Nemesis flying over the Nevada desert high above in the dark nightime clouds, Soundwave was finally alone in the bridge of the ship while the other decepticons were scattered around the Nemesis working elsewhere.

*Finally some quiet...* Soundwave thought to himself and sighed as he took a the quiet moment to look out the very large observatory part of the bridge.

The moon shined through the window glowing off of Soundwave's visor, Soundwave knew this was going to be his only break, knowing another break would present it's self far from know.

"Soundwave have you found the energon source that Starscream said he and his troops were mining yet!?" Megatron's rugged voice made Soundwave visibly jump and turn around in surprise.

"You haven't got distracted, by the shining moon now have you?" Megatron gave a slight hint of sarcasm in his tone as he did not feel the need to make a comment about the seekers non alert behaviour.

Soundwave did not hesitate to pull up the coordinates to the energon deposites on his visor for his master, showing the warlord he was working hard still.

"Good, I shall get Knockout and Breakdown to fetch it, you prepare yourself to fire up a bridge leading to the coordinates" Megatron replied to his communications chief.

"Soundwave cue the audio to the med bay, I wish to inform those two of thier mission" Megatron continued to speak to Soundwave as the eradicons came back from thier break and went back to thier many controls.

Soundwave once again wasn't paying attention to the decepticon leader standing before him, as he watched the eradicons return to their posts, *Must be nice to get a break...* Soundwave sighed in his head.

"Soundwave!" Megatron snapped grabbing the seekers attention, as Soundwave quickly returned his attention to Megatron.

"Did you what I said!?" Megatron continued to speak through frustration at the facelesss con.

*Sadly yes, I happen to get every word that comes from you...* Soundwave replied sarcastically to the warlord in his mind, he would have of thrown back his helm in respons to Megatron, but nodded his helm instead, and did what he was told.

"Knockout Breakdown report to the bridge!" Megatron ordered through the comm, just as Megatron finished the call Starscream entered.

"Starscream good, when those two idiots Knockout and Breakdown arrive in here, you can brief them on thier energon run" Megatron told his second in command as he walked past the grey seeker.

"Of cours master" Starscream replied stopping next to Soundwave.

"And Soundwave you are my top and most acomplished mech aboard, keep it that way" Megatron hissed before leaving the room.

"Geez what did you put in his energon, he never degrades on you like that?" Starscream turned to and snickered at Soundwave.

"Lord Megatron forgive me please!, I am fool!, Lord Megatron it's my fault!" Soundwave played recordings of the many times Starscream failed Megatron and begged for mercy.

"Alright alright so I'm not perfect either, you know you're immature!" Starscream gasped folding his arms and pouting.

Soundwave stared at Starscream before turning away from the seeker, and walked over to the monitor he was working on before everyone walked in.

"What is our task lord Megatron wishes for us to do?" Knockout asked in his usual sassy tone as he and Breakdown entered the bridge.

"I just got back from mining energon you two will take a few soldiers with you and retrieve it" Starscream replied to the doctor.

"Soundwave ground bridge" Starscream ordered turning to the faceless mech hard at work.

Soundwave sighed to himself stepping out from the monitor he finished up on and opened the ground bridge the second in command ordered closing it right after the two left.

"Ugh I hate mining it's so draining, that's what the miners are made for, why do I always have to go help them, why dosen't lord Megatron go himself, I'm second in command I shouldn't have to do that grunt work!" Starscream turned and faced the faceless seeker, and started to monologue to Soundwave.

*You think your job is hard, I have to listen to all of you bitch about every little thing that goes on, I don't want to listen to you speak, honestly your voices all sicken me!* Sounwave snapped at Starscream in his head, tired of listening to his chronic complaining.

"If Megatron just took the time to realise I can handle things very well and acomplished..." Starscream continued.

*I replay recordings to show how stupid you all sound*

"I can find and take the autobots down if he gave me the chance"

*I'm sure they'd hand you your ass...*

"Megatron fails to acomplish anything to do with destroying Optimus prime!"

*I don't care...*

"I could easily snuff that over grown ape of an autobot!"

*I love how sarcastic you are...*

"I would do quite well against the prime I'm quite vicious in battle"

*What are you doing here with those stilettos you should be walking down a runway with them*

"Don't you think Soundwave?" Starscream finally ended with a question.


"Soundwave don't you think I would do well?" Starscream asked again looking Soundwave straight in the face.

Soundwave continued to stand motionless and Starscream started to wonder if Soundwave was even paying attention to anything he said, Starscream waved his servo infront of the mech getting no response, as one of the eradicons watched.

"Well then... you!, if Megatron asks, he was broken when I got here!" Starscream growled in a panick to at the eradicon before leaving the bridge in a hurry.

*Freaking idiot...*