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Chapter 4- Indigestion


After team 8 became an official genin team they spent the first week training, learning what they could about each others skills and weaknesses, how best to work together and going over drills to make sure they knew what to do in any given situation. Kurenai had learnt more about Narutos abilities with his tattoos and the fact that he was about to use them as spies had fascinated her and explained why he had been put on her team in the first place.

They would meet at their privet training ground everyday at six am, spend the first hour doing warm up exercises before moving on to basic body conditioning by running laps or lifting small weights. They spent two hours doing that before moving on to light spares, normally Shino vs. Naruto and Kurenai vs. Hinata, though they did change it up a few times, before they had launch.

In the afternoon Kurenai would spend two hours talking with the three genin about different situations that they may find themselves in while on missions and then have then explain what they would do in them, often correcting where needed but for the most part just listening. After that they would spend another two hours running team formations, switching between protection, travel or even battle, they would run through them over and over again until the red eyed jonin was satisfied that they were imprinted on her teams brains, before ending the day with another body conditioning session before they were dismissed.

At the end of each day Kurenai didn't know what surprised her most, the fact that her team never complained about the training, or the fact that no matter what she had him do Naruto never even seemed to break a sweat. She had him doing three times as much conditioning as Shino and Hinata but he always did it seemingly without effort, he never lost a spar against Shino no matter what handicap she decided to give him and he seemed to almost always have the right solution to her metaphorical missions. It was a far cry from the dead last academy student that many thought wouldn't pass the genin exam that the blonde had tricked everyone into thinking him to be.

At first Kurenai was worried about what the blondes obvious superior skills when compared to her other genin would do to her team dynamic, but after a few days she realised that it was a blessing. Instead of becoming jealous of him, Shino and Hinata had started to push themselves even harder to try and catch up to him and because of that they had made tremendous improvements in just the first week of training.

When she had been satisfied that they were making good progress in their training Kurenai had started taking them on D rank missions, just simple things like shopping for civilians that were sick or old, helping a farmer clear his field of stone so he could start planting, normal D rank missions. It when they had been given the mission to catch Tora the cat for the third time that the team had learned something else about Naruto. They had just caught the little devil cat when Kurenai suggested that it might be a good idea if Naruto placed one of his 'Tracker Tattoos', as they had taken to referring to the dots on his hands, on Tora so that they would be able to find him easier if they were given the mission again at a later date.

The look of absolute horror that came to the blondes face when he turned to her had shocked all three of his teammates before say that it would be an insult to his 'Art' to waste ink on something as mundane as tracking a cat, which wasn't even a real mission, and that he would never lower himself to such a thing. Needless to say they had all started being a lot more carful of what they said around the boy after that so as not to insult his 'Art', Naruto had looked like an Akimichi when they heard the word fat.

It wasn't until after the first month had passed that Kurenai decided they were ready for their first C rank mission, and even then she had been carful to wait until the right one came in. The red eyed jonin had decided that her team's first real mission should be something based around what they had been formed to be, an information and tracking team, but the thing is most of the missions that required such things were normally B rank and higher.

That was why it took so long to find the right one.

The mission was simple enough; they were to infiltrate a small bandit camp that had set themselves up on the border between Fire and River country. It was suspected that they were part of a larger group that had been raiding towns and merchant caravans all over the elemental nations. The thing that worried the Hokage was that if this was true it they were all connected, they were too organized for simple bandits. Not to say all bandits were stupid, some could be great tacticians, but when you get as large a group as they feared this one was working together, it usually meant that a ninja was involved to help keep them all in line and stop them from killing each other.

After travelling to a small village just inside Fire country near to where the camp had last been spotted, team 8 had set up a base of operations in the local hotel and spent the first day discussing what the best course of action would be. That's how Naruto ended up walking through the forest towards the bandit camp, his arms covered in bandages to hide his tattoos, a poorly crafted battle axe tied to his back and his headband back in the hotel room. His usual blue vest was replaced with an old brown one that looked to be older then him and pair of torn black pants was the only clothes he had on alone with his usual fingerless gloves.

The biggest problem they had with getting information out of bandits was that they didn't know if any of them actually had the information that they needed and if they really were apart of a larger group attacking them would send the rest into hiding. That meant they needed a way to get what they needed without alerting any of the other groups.

That's where Naruto dressing like a bandit came into the plan.

The plan was for the blonde tattoo user to join the bandits and slowly probe around for information and report back anything of interest using his tattoos. Because bandits had a bit of a reputation when it came to dealing with the opposite sex, neither Kurenai and Hinata could risk joining and because Shino wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous of people that left Naruto to do it alone.

Luckily Naruto was no stranger to deception, he had after all tricked an entire ninja village into thinking he was little more then a failure for six years, and even then there was no guarantee that they would have realised it if not for him purposely blowing his own cover.

Before long the camp came into sight, it wasn't like they were really trying to hide it after all, and when he was about a hundred feet away from the small clearing Naruto was met by two men, one with black hair and the other with grey, both in tattered clothes with swords hung on their belts. They had an air of smug confidence, obviously not worried about one twelve year old with a rusty axe. The blonde stopped in front of them and after a moment of then sizing him up, the man with grey hair spoke.

"What the hell are you doing here brat, get lost before I decide to gut you like a fish."

Letting a frown cross his face, Naruto just huffed like any normal twelve year old would do at being called a brat before nodding his head in the direction of the camp.

"I'm here to join, heard there was a camp near by and decided to check it out."

Before the grey haired man could make another comment, the one with black hair spoke, clear the more level headed of the two.

"What can you do?"

"I can hunt and cook; I was part of another group not to long ago in Grass country but we were attacked by ninja while I was out hunting and I'm the only one left. I'm ok with an axe but for the most part I'm a cook."

This was also part of the plan, by pretending to be a cook Naruto could avoid having to go on raids, and if the need came he could slip something in the food. The two bandits traded looks for a moment before the one with black hair gestured for Naruto to follow him leaving the grey haired man on guard.

"My names Baggu, what's yours brat?"


"Well Sato, luckily for you our last cook was killed in our last raid, so the position is open because to be quite frank not a single person here can cook for shit. I hope for your sake you can do the job because if not I'll slit your throat myself."

Naruto just nodded his head, making sure to take everything in as he was lead through the camp as the black haired man continued.

"There are 16 of us in this camp, 17 now that your here, and since the reason we lost our last cook was because he came on a raid, plus the fact your only a kid, your not going to go on any. We break camp every three days, if you're too slow you'll be left behind."

By the time he was finished explaining the rules Baggu had led Naruto to a tent near the centre of camp. It a little bigger then most of the other tents and had a large fire pit in front of it with a huge cooking pot, a log pile set to one side and several carts next to it.

"This is the storage tent where we keep all the food, along with other things; it's also where you'll be sleeping from now on. When you're not cooking you'll be checking the stock and if we start to get low on food let someone know and a hunting party will be sent out. Now get to work!"

Without waiting for a reply Baggu gave Naruto a hard push in the back, which he pretended to stumble from, before the man turned his back and returned to his guard post.

After sending one last look around the camp Naruto nodded to himself before entering the supply tent. Just like he was told the tent was full of creates containing different kinds of meat and vegetables for cooking. There were also a few creates filled with weapons, a couple of bags of what Naruto thought might be some kind of explosive powder and a large chest with a heavy pad lock.

When he was sure he had a good stock of what was in the tent, Naruto let out a breath before moving to one of the creates filled with meat.


For the next two weeks Naruto stayed with the bandits, sending his tattoos to keep the rest of his team updated on where they moved camp to and what he learned about the bandits. Being the cook definitely had its advantages, people let their guards down around him as they eat and drank, the fact he was only a kid in their eyes only helping the illusion.

Since he had 'joined' the group of bandits he had learned several things, like the leader of this group went by the name Ookami, a large, bold man that used a war hammer to fight and hardly ever left his tent. He also learned that this group were indeed part of a larger organization like the Hokage had feared and that it was indeed run by a ninja, though he wasn't able to get anymore information on the mysterious man other then the fact he moved from group to group to pick up his take of the raids, using message hawks to give orders where needed but for the most part left the individual groups to their own devices.

It was almost time for him to pull out and meet back up with his team, who had been looking into other groups by asking around the towns they passed as they followed them, in order to get a better idea of their numbers. The plan was simple enough; he would slip a sleeping poison into tonight's stew and slip away when they were all asleep before meeting up with his team three miles northwest of where they were currently camped at nightfall. If he wasn't there within an hour after the sun went down they would assume something was wrong and move in to help.

It was a good plan, simple but effective, but was ruined by the appearance of one man.

He was man of medium height, with short red hair and brown eyes, and wore a red shirt under a brown flack jacket and brown pants with the bottoms tied in bandages. He had a scare over his left eye, though the eye itself seemed to still work, and had a small scowl on his face as he looked over the camp. But the thing that stood out the most to Naruto was the slashed Iwa headband that he had tied to his left arm.

The moment he showed up, Naruto knew he was in trouble; the man was at least chunin from what he could feel of his chakra if not jonin and would without a doubt be able to kill him with little effort. He was able to get a name when several of the bandits gave the man a bow and said 'Satsu-sama' as he passed them on his way to the main tent but the name didn't mean anything to him.

After that he tried to stay out of sight as much as possible, staying in the supply tent and pretending to prepare the food. The biggest problem the blonde had was that if he tried to use one of his tattoos to warn his team, Satsu would sense him using chakra and know he was here, but if he didn't send a message they would come to retrieve him without knowing there was another ninja in the camp.

He was only disturbed from his thoughts once, and that was when two men came into the supply tent to take the locked chest. Other then that he was left alone. When dinner came he didn't dare add the sleeping poison to the stew in fear of Satsu noticing and all too soon the sun had set, he was running out of time.

When the meeting time had passed Naruto knew he only had minutes and, taking a deep breath to prepare himself, quickly activated his bat tattoo, tied a short message to its leg and sent it off to his team. The massage had been short, but it should be enough.

Missing-nin. Iwa. Chunin-Jonin. Satsu. Non poisoned. Compromised.

The moment the bat was gone Naruto felt a hand on the back of his vest and was frown out of the tent into the middle of the camp, the bandits looking on with a mixture of confusion and fear as the small boy was pulled to his feet by Satsu, who had a firm grip on the front of his vest that he didn't let go of even when Naruto grabbed his wrists.

"Who the hell let a ninja in the camp?!"

Without waiting for an answer the missing-nin throw Naruto roughly to the ground and stared at him with enrage eyes.

"Who do you works for? Rock? Grass? Who sent you to spy on us?!"

By this point the bandits had figured out what was happening and started to pack up camp when they realised that enemy ninja could be on their way. As the man rushed from tent to tent Satsu's eyes never left Narutos face as he slowly drew out a kunai from the pouch on his hip.

Naruto was able to pull himself together just in time to doge the kunai that had been about to slash his throat by rolling backwards away from the enraged ninja before quickly getting into a crouch and kicking the larger man in the side of the head, disorientating him just long enough for the blonde to put some distance between them.

The moment Satsu had regained his senses he sped through handseals before slamming his foot on the ground.

"Earth Spears Jutsu!"

Naruto was able to jump to the side just in time to avoid the row of sharp deadly spikes that erupted out of the ground in a line leading straight from Satsu to the spot he had been standing no a moment ago. He heard a scream and made the mistake of taking his eyes off of his opponent to look behind him and saw that one of the bandits had been caught in the jutsu and was dead, but before he could fully comprehend what had happened he was hit in the face by a large rock that Satsu had fired at him when he wasn't looking.

Everything around him went fussy and all he could here was a high pitched whistling sound, his head was killing him and no matter how hard he tried Naruto couldn't keep his balance long enough to get back on his feet. At some point he realised that his head was bleeding, the blood flowing down his face and into his left eye.

Luckily it was at that exact moment that his team arrived, both Hinata and Shino separating in order to pick off the now panicking bandits as Kurenai made a beeline straight for Satsu, meeting him in a shower of sparks as their kunai clashed together. They spent several minutes exchanging blows, neither giving the other time to prepare any jutsu, but it was clear Kurenai was not going to win.

With his head still buzzing and the ringing in his ears getting even louder, Naruto was finally able to pull himself up and with a shaky hand clawed at the bandages on his stomach, tearing them away and started to run through handseals as quickly as his addled brain could. Both jonin had caught the movement out of the corner of their eyes and without realising it stopped their fight looked at the blonde fully, or more specifically what was on his stomach. With the bandages gone they could both see the tattoo of what looked like a large mouth. But what shocked them both was what happened when Naruto finished his handseals and called out the jutsu.

"Tattoo Jutsu: Ravenous Demonic Sealing!"

The moment the words left his lips the mouth tattooed on his stomach snapped open to reveal sharp, demon like teeth and nothing but swirling darkness between the top and bottom lips.

Before either Kurenai or Satsu realised it was happening several black chains shot out of the darkness, a slight blue glow emitting from them, and wrapped themselves around the missing-nins chest, neck, arms and legs and started dragging him towards the gaping mouth. Falling to the ground screaming, getting the attention of the few bandits that hadn't already been knocked out by Shino or Hinata, who also looked over at the noise. Satsu dug hands clawed at the ground, trying to find something to get a firm grip to anchor him in place, but nothing seemed to work as he was pulled closer and closer to the darkness that was the mouth. When he was only a few feet away from being swallowed, the missing-nins eyes locked with Kurenai's red ones, two twin brown orbs of terror, before with one final tug from the chains he was pulled into the darkness, the mouth closing behind him with a loud snap.

For a moment the clearing was completely silent, those still conscious that had seen what had happened just staring at the whiskered blonde in shock. Then, without warning Naruto's legs gave way from under him and he fell to the ground unconscious.


When Naruto next opened his eyes it was to the sight of a white ceiling and the smell of antiseptic and that was all it took for him to realise he was in a hospital. Not a second after he realised this every single part of his body started hurting, his back arched in pain and a scream tore itself out of his throat before he could stop it. His body felt like it was burning from the inside out. The door to his room burst open as the Hokage ran in, a worried look on his wrinkled face as he rushed to the side of the bed and grabbed the boys hand as he called for a nurse.

Within minutes the pain was dulled by medication, though he made a note in the back of his mind that they were using ten times the normal dose and his body was still burning through it almost as fast as they were pumping it into him. Even with medication the pain didn't go away completely, his head was pounding and his stomach was throbbing.

He watched as the old man pulled up a seat next to his bed and rested his hand on his, the worry still clear in his eyes, though he was trying to hide it now.

"Naruto, I know it still hurts but I need you to tell me what happened. Kurenai reported that you used some kind of jutsu to pull an enemy ninja inside yourself; I need to know if the seal is at risk."

His breath was coming in short bursts, each one sending another jolt of pain though his stomach and head, but he was able to get words out between them.


At his words a little of the worry on the old mans face went away, though not all.

"Naruto, can you tell me what you did to the missing-nin? The medics are trying to help you but they don't know what's wrong, do you need us to do something or will it go away by itself?"

Before the blonde had time to get out another word he was interrupted by the sound of the door and footsteps making their way over to his bed. When the new person in the room came into his field of view Naruto couldn't stop the small smile that crossed his lips, before it was gone as another jolt of pain shot through him.

Punchi looked down at the blonde boy, ignoring the Hokage as the man turned to him and asked who he was, his eyes fixed on Naruto's stomach with a small frown on his face.

"When I heard you were in the hospital I came as soon as I could. You use 'Ravenous Demonic Sealing' didn't you kid, I told you it was too soon to be using something that powerful, your luckily it didn't kill you. How strong was the poor soul?"

Still gasping for breath, Naruto got out a single word.


Letting out a whistle, Punchi just shook his head before turning to the Hokage.

"The kid used a technique call 'Ravenous Demonic Sealing'; it's designed to seal away a living person and drain their chakra and add it to his. The problem is he wasn't ready to use it, especially not against a jonin level ninja, so his body is rejecting it. Until now all he's ever used it on is animals. Basically the kids got a huge case of indigestion."

Frowning at the man's explanation, Sarutobi stood from his seat and looked the much taller man in the face.

"How do you know all this?"

"My name is Punchi; six years ago the kid showed up outside my tattoo shop and asked me for help. I might not be able to use jutsu but I know the ones he uses almost as good as he does."

After a moment of silence, excepted for the sound of Naruto gasping in pain, Sarutobi nodded his head, making a mental note to talk to this man at a later date, before looking back to the blonde boy.

"What do we need to do?"

"That's simple; we need to get the kid into a secure room before the jutsu spits the guy out. With the poor control he has over the jutsu the guy might still have enough chakra to fight and I doubt you want an Iwa jonin going nuts in the village."

Nodding his head in understanding, Sarutobi had several ANBU bring Naruto to the Torture & Intelligence department, making sure the boy was had pain relief constantly being pumped into his veins, and after explaining what was happening to Ibiki had the boy moved into one of the cells, three ANBU stood around him as they waited.

Not ten minutes after they arrived the still visible tattoo of a mouth on the blonde's stomach opened and literally spit out a fully grown man, letting out a slight belching sound as it did so, before closing again. Satsu was covered in slime, his clothes ripped and his eyes were wide as he stared at them all without actually taking them in. His once red hair was now pure white and the haunted expression on his face was almost too much for even the ANBU to look at for too long.

After looking at then for a moment, the missing-nin let out a small whimper before curling into a ball in the corner of the room and shaking.

The moment the ANBU were able to pull themselves together they had the man in chakra cuffs, though from what they could sense of his chakra he didn't have enough left in his body for anything more then living, and quickly move him to a more secure room to wait for questioning.

As for Naruto, the moment the man was spat out he stopped gasping in pain and just lay on the bed, the drugs finally able to do their job as he once again faded out of consciousness.


When he woke Naruto found that he was once again in the hospital, though this time the Hokage was already in the room looking down at him when he opened his eyes and he wasn't overcome with pain the moment he moved. He also noticed that Punchi was sat on the other side of the bed, a slightly bored look on his face as he sketched on a piece of paper, not even looking up at the blonde when he let out a small groan. He may not be in pain anymore but he was stiff.

"How long have I been here?"

"Two days, three if you include the one before you woke up before spitting out the missing-nin."

Turing to look at the old man, the whiskered blonde let out a slight chuckle when he saw the stern look he was aiming at him, the disapproval for what he had done clear on his face. Propping himself up on the backboard so he wasn't looking up at the old Hokage, Naruto rubbed the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

"In my defence I think I had a concussion from being hit in the head by an earth jutsu when I used my technique."

Frowning at the boy for several minutes, Sarutobi let out a sigh before nodding his head in acceptance.

"I came to that conclusion after listening to the report Kurenai gave me and hearing the basics of the jutsu you used from your friend here. It is indeed a terrifying jutsu, even more so when you have mastered it, though I do have several questions that Punchi-san here was either unable or unwilling to explain until you awoke."

After sending a glance towards the large man sat next to him, who had still not looked up from his sketching, Naruto just nodded his head and waited for the questions.

"First I would like you to explain what the jutsu does, I already have an idea but I would like to hear it from you."

Taking a moment to think about what he was going to say, the blonde nodded to himself before looking up at the Hokage, a serious expression on his face.

"It's called 'Ravenous Demonic Sealing', it's an B to A rank jutsu and is used to capture a target and drain them of chakra down to the basic level needed to live and gives it to me. I use one of my tattoos to mark the target and when I get a lock on them the mouth on my stomach drags them into a separate dimension that is connected to the tattoo, like when you seal an object into a scroll but for living things."

Nodding his head, having already heard most of that from Punchi, Sarutobi moved on to his next question.

"Is this one of the jutsu in your book?"

"Not exactly, there was a similar jutsu call 'Demonic Devouring Seal', but it had several risks. One of which included it being hard to 'aim', which posed a risk to allies, so we...tinkered with it."

Switching his gaze from Naruto and Punchi several times, Sarutobi was about to ask the larger something before he was stopped by said man talking, still not looking up from his paper.

"Before you ask I said I couldn't use chakra, doesn't mean I don't understand the theory behind it and jutsu."

After taking a moment to think over his words, and the fact he knew exactly what he was about to ask him, the old Hokage went back to questioning Naruto.

"How exactly did you 'tinker' with it?"

"We added my 'Tracker Tattoo Jutsu' that I created when I first learned about Jaki's ability to help aim it, that way it doesn't hit a teammate by mistake. The other thing we did was make it non lethal, the original was designed to suck the chakra coils of anyone caught in it dry but we changed it so it could be used as a capture technique."

Sarutobi had to admit, he was very impressed with what the blonde boy in front of him had done, even if it was with the help of someone else the fact that a thirteen year old was actually able to rework a jutsu was incredible. But the smile on his face changed to a look of worry when he thought about his last question.

"Naruto, what can you tell me about the inside of the dimension that your jutsu uses to store people?"

At the confused look he got from this question, Sarutobi knew the next part of this conversation was not going to easy.

"What are you talking about old man?"

Letting out a sigh while wishing he was aloud to use his pipe while in the hospital, Sarutobi braced himself for the blonde's reaction.

"My boy, the man you used that jutsu on, Satsu I believe his name is...when we interrogated him he was a broken man, he gave us all the information we needed and more but we never even had to touch him. Naruto he told us that he was in that seal for years, just floating in an abyss that never ended. He was so terrified that we would send him back he told us whatever we ask him."

For the next ten minutes the room was completely silent, the blonde teen just staring at the old Hokage with a blank expression on his face, even Punchi had stopped his sketching to look at Naruto with interest. When he was finally able to get a hold of himself, Naruto blinked several times before locking eyes with the Hokage.

"I don't understand he was only sealed for a few days, why would he think it was years?"

Lacing his fingers under his chin and leaning forward, Sarutobi took on a lecturing tone as he explained his theory to the teen.

"I can only guess at this point, but it would seem that the dimension you sealed Satsu in runs on a different timeline then our own. Minutes become days, hours become weeks and days become years. It is truly a terrifying jutsu you have developed and I must admit I am considering having it added to the Forbidden Scroll."

At his words Naruto's eyes widened, not sure what to think, he didn't even fully understand what the old man had said, but he did understand what the Forbidden Scroll was and what it meant if a jutsu was considered dangerous enough to add it.

"If you did add it to the scroll, would I not be allowed to use it?"

Taking a moment to think about how to explain, Sarutobi sighed.

"It's not that simple, despite what the name suggests not all the jutsu added to the scroll are forbidden, sometimes they are added to restrict who is allowed to learn them because of the danger to either others or the person using it. If I were to add it to the scroll it would just be acknowledged as being a dangerous jutsu."

Before anything else could be said, Punchi stood from his seat and looked at Naruto before tuning his attention to the old Hokage.

"I think that should be enough for now, after all he still needs time to recover. However I would suggest that you wait until we know more about the 'Ravenous Demonic Sealing Jutsu' before you add it to that scroll of yours. Maybe you could get the kid to help out in that T&I department of your, I'm sure you have a few prisoners that not even scar face can brake, the kid gets to practice his jutsu and you get information out of the people he brakes. Plus the more he uses it the more people he will be able to hold at a time and the longer he can hold them, everyone wins."

Taking on a thoughtful expression, Sarutobi was silent for several minutes before nodding his head.

"That seems reasonable, Naruto I will talk to your jonin sensei about having you spend one day a week in the T&I department working on your 'Ravenous Demonic Sealing Jutsu' when not on missions, dose that sound agreeable to you?"

For a while Naruto didn't answer, wondering if he should really be training with it if the Jutsu was really that dangerous. But the fact was he is a ninja, and this jutsu would benefit both him and the village, and in the end that was the whole point of a ninja.

Not saying anything, Naruto just nodded his head in agreement before lying back down on the hospital bed and thinking about what he would do next, barely even noticing when both Sarutobi and Punchi left the room.


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