Alright, so I've finally gotten around recovering the missing documents for Lying Eyes and I will be writing what remains in the story again. Just bear with me, it will take a while.

"Umino?" The Sandaime's eyebrow went up slightly. "Any relation to Iruka?"

"If you don't count the fact that he's my nephew? Then no." Kyo smiled, his teeth glinting slightly. Grey Otter took a step forward.

"On behalf of the Mist Mizukage, we wish to set up a trading system with Kohona."

Tsunade smiled. "Why not. Do you have it?"

"Yes. It's already written." White Sparrow pulled a scroll from his uniform. "Actually... we need Iru, Otter."

"Yeah, I noticed. The Mizukage is already getting distracted." And it was true, the Kage was eying Tsunade's sake collection quietly, probably wondering if he could swipe any without being caught. With a flick of his fingers, Otter froze a mirror out of the moisture in the air. He smeared some of his blood on the gem at the top and waited. There was a wave of fuzzy lines across the mirror before it cleared and became a living room. "Iru-kun? Jste?"

"Jo. Co vy dva potřebujete ode mě?" Iruka appeared in the mirror, and he flopped down onto a chair.

"Kyo je stále rozptylovat." It was a simple statement, but Iruka snorted all the same.

"Vzhledem k tomu, když je nového? Vždycky, jak se rozptýlit."

Otter opened his mouth, but Iruka cut him off. "Takže chcete, abych se ujistil, že dělá to, co má?" The ANBU nodded mutely. "Dobře. Hned jsem tam." The reflective glass shattered into dust and Otter turned his attention to the others.

"He'll be here as soon as he can." Tsunade looked at Otter like he had grown a second head.

"Who was that?"

"Iru. He's the only one who can make Kyo do his work."

"Is Iru short for Iruka?" The nins from the Mist glanced at each other.

"Yes. He stops by our village once or twice a month and makes Kyo do his paperwork. He also stops by for the sake that Father makes."

"How do you know him so well." Kakashi couldn't help but pipe up.

"We grew up with him. We're cousins." Otter grinned. He pulled his mask off and smirked. The others were floored. He and Iruka looked so much alike that they could have passed off as twins. Sparrow reached up and tugged his mask off as well. Scratch that, Iruka could have been part of a set of triplets, they looked so much alike. So much so that the nins from Konoha believed that if it wasn't for the scar across Iruka's face, no one would have been able to tell the three family members apart. Iruka's lips quirked and his shifted and Kakashi drew in a sharp breath as his scar faded away. Then they shifted, moving quickly enough that nobody was able to follow.

"Who..." The one on the left smirked.

"Is..." His lips quirked up, revealing sharp eyeteeth

"Who?" He snickered, watching with glee at how confused the other nins looked.

Kakashi's eye narrowed and he revealed his Sharinigan. The tomoe swirled in the sea of red and he froze. He couldn't even tell them apart. What the fuck? Their chakra wasn't supposed to be the exact same! Although he supposed that there might have been a reason. Kakashi felt his lips purse underneath the mask, and he closed his left eye, sliding the cloth hiate over it at the same time. There was no use wasting his chakra if he couldn't even tell them apart. The frown deepened and he decided to be completely random.

"The one of the left is Otter, middle is Sparrow, and right is Iruka."

There was dead silence for a few seconds. "YOU'RE... right?" Otter's face screwed up in a look of pure confusion.

Iruka's scar appeared again and he scowled. "What the hell? If you used that damned eye, I'm going to throw a fit."

"I'm pretty sure that was a guess. Throw your fit anyway." Kakashi smiled uneasily, he wasn't sure if being a stationary target was a good idea. "Besides, I think it's time we introduced ourselves."

"Otter? You want to start?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I'm Umino Kyushi. Jounin, ANBU Grey Otter. Iruka's cousin and the son of the Mizukage."

"I'm also the son of the Mizukage. Kyushi and I are twins. I'm Umino Shioki. Jounin, ANBU White Sparrow. Hey Iru, you..." he trailed off hesitantly.

"Why not? Uchiha Iruka. Jounin, ANBU Black Tiger. Former T & I Captain. What more do you want from me?"

Naruto bounced forward. "Do you have summons?"


"How many?"

"..." Iruka paused and began counting on his fingers.

Otter spoke up."Fuck... Last time I checked it was somewhere between five and ten... maybe?"

"I think I have fifteen or so..." Iruka ignored the gaping mouths and frowned.

"It might be easier if you just list them..."

"Alright. Here I go..." He pulled out a blank scroll and began scribbling names down.

Claude – Spider

Sebastian – Raven

Ichigo – White Tiger

Grimmjow – Panther

Allen – Griffin

Kanda – Basilisk

Renji – Chimera

Byakuya – Eagle

Zero – Wolf

Havi – Stallion

Val – Thunderbird

Tyki – Hypogriff

Lavi – Hell Rabbit

Shiva – Ice Queen

Kaname – Shape Shifter

The others just stared at the list in mute shock. Iruka just sighed under his breath. "I think that's all... So it totals to fifteen."

"That's more than anyone else has ever had."

"Keep in mind that I'm a Dark Elf and Jyuubi. I think that counts for something." Iruka's eyes narrowed just slightly and Kakashi had the overwhelming urge to hide behind Ibiki. Not that that was a bad thing, but he'd never live it down if he did do it, so Kakashi sucked it up. Beside him, Pakkun snickered.

He also made a mental note to kick the mutt later.


Iru-kun? Jste?- Iru-kun? Are you in?

Jo. Co vy dva potřebujete ode mě? - Yeah. What do you two need from me?

Kyo je stále rozptylovat. - Kyo's getting distracted.

Vzhledem k tomu, když je nového? Vždycky, jak se rozptýlit. - Since when is that new? He's always getting distracted.

Takže chcete, abych se ujistil, že dělá to, co má? - So you want me to make sure that he does what he is supposed to?

Dobře. Hned jsem tam. - Alright. I'll be right there.