I hope this works out well and if it does, I'll consider writing more chapters. Because I've lost my muse on my other two stories (Check 'em out. They're called The Mask is Removed and Many New Emotions!), I've decided to created this new one. It'll give me something to write about and I need the distraction. Plus the Plot Bunnies have been constantly bugging me to get this written. Oi vey. I apologize for any mistakes.

It had all been a lie. His whole life. This was not how he had imagined his future to be, not at all. Iruka stared at the nin he used to consider his 'friend' and tried not to gag. Well, he wouldn't call the man a nin anymore, more like a corpse. Flicking his blade slowly, the former Chuunin let the body slide off of the weapon, ignoring the sickening thud as it hit the ground, before turning and disappearing into the forest. This was not supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to be like this, but if anything, Iruka blamed it on the eyes. He wasn't supposed to have those dammed eyes. But he did, silently proclaiming his relation to one of the most powerful clans that existed. But wait, let's rewind and find out how this all began.

He had woken up earlier that day, actually relaxed for once, enjoying the morning air. It was warm in Kohona, something that was rare as it was normally hot during this time of the year. Iruka suspected that it was because of the rainstorm that had ended less than a few hours ago, leaving the air moist and cool. It felt. . . nice. Glaring at the monstrosity that he called his alarm clock, Iruka sighed and rolled over. 7:15 AM. He had less than half an hour to make it to the school before it was burned down by the Pre-Genin. Sighing again, the Chuunin sat up and stomped into his bathroom, wrenched the shower knobs on towards 'hot' and stepped in. He was out in three minutes when the heat of the water became too much to bear. Not like he really cared anyway. Getting dressed was accomplished even faster, along with putting his hair up and locking his house. Iruka finished his bread roll on the way to the Academy. The time? 7:25 AM. He was actually early for once. But he didn't care. This monotone life was boring and for once, Iruka wished that something exciting would happen.

His students filed silently into the classroom. They had sensed that their Sensei was in a good mood, so they had high hopes for an outdoor class. At least, they would get one as long as Kohakaru kept his mouth shut. There was something about that boy that spelled trouble and Iruka wasn't sure if it was the fact that his parents were Jounin, or the fact that he was friends with Naruto. Either way, the boy was a ball of fire and the Chuunin wasn't sure if he could handle it today.

"Kohakaru? Can you do me a favor and be quiet today? I'm not feeling my best. . ." The class was silent. They understood as much as they could. Their precious Iruka-Sensei was tired and he needed a class that would behave, not a rowdy annoyance.

"Yes Iruka-Sensei!" Kohakaru chirped, then fell silent. And true to his word, he did behave. The rest of the school day went by quickly, with no problems. And as soon as the bell had rung, the Pre-Genin had tiptoed out of the room hoping that their beloved Sensei would feel better tomorrow. Iruka smiled softly, they were little gems. Not like those dammed Jounin, ESPECIALLY Hatake Kakashi. Hell, if you looked up 'Asshole' in the dictionary, the man's picture would be right beside it. Iruka had made sure of that one. Wasted a lot of time and glue, but well worth the effort. Especially when Anko had found it and had started looking up bad words. She had shrieked in laughter and ran off to show it around. People were still guessing who had pasted that picture in. Hatake had liked the attention at the beginning, but after the incident at the hot springs (1), he wasn't very happy about it anymore. Iruka thought that it was a riot, but never said anything. Why would he? The man was light-years above him.

The Missions Office was a mess when he arrived. Anko had started a wrestling match in the middle of the room and was now taking bets using his desk. The ceiling fan had been removed and one of the Chuunins was desperately trying to put it back before the 'Terror of the Office'(2) came in. Slowly the irate teacher took a breath. This was going to be interesting.

"May I ask exactly what is going on in here?" The question was softly spoken, but everyone heard it. Anko froze, then slowly looked up, her face going pale at the sight of Iruka in the doorway.

"R-r-ruka!" She hopped off the desk. Iruka tilted his head slightly and smiled. The temperature in the room seemed to drop ten degrees and several people shivered. The smart Chuunin who knew what was going to happen snuck out of the room. Out of the corner of his eyes, Iruka noticed Hatake leaning against the wall. He looked smug for some reason. Damn. Iruka just knew that he had another one of his messy reports to hand in.

"Anko. What is going on?" His voice was silky smooth and the female Jounin took a step back. She knew this voice, this was the voice that promised pain and death.

"We were just having a little fun. . . . ."

"Really? Then why is my desk upside down, and the ceiling fan on the floor? And wrestling? Anko, I thought you were smarter than this." She flinched, and Iruka smiled sweetly, "Clean it up," before moving over to his desk. The Chuunin bent down and flipped the thing over with surprising ease and settled down into his chair, completely ignoring Anko in the background.


(1) The incident at the Hot Springs is no longer talked about, but for those of you who want to know, it involved Anko, Gai, Iruka, Tsunade, body glitter, spandex, and a shrieking Pervert Sannin. Tsunade banned the subject so that's all I can tell you without getting in trouble.

(2) Terror of the Office is Iruka, he had ended up nearly killing a Jounin with his glare, but most people thought that it was a myth. The Chuunins', however, knew the truth.