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"You're going to help me win Tetsu's heart."


Kagami just stood there frozen, gaping like a fish in shock. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, threatening to fall out from her eye sockets. What he just blackmailed her to help him was utterly ridiculous, from her point of view that is. What does that idiot winning Kuroko's heart had to do with her anyway? It's not like she gave a damn. She was speechless; she didn't even know how to respond.

"You heard me." He stated, snapping her out from her train of thoughts.

"Why me?"

"You're her best friend."

"Yeah, so?" Kagami rolled her crimson eyes in frustration.

"You know her well." Aomine stated matter-of-factly.

"It's not like you don't know her. And there's no way I'm helping you." She scoffed.

"Well, if you are not helping me then I'll just hand this to Kise." He smirked haughtily.

He was walking towards the door that led to the rooftop. A look of horror spread across Kagami's face. Each second ticked by, he was walking nearer and nearer to the door, inching closer and closer with each step taken. She stood there thinking whether if she should but if she refused, the friendship she tried so hard to build with Kise would most likely be ruined, it would end with full of awkwardness.

He slowed down his pace, almost reaching the door; waiting for her decision. She was debating whether to accept the deal or not, weighing the pros and cons, though it seemed like both of the choices did not benefit her at all and it only benefits him.

Her mind was in havoc, she didn't know what to decide. Her heart was thumping loud, almost flying off her chest. Well, if she helped that idiot win Kuroko's heart, no harm done right? She wanted to pull out her scarlet hair, not knowing what to do anymore. Maybe Kuroko likes Aomine too? Then that would be great right? If she helped out, that is, then they can be together and happily ever after. Desperately trying to think of the pros she made up, silently hoping that Kuroko wouldn't mind her decision. It was not like she was betraying her best friend in any way. She was simply just comforting herself for the decision she was about to make.

Finally, she had decided her decision. "Fine! I'll help you out." She yelled out, silently muttering sorry to Kuroko.

Aomine stopped his tracks, a devilish smirk etched on the corner of his lips. "I figured you would."

"Hmph! Now give me back my scrapbook!"

"I will after you help me win Tetsu's heart." He answered, keeping the scrapbook as blackmail material.

"Why, you! Just give it back to me already!" She suddenly thought of running off after he gave her back her scrapbook, so she could escape without doing the deal and the secret about her crush on Kise would be safe.

"Heh, no way!"

"Why not? I already said I'll help you!"

"Tch, did you think I'm stupid? You would probably run off after I give it back to you."

Damn. Am I that easy to figure out? Or is he smarter than he lets on? She cursed inwardly. "Of course not, Aomine! She denied vehemently. "I'll definitely help you out." Trying to reassure him, she put on her most persuasive voice.

Aomine stared at her as if she just hit her head or something, eyeing her skeptically. He smelled something fishy. Something must be up. He thought to himself.

"Tch, yeah right. I'm not that stupid, Bakagami."

Kagami heaved a long sigh and rose her hands up in defeat, "Fine, you win. You got me."

Aomine smirked in satisfaction, his blue eyes twinkling evilly.

"Any ideas?"

"You want me to think of ideas for you?!" Kagami facepalmed.

"Uh, yeah. That's why I asked you in the first place." He shrugged his broad shoulders nonchalantly.

"...More like blackmail. Sigh, maybe you could try to impress her?" She suddenly thought that idea from the magazine she read the other day.

"How?" He asked, sounding like a lost child.

"I don't know! You're hopeless! Think some ideas on your own!"

Aomine pouted slightly, "C'mon Kagami, don't be like that."

"...Think of something you can impress her with."


"...That could work."

Kagami was facepalming over and over again. This tanned dude knew nothing about how to court the opposite sex or whatsoever. She groaned in frustration, not knowing what to do anymore. This guy here was definitely the definition of hopeless.

"Let's think about it later, I want to go home."

She stood up and left, leaving Aomine alone on the rooftop. Aomine went home too after a while.

A day soon passed and Kagami was groaning in frustration, "What did I get myself into?" She was questioning herself, thinking that it was foolish to agree on the stupid deal. Sadly for her, she didn't really have any other options. She should've just beaten the crap out of that cobalt haired idiot. Straitening the wrinkles around her uniform, she quickly got dressed and went off to school.

The sun was smiling happily while she was not. Kagami was unable to keep of the deal out from her head, she heaved sigh and grumbled under her breath. Walking on the usual route, she quickened her pace to school, not wanting to be late. Hopping in the school gate, she looked around her surroundings. It was the plain old usual, students chatting to one another; some were minding their own business.

Thinking back, she hated how he blackmailed her to accept the deal. She was still going to keep the end of her deal. Well, most likely, unless she found some loopholes and was able to escape it. Walking to class, she went to her seat and sat down. Not long after, a tanned figure appeared. Some girls were fangirling over him, which Kagami failed to understand what those girls saw in him. He headed to his seat then sat down.

"Here." She shoved a piece of paper and a magazine to Aomine.

"What's this?"

"It's something to help you win Kuroko's heart." and muttered, "I guess."

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Aomine stared at the paper and the magazine, clueless as ever. Millions of question marks were popping around him.

"It's a checklist and a magazine about love advice, Ahomine." She stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, so what do I do with the checklist?"

"Tick what you have succeeded?"


"I'm not going to think about everything for you! Figure something out yourself!"

"Yeah, sure." He scrunched up his face staring at the helpful things Kagami had given him, though it was highly doubted that he would use them.

Classes then went on like usual, some antics here and there. Aomine already dozed off to dreamland. When classes ended, Aomine walked lazily to the basketball court. He reached there and walked in, "The Interhigh competition is very soon! Now I would like to choose the main players first." Riko started.

Everyone was in silence, waiting for her to continue.

"Hyuuga Junpei, jersey number four. Position, small guard."

"Izuki Shun, jersey number five. Position, point guard."

"Kiyoshi Teppei, jersey number seven. Position, center."

"Aomine Daiki, jersey number ten. Position, power forward."

"Kise Ryouta, jersey number eleven. Position, small forward."

Kise heard his name being called; he was feeling ecstatic that he got chosen. Aomine simply grunted when he heard his name being called. Riko then continued on saying, "We will be having a practice match against the girls' team. Since they're not here yet, all of you practice first."

Everyone then went to train waiting for the girls' team to arrive. Kagami was on her way there, feeling riled up. While Kuroko was being Kuroko. Finally, the girls reached and stepped in the court. Both coach greeted each other.

"Since everyone is here now let's start the match!" Riko exclaimed.

Kagami saw that blue haired idiot, looking at him, giving him a glare. Catching her glare, he casually threw back a smirk at her.

She wanted to get back at him for whatever trouble she had been caused, first the whole presentation and now was a sudden request for her best friend's heart to be sold for what? Right, for the sake of her precious scrapbook. Was it even worth it? Kagami groaned inwardly at the thought.

To imagine the sight of having Kise to know what that was hidden back in her heart for all this time, her heart clenched. She could see the look of rejection smearing across his features. Kagami soon snapped out from her train of thoughts, running to the court, preparing for the start of the match.

Aomine looked at Kagami with a smirk etched on his features. The fiery girl returned it with a glare once more. The tension was building between them; Kagami could feel her adrenaline pumping, ready to crush her opponents.

"I'm going to crush you!" Kagami gritted her teeth at him.

"I'd like to see you try."

As they finished their exchange, the whistle blew. Thus, the match began.

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