"Wakey wakey!" Soundwave tiredly awoke, to the familiar voice of a maroon medic.

"What are you doing in my room..." Soundwave lifted his helm up, to tiredly gaze at the medic, bearly keeping his focus, as he dropped his helm back onto his berth, he only had maybe a whole 25 minutes of rest the entire night, and now here was the very annoying medic, about to awake a very cranky youngling.

"Come on Soundy get up!" Knockout demanded placing his servos on his hips, as he stared Soundwave down.

"Why..." Soundwave whined looking up at the medic, from where his helm lay.

"Because there was a certian emergency this morning, and someone invaded my med bay, and made a mess, come clean it up!" Knockout rettorted, rolling his optics and folding his arms, at the youngling.

"I'm trying to recharge, go away..." Soundwave continued to whine rolling over onto his other side, facing the wall, and facing away from the now impatient doctor.

Knockout's irritated look quickly turned to a scowl. "I don't care if your spark is on the outside of your frame, I worked hard to clean that med bay, and you messed it up, you need to fix it!" Knockout growled, getting annoyed with Soundwave.

"if I didn't save the ship, you wouldn't have a med bay" Soundwave sarcastically replied, lifting a lazy arm and digit.

"Oh ha ha, come on Soundwave I know it was you, get up, why are you so tired?" Knockout hissed, kicking Soundwave's berth.

"I couldn't recharge last night..." Soundwave answered the medics question, ignoring the kicking.

"Why, the ship didn't go corrupt, until early this morning?" Knockout questioned, gaining a little concern in his one.

"I was awake before then" Soundwave groaned, rolling back over to face Knockout.

"What kept you up then?" Knockout sighed, sitting next to Soundwave on the berth.

"Never mind, I'll clean your med bay" Soundwave grumbled, rolling out of his berth, making his way to Knockout's med bay.

Knockout quickly hopped off the berth, and jogged after Soundwave. "Soundwave is something from last night bothering you, or is it just me?" Knockout asked, only half joking.

"It's just you" Soundwave remarked speeding up his walking pace.

"Oh I see, silly bot is back in action" Knockout scoffed rolling his optics, as kept up with the speed walker.

Hearing the last words from Knockout, Soundwave stopped dead in his tracks, making the medic run into him. "You called me that when I was a sparkling, that will be the only time you called me silly bot!" Soundwave snapped poking Knockout's chest.

"Oh come on, Soundy it's not that bad" Knockout chuckled shrugging his shoulders, as Soundwave sharply turned around, continuing down the hallway.

"It's bad enough you call me that!" Soundwave scoffed over his shoulder, as they entered the med bay.

"I've called you both, silly bot, and Soundy, for your entire life, and now you have a problem?"

"I didn't know any better back then!" Soundwave argued, as he walked all around the med bay, picking up the various things that he threw across the room, from earlier.

"Primus you're moody, finish up here, I've got things to do" Knockout waved off the moody youngling, and went back to doing his reports.

"There was only ten objects on the floor, did you really have to wake me for that!?" Soundwave questioned, continuing the argument, as he shut the storage room door.

"Soundwave..." Knockout sighed, lowering his data pad, and rolling his optics, keeping his gaze to the ceiling, while waiting for Soundwave to reply.

"Yeah I'm going..." Soundwave grumbled, recollecting his exhausted state, lowering his helm and making his way out of the med bay.

As soon as he got through the door, he ended up walking into the gunmetal warlord. "Soundwave, there you are" Megatron said, taking a step back, so the med bay doors hissed shut behind the youngling.

Secretly Soundwave was mentlly rolling his optics, wondering what the warlord wanted. "Yes?" Soundwave stood unmoving, awaiting a command from his leader.

"Sorry but your break is over, clearly these primitive morons, I call comrades, are more incompetent then I thought, and the warship cannot function properly without you" Megatron scowled, with a sigh.

"Yeah, figured it wouldn't last long..." Soundwave sighed, tiredly walking past the warlord, to get to the bridge to work.

"Oh and one more thing, I'm not going to be here today, so..."

"No no, please no, I don't want to listen to him!" Soundwave pleaded.

"Sorry, but if he gets to out of hand you don't have to do anything" Megatron apologized, before heading in the oppostie direction.

Soundwave growled, and entered the bridge with an annoyed sigh, as he walked straight up to Starscream, and awaited a command.

The seeker knew the youngling hated to be bossed around by him, to tell the truth, they have never gotten along, not even once. "That's right runt, you're mine today" Starscream smirked, folding his arms while staring down at the youngling.

*Jackass...* Soundwave growled to himself as he walked forward, making Starscream move out of his way, heading towards the ship controls.

"Actually dear Soundwave, you and I are going around the ship today, since you did such a wonderful job of saving our ship earlier" Starscream's smirk continued to grow as every word came from his vocalizer.

Soundwave stopped in his tracks, and twisted around to face Starscream. *You've got to be fragging kidding me!* Soundwave shook his helm no.

Starscream sighed, and approached Soundwave. "Now now Soundwave don't be like that, you act as if I torture you" Starscream cooed with a smirk, escorting the youngling into the halls.

*You always do!* Soundwave Snapped his helm in Starscream's direction.

"Oh don't give me that, I do not!" Starscream scoffed, looking away from the faceless youngling.

*Uh yeah you do!* Soundwave nodded.

"No I don't, stop being such a sparkling" Starscream growled, rolling his optics.

*Stop being such a fragger...*

"Soundwave... is there a problem?" Soundwave visibly jumped, to the sound of Megatron's voice, coming on over his commlink.

*No... Starscream is just being annoying* Soundwave hesitantly replied, through their bond.

"Soundwave there's nothing new there, that's just Starscream" Megatron sighed, Soundwave could practically feel Megatron's optics roll while saying that.

*Can't I come with you?* Soundwave asked, knowing Starscream was just going to grow more annoying, over the next few minutes.

"Soundwave you know my answer, now go along with the day, and I'll be back later" Megatron replied with a annoyed sigh, before ending the call.

*Fine... let me at least be with someone more tolerable* Soundwave thought, before playing a recording of Starscream saying Knockout's name.

"Knockout, what about the doctor?" Starscream sneered as they walked by the med bay door.

As they were passing the door, Soundwave halted, and stood infront of the door, seeing if the seeker would notice, that he had stopped.

Starscream noticed right away, and stopped and turned around, to see Soundwave standing by the med bay enterance. "Soundwave, you are not ill, nor wounded, now come, we have work to do" Starscream rolled his optics, placing his claws on his hips.

Soundwave just simply pointed at the door, telling the seeker he wanted to go in the med bay, Starscream just glared at him and shook his helm no, Soundwave mentally rolled his optics and walked right into the med bay.

"Why do I always get stuck sparklingsitting..." Starscream grumbled to himself, well trudging his way into the medbay with the youngling.

Knockout turned around, to the sound of the doors hissing open, to reveal a happy Soundwave, and an annoyed Starscream. "Hello you two, what bring this unexpected visit?" Knockout chuckled, as Soundwave fast walked, almost running over to his side.

"Our masters little youngling, was oh so eager to see uncle Knockout" Starscream retorted, approaching the medic, with his servos rested behind his back.

"Oh really, cause if memory serves, little youngling here, was moodier then lord Megatron himself, this morning" Knockout remarked, smirking at Soundwave, who was rappidly shaking his helm at him.

"Well seems that mood has carried on, disobedient little brat" Starscream hissed, intimidatingly standing over Soundwave.

Soundwave let Starscream stare down himself, in the reflection of his visor, while Starscream's focus was on staring him down, Soundwave found Knockout's electric rod leaning against the wall behind Starscream, at seeing the weapon, a devious plan formed up in Soundwave's mind, he made sure that Starscream kept his attention on his visor, as he released one of his tentacles to retrive the rod.

"Can't do anything properly without daddy telling you what to do?" Starscream teased continuing to smirk at Soundwave.

A small electric hiss of the rod came on, Starscream was completely oblivious, while Knockout stared in awe and waited.


"AAAAH!" Starscream yelped, as Soundwave eletrocuted him, leaping into the a bunch of open energon cubes, spilling them all over himself.

"Ha ha ha, I don't know about disobedient, but sure knows how to make you look like an idiot!" Knockout cackled, patting Soundwave on the helm, while Starscream growled and scowled at Soundwave, holding the still online rod.