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I was holding Gale's second child in my arms, and she was laughing like babies do. My son was sitting on my lap. "Hi, I'm your uncle Peeta." I told the smiling angel. "And you must be Anne Hawthorne? You're so cute." Katniss giggled at the baby. I laughed as well. Gale stood by smiling like a father, while his wife Johanna shook her head. "She can't understand a word of what you're saying you guys." Johanna scoffed, I disagreed, "Oh yeah?" I coughed, "Watch this. "I lifted the baby higher, which I knew she didn't like. And so she stopped smiling. "The name's Mellark Peeta Mellark." She smiled at my James Bond line. "You see?" I chuckled at Johanna. "Yeah? She'll do that for anyone. Watch." She took the baby from me. "I'm mom, Mason Johanna Mason." The baby, to my delight, didn't smile. Gale took her and tried, but so did Katniss. No smile from little Anne.

They handed the baby back to me, and left the room to make lunch. I was alone with all three babies, Johanna and Gale's first, Oliver, and my son, Jonny. Plus don't forget Anne, she still didn't smile. "Mellark, Peeta Mellark." I watched as her beautiful little smile formed. She only smiled for me, when I said that. And she wouldn't smile for anyone else who said it. I could only imagine this child growing up and calling me "Uncle Mellark, Peeta Mellark that is."

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