to go to the Library and see if I could find anything I could learn. I found this book, I think it might have fallen down the back of some others because it was covered in dust, but before I could read it the Librarian came and I had to run. When I got home I read the book and found out it has instructions for a ninja art call Living Tattoo Jutsu. I think it got left behind when they transferred the other books into the secure wing by accident."

As he was talking Punchi read a few of the pages, his eyes widening at some of the things he was read and a grin slowly creeping it way across his face. When Naruto finished he looked up at the blonde, grin still in place, before he handed the book back and stood from his chair, walking over towards the wall covered in pictures.

"I have spent years learning my craft, my art if you will. I've seen people come into my shop time and time again and to this day I have never had a dissatisfied customer. Sometimes I give them what they want and sometimes what they need. This wall is my art, every patch of skin I have ever had the fortune to turn into my art is on this wall and I am proud of each and every one."

Turning back to Naruto the young blonde was a little surprised to see tears falling from behind the glasses down his face.

"What you have done today kid, is show me a way that I can take my art to the next level, with this Living Tattoo Jutsu my art will truly come alive and for that I thank you. I would be honoured to help you."

Smiling at the man, though the way talked about his art was a little creepy, Naruto hopped of his chair, ran over to him and hugged his leg, it being the only part of him he could reach.


An hour later found Naruto stood next to Punchi as the older man sat at his desk, which now the blonde could see it closer he realised was covered in bottles with different colure inks. They had sent the last hour reading over the instructions to make the special ink that was needed for the Living Tattoo Jutsu, making sure they had the recipe just right.

They had already mixed his blood into several pots of ink and Punchi was making sure they had done it right, his face inches away from a pot of black ink. After a moment he sat back and nodded his head, satisfied it was good, before turning to the small blonde next to him with.

"Alright the ink is ready; now all you have to do is channelling your chakra into it and were ready to go."

Nodding his head Naruto reached out and took one of the bottles into his hands before closing his eyes and focusing. They had learned how to channel their chakra a few weeks ago in class and although he wasn't very good at it, often channelling too much at a time, the book said the more you put in the ink the better it would be.

When he was satisfied with the amount Naruto opened his eyes, his hands still covering the bottle, and put it back on the table. It was just like the book said it would be, now that the ink was charged with his chakra it had a blue glow emanating out of it and when Punchi picked it up to get a closer look it was warm to the touch.

After Naruto repeated this procedure with the other bottles they moved on to the next step, picking a tattoo. They talked about it for another hour before both agreed it needed to be something simple, the book said that the more life like the tattoo the easier it would be to control but at the same time the more complicated the image the harder it would be. Eventually they decided and after warning Naruto that it was going to hurt, Punchi got to work.

Naruto wouldn't lie, he knew that it was going to be painful but he wasn't expecting it to be as bad as it was when the needle first touched his skin and he let couldn't stop the small gasp that escaped his lips before he clamped his jaw tight to stop any more noise getting out. After a few minutes he started to get used to the sting of the needle repeatedly piecing his skin and was able to ignore it for the most part.

It didn't take Punchi long to finish and when he was done the older man sat back in his chair with a pleased smile on his face and nodded to Naruto who looked at his forearm that now had a small, two inch long lizard tattooed on it. It was mostly black, with a red diamond pattern around its eyes and going down its spin to the tip of its tail, with small red eyes and a little pink tongue sticking out its mouth.

Smiling, Naruto turned to Punchi to see an excited grin on his face. This was the step they were looking forward to the most, bring the tattoo to life. The book said that this was actually not as hard as you would think; all he had to do was channel his chakra into the lizard, giving it a 'spark of life' to 'wake it up', the hard part was controlling it.

From what they could understand the moment the tattoo is brought to life a connection would form between Naruto and the lizard that would allow him to direct it, but if not following a command or direct instruction the tattoo would do its own thing. It would take time to learn how to use the connection properly.

Taking in a deep breath, Naruto braced himself before letting it out.

As he channelled his chakra into the tattoo they both saw the same slight blue glow that had been coming from the ink when it was in the bottles. It took him several minutes before he was able to create the 'spark' that the book said he needed to wake the tattoo and the moment he did Naruto felt the link between himself and the tattoo. He felt it in the back of his head, a warm sensation, almost like a line tying him the tattoo.

It started off small, a twitch at the end of the tail, the flick of the tongue and before either Naruto or Punchi knew what was happening the lizard moved an inch further down his arm. It was still a tattoo, still connected to his skin but it was moving.

Letting out a booming laugh, Punchi jumped up from his chair, tears once again falling don his face from behind his sun glasses as he watched the small lizard turn around on the young blonde's skin and slowly make its way towards his shoulder as if it was real. To him it was perhaps the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

As for Naruto he just stared at his shoulder, where the lizard had now settled, with wide eyes. He couldn't believe it, it worked. He had actually just used a jutsu! Tearing his eyes away from the small lizard to look at the tear stained face of Punchi, Naruto let lose one of the biggest grins towards the man.


For the next month Naruto worked on his control over the lizard, both him and Punchi agreeing that he should learn to control it before they started adding more to his collection, though that didn't stop them from planning ideas for the future. When he wasn't in class Naruto spent almost all his time at the tattoo shop, either talking to Punchi or watching him give people tattoos. He was even learning from the man how to draw and in the future he said he would teach him how to do tattoos himself.

Naruto would sit in class for hours, seemingly staring off into space, as he discreetly controlled the movements of the lizard. Sometimes he would send it a mental command to move to a specific spot and others, though it was a lot harder, he would use one of the jutsu in the book to actually take over the lizard fully. It was called the 'Tattoo Possession Jutsu' and took a total of fifteen handseals to use, it had taken him two weeks to learn and he was still getting used to using it.

When he used the Jutsu he was able to both see and hear everything form the tattoos perspective, which tended to give him a headache because it was different to his normal vision. He was only able to focus on two or three sounds at a time, be it voices or something else, while everything else around him was muffled as if he was wearing ear plugs. His vision was different as well, everything had a slightly blue tinge to it and it was lick he was looking through the bottom of a bottle, things being slightly magnified in the middle of his eye compared to the rest. Another thing that he had found out from Punchi was that while using this technique the eyes of the lizard would turn the same colure as his own and seemed to glow ever so slightly, making them stand out a little.

The only other Jutsu he learned from the book so far was called 'Wandering Tattoo Jutsu' which was the basis for almost all Jutsu in the book. It took a total five handseals and gave Naruto the ability to separate himself from his tattoo, having it leave his skin and become an actual living thing, or at least as close as a tattoo of a lizard could, and have it move around. It took a considerable amount of concentration to control and Naruto found that while it was not a apart of him he didn't have enough to give it mental commands, at least not yet, and was forced to rely on vocal one instead.

One of the more interesting things about the 'Wandering Tattoo Jutsu' was that once it left the skin the tattoo was able to turn back into image with nothing more then a simple handseal from Naruto and whatever it was touching at the time, whether it was another persons skin, a table or even a wall it would simple melt into it and become nothing more then a picture until Naruto commanded it to return.

He hadn't told anyone about his new ability, not even the Hokage, and wasn't planning to any time soon. He was worried that they would try and stop him, be it grandfatherly concern for his safety from Sarutobi or fear and anger that he actually had such a skill from teachers and villagers. Until he was more in control and understood more of what he was doing Naruto decided to keep it a secrete.

He was very carful to only let the lizard move under his clothes so that it wouldn't be seen and never used any of his Jutsu outside of Punchi's shop, he even kept a bandage on his right arm under his clothes just in case it got rip to make sure it was hidden.

The moment the class ended Naruto shot out of his seat and ran out of the classroom straight to Punchi's studio.


Well that the end of the first chapter, hope you like it. At the moment Naruto can only really use Tattoos for spy, but later he will learn other things. I just didn't want to make him too strong.

I came up with the idea for Punchi as I was writing this chapter and thought, why not make him obsessed with his 'art' in a way similar, but not quite as extreme, as Deidara just for the fun of it. So I hope you all like him.

For those wondering why the people in the 'red light district' are nice to Naruto it's because they sympathise with him. They are the people everyone glares at so they now what it feels like to be hated and I decided to give him a reason to actually like the village other then the Sandaime and ramen.