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Italics are thoughts.

It was like every normal day for Aomine. He had his earphones on, listening to music as it blasted to his ears. One of his hands was shoved in his pocket while the other hand carried his school bag over his shoulder. The leaves were rustling as he walked his way home. The sun shone brightly while the clouds were forming different shapes.

After walking down a few more streets, he finally reached home. He opened his door then yelled, "I'm home!"

"Welcome home." His mother smiled at him while taping some boxes.

"Mother, why is our house so empty and why are you keeping all out things into the box?"

"You see, Daiki... Your dad got a promotion!" His mother clasped her hand together ecstatically.

"That's great! You haven't answered my other question, mom." Aomine had a bad feeling about this. Yeah, sure. His dad getting a promotion is great news but he couldn't help but feel that something which was not to his liking was going to happen.

"Well... about that promotion, your dad work is going to be at somewhere else. That's why I'm taping those boxes." stated his mother.

"Are you saying that we're moving?!" Aomine exclaimed.

"Yes, we are. Sorry about that, Daiki. I'll miss this place too though." His mother gave a sad smile.

"What? There's no way I'm leaving Touou High in such a short notice!" Aomine gave his mum a grumpy look.

"About that... Your dad and I already transferred you to Seirin High... And tomorrow is your last day of in Touou…" His mother trailed off.

"You what? Why didn't you tell me this earlier?!" Aomine stared at his mother, his anger was about to explode.

"Well, I wanted it to be a surprise... I thought you never really liked Touou High..." His mother frowned. She does indeed know a fact that her son is short-tempered. She let out a sigh.

"But mother, my friend is there. It's just all too sudden. Aomine growled.

"Calm down, Daiki. I thought you would be ecstatic like I am. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier." His mother gave him an apologetic face.

Feeling guilty for shouting at his mother, Aomine ran a hand through his electric blue hair. Jeez, mother. Sure knows how to make me feel guilty. He thought to himself for a moment then he spoke, "Sorry for shouting at you mother. Do you need any help?"

"I forgive you. So hot tempered, reminds me of your dad when he was younger." She chuckled lightly. "Thanks for offering but I'm almost done, why don't you go pack your stuff first? I've already packed most of the things already."

"Okay, mother." He sighed and he went upstairs.

He went inside his room and started packing his things. His mother already packed most of the things and he's grateful for that. He ran a hand through his unruly blue hair again. I'm seriously going to move. Jeez, mom and dad, so much for surprises. He pondered for a while packing and checking if that's everything he needs.

He then looked around the cream coloured wall in his room. Lying on his bed and stared at the ceiling aimlessly. Seirin High huh? I guess tomorrow is my last day in Touou. He let out a big sigh. Everything was just too sudden for him. He suddenly heard a knock on his door. I guess it is mother. He stood up from his bed and turned the door knob to open the door.


Staring at the busty, pink haired girl at his door, he was surprised.

"Satsuki? What are you doing here?" Aomine questioned.

"I heard that you are moving so I came over!"

"Oh, right. So what do you plan to do?" He raised an eyebrow.

"The team members shall throw a farewell party for you tomorrow!" She exclaimed happily.

"Jeez, Satsuki. That's not necessary and you know I'm not fond of them."

"Hey! At least show some appreciation. In that case, meet me afterschool tomorrow. I'm really sad that you're going to go to another school too. I mean, we've been sticking with each other since forever." She frowned.

He heaved out a sigh. Now she made him felt guilty. Just now it was mother, now her. Jeez, Satsuki is like another mother. She always nags non-stop like a mother. Yeah, they've been sticking around each other's back since forever.

"Right... Whatever… I mean I don't find it necessary alright?" He said while scowling.

"Dai-chan, stop it with the grumpy face. You're going to have wrinkles all over your face." She joked.


"You'll still contact me, right? Even if you move away, we'll remain as best buddies right?" She gave him a pout.

"Man, what are you talking about, Satsuki? Of course I will! I mean you said that we've been sticking around each other since forever right?" He ruffled her hair like an older brother would do to his younger sister.

"Glad to hear that!" She chirped happily and was smiling like a thousand suns were shining on her face.


"See you tomorrow then, Dai-chan." She waved goodbye at him.

"See ya."

Dinner time then arrived. He went down and ate dinner with his parents.

"Daiki, the moving truck will come tomorrow at 4pm, be sure to reach home by then."

"Yes, mother. Congratulations, dad."

"Thank you, son." His dad replied and gave him a smile.

After dinner was over, Aomine was pretty tired. So he went up the stairs and turned right into his room. He then quickly brushed his teeth, changed into his sleeping clothes and went to lie on his bed. Darkness soon clouded his vision as he fell asleep.

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